Renew Your Vehicle Registration Easily Online

If you’re looking for a way to complete a task as effortlessly as possible, take a look at this post! We have all been there – the long lines and the trip out into traffic that could have been avoided, just to show up at our local DMV office. This is where it gets especially difficult when you lose track of time and miss your deadline. Now with, life is going to be a bit more smooth.

What is the Renew Your Vehicle Registration?

The free service that DMV offers for requests are called Renew Your Automobile Registration. You can submit this form at any time to register your vehicle, but there is an expiration date after which the renewal could not be done online.

How To Renew Your Vehicle Registration

To renew your vehicle registration online, all you have to do is visit After that, follow these simple steps:

– Click the “Renew Vehicle Registration” option from the homepage.

– Remember to enter your license plate number. You can find this on the lower right corner of the registration as shown below.

– Choose a payment method and click ‘Continue’ 

– Answer a few questions, provide some personal information and click ‘Pay. It’s fast and easy!

Common Mistakes that People Make when Renewing Their Vehicle Registrations

People make a lot of mistakes when renewing their vehicle registration. One mistake drivers commonly make is getting a government-approved paper letter from the DMV. Even though the letter will say “Renewed,” it can take weeks or even months for your new registration sticker to arrive via mail. The other mistake is not knowing what you need to provide to renew your registration online. It’s easy enough all you need is your license plate, your name, turn signals on the front of the vehicle and your light bulbs if they were not changed recently.

When to Renew your Vehicle Registration

You must notify the DMV within 1 month of your Vehicle Registration expiring if you wish to renew it online. Exciting, but the last day to submit your request for registration renewal is 60 days prior to the expiry date. The issue with this timing is that it may not be a possible option for you to submit a request online within this time frame without getting a paper slip or slowing down your own renewal process. You may also choose to renew at your local DMV office, which will typically cost you more because there are mandatory to register vehicles in some states.

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