How Should Motorcycle Boots Fit?

Motorcycle boots are a type of boot specially made for motorbike riders. These boots are generally designed with Boot shift protectors, bootstraps, buckles, inner booties, sliders, and soles. Moto boots should fit snugly with the rider’s foot, it can’t be too tight but your feet shouldn’t be able to breathe. They are special for being much more solid and ensure excellent grip for Motorcycle Boots Fit.

Moto boots are specially featured from the daily commute boots because of their capacity to keep feet safe from all types of motorcycle hazards. You can make your riding more enjoyable if you find the most suitable boots for your ride.

Motorcycle boots are usually different from your regular usable normal boots. Depending on your riding style try all branded moto boots and compare their features. Then go for the final decision for the best buying.

Your boots can be different, depending on the purposes you will use. For regular use, try to buy lighter boots or sneakers. If you are going to a competition like a bike race or car race, choose the heavier one for Motorcycle Boots Fit.

How Should Motorcycle Boots Fit?

A boot may easily adjust with your heel to toe, but mostly, you will feel tight on the width space of your feet. The big riders can roughly know which boots are the best suited for them in all conditions. But motorcycle boots for the small riders really do matter cause they can’t easily adjust with all types of boots and Motorcycle Boots Fit.

As a small rider, I suggest you choose one inch or 1.5 inches more height otherwise it will be odd while shifting gear. Maybe your moto boots seem bigger than your regular used boots. 

The outer measurement is not perfect; you should try the inner size and comfortness. If you don’t feel comfortable using your motorbike boot, better to go for another one. While you are trying a pair of moto boots on a showroom 

  • Pay attention to the toes
  • The sides of the foot
  • Easily fit the ankles

You should make sure that there must be enough space on the boot cause your feets may expand more than the actual size after the day. If you sit on the ground and stand up you might feel a bit different about a half-inch or one-inch difference from the actual size. That’s why it’s important to keep in mind to pay attention as your moto boots fit with your feet keeping a comfortable space.

The Purpose of Your Riding Boots

Motorcycle boots work like a safeguard to the rider’s feet, protecting them from rain and snow. They also protect against any type of accident caused by another object or conveyance. Moreover, they must be comfortable enough to continue their riding without any interruption or discomfort. They must meet specific requirements like water resistance, heat protection, and providing heavy support against flying debris on the old roads.

How To Measure The Foot?

When you go shopping, it’s not always easy to find a suitable pair because the measurement does matter. Many entrepreneurs only offer their products full-size instead of half-size footwear.

In a motorcycle boots size chart you can usually get the boot size EUROPE, US men, US women, UK men, UK women with their foot measure through mm, inches or cm. You can get the accurate measurement while following the tips I sort out below:

  1. Place a white or another color paper easy for you to identify then step on it
  2. Keep your feet straight and face them forward while standing against a wall or another straight object
  3. Draw as close as possible without any distortion for getting the accurate shape
  4. Use a measurement tape and take the measurement one inch more cause your feet can swell throughout the day.

Should Motorcycle Boots be Too Tight Or Loose?

It may fit from your ankle to toe but it does a matter while to adjust with the foot’s width. If they are too tight, they hinder circulation and if they are too loose can cause foot slippage or lack support of ankle or feet protection. One of the most common issues with moto boots is that they need to wear for a long time. 

That’s why make sure that the boot is not too tight that can later cause extreme pain for you can cause blisters. A bit loose might be comfortable for the feet and you can adjust perfectly while using a thick pair of socks.

Feel that there is not enough play between the fingers and the boot. Ankle also should fit snugly inside the boot without getting any uncomforted.

Different Types of Boots You Need to Know


Choosing a suitable boot is not as easy as choosing dress shoes or party shoes. Moto boots can vary from brand to brand. They all are made with unique characters and are tricky in size. This is why many riders struggle to find a good pair of boots. Here you can have a look at the different types of boots that fits your rides:

Street Boots

You may find a wide range of street boots suitable for your feet. Street boots provide much comfortness and protection. Most of the street boots are made for casual exercise and streetwear that usually can’t give you much protection while riding a motorbike.

Track Boots

These look just like the boots we see the riders wearing in MotoGP. Sport or track boots have offered much protection because they are mainly used in heavy sports competitions. It mostly has a good feature with replaceable hard parts. 

Moreover, these boots provide maximum protection for your ankles because, mainly in sports, ankle injuries often happen. The track boots or sports boots are not featured for days-long use. Here we suggest some renowned brands. You can collect the right choice from Harley-Davidson, Aether, Frye, Red Wing, etc.

Touring Boots

If you plan to go out to long distant places, you will feel the necessity for a pair of touring boots. The best quality touring boots have a unique feature for days long wearability. 

They are usually waterproof or at least water-resistant because you can’t depend on natural disasters at any time, which can make your journey uncomfortable. The riders can get maximum protection while going out for a long tour. While it’s time for a pair of touring boots, you can’t opt for many fashionable features.

Dirt Boots

Dirt boots are covered with dirt and they offer full height. Dirt boots come in exotic colors like dirt pants, helmets, gloves, and jerseys. They offer a wide range of black and white color design combinations. Though they are never considered fashionable footwear. They usually are not waterproof, so you can’t plan to go out for adventure wearing dirt boots.

You can get much safety from common off-road injuries while having a ride with dirt boots. If you are a fan of dirt boots, you can have a look at Alpinestars Tech 7, Fox Racing Instinct, Gaerne SG-12, Sidi Crossfire 3 SRS, and so on.

ADV Boots

Adventure boots are always a good suggestion for both off-road and on-road riding. It sounds like maybe harder and can roughly be usable. But they really are not as durable as a dirt boot and touring boot.

They are usually waterproof and style-wise. They also favor the rugged looks of the dirt globe. If you are looking for a budgeted adventure boot, you can go for the Forma Adventure Boots. Here we listed some adventure boots like Klim Adventure GTX, TCX Drifter, Alpinestars Tech 10, Sidi Crossfire series, and so on.

Common Issues With Boot Sizing- Motorcycle Boots Fit


Probably you will notice that the common issues with boot sizing are excessive slippage, Tight Toes, and unreliable sizing.  If you feel that you are feeling any pain by using your boots, it means your boots are not large enough.

If you want to know the actual size of your shoes, there’s always a Brannock device. This is a silver sliding measurer at the shoe store. Once you know your size in one pair of motorcycle boots, that should stay roughly the same across all brands.

Men generally need to go down 1\2 to one full size from their athletic shoes for good foot feet. Women size down 1\2 if size as they have narrow feet. You should remember that the average boot width for men is D and B for women. 

Buying a pair of boots, marked with that famous Russell’s brands like Ariat, Justin and Nocona are really worthy ones. You can rely on the standard sizing and outstanding quality with them.

Final Thoughts

Your safety and comfort is ensured while choosing the right pair of boots. You only have two wheels, so it’s your job to keep the right side up for smooth riding good motorcycle boots like a second skin that will touch your feet but won’t squeeze. I hope that this context will be enough for your concern for the right pair of boots and how they should fit.

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