What Do Car Wreckers Hamilton Do With Your Old Ride?

An old car parked in your garage for a long time can be an eyesore to your property. Since it consumes a lot of space in your garage, it’s about time to get rid of your old vehicle. This is where car wreckers Hamilton or wherever you may be located come in. You can contact them to remove the junk vehicle from your home, sell it, and bring more money into your pocket. 

However, working with car wreckers doesn’t only involve selling your vehicle. Read on to learn what car wreckers in Hamilton or other places nearby do with your old ride.  

  • Assess Your Vehicle Before Buying It  

This is one of the first things car wreckers Hamilton or wherever you may be located, do with your old vehicle. Before buying it at a specific price, they’ll first check the car’s condition to know how old or damaged it is. 

Generally, car wrecking companies consider several factors when calculating how much they should pay for your ride. These can include: 

  • Drivability 

If your car is old but still drivable, the wreckers might offer a good deal for it. This is because they don’t need to spend money to transport it, thereby saving money. Also, a running car proves that some of its components are operational and can be salvaged for profit.  

  • Duration That The Car Has Not Been Used 

The price of your old vehicle might vary based on the period that it hasn’t been driven. Since the components are no longer in use, they’ll lose their functionality over time. Hence, if your car has been sitting in your garage for a couple of months only, you can sell it to the car wreckers who are willing to buy it at a reasonable price. 

  • Weight Of The Vehicle 

If you have an old large car that weighs heavier than others, you might get a great price offer from car wrecking companies in your area. In most cases, heavier cars cost more money because they have more steel, making them more valuable.  

Scrap Yard With Pile Of Crushed Cars in tenerife canary islands spain
  • Demand For Scrap Metal 

If the car wreckers buy your old ride for scrap metal, the current demand and market for this type of metal will determine the price they’ll offer you. Thus, if the need for scrap metal is low, the wrecking company will purchase your vehicle at a lower price.  

Once the wreckers calculate the price for an old car, they’ll pay you and schedule the removal process. Your ride will be transported to the wrecking yard immediately during this process.  



  • Wreck Your Old Car  

Now that your old vehicle is towed and relocated to the wrecking yard, the car wrecking company will prepare for the wrecking process, which includes the following procedures: 

  • Planning 

At this stage, your old car will be prepared for the destruction process. The professionals will expel the coolant, fuel, oil, and other substances inside the vehicle. This way, they can ensure that no spills occur during the disassembly procedure.  

  • Destroying 

At this stage, your old ride’s essential components are removed, arranged, and stored in stockrooms. These parts usually include fuel tanks, suspension items, gas tops, entryways, wheels, radiators, inside fittings, and lights.  

  • Recording 

After the destruction and expulsion process, the car wreckers will make an inventory of all the items recovered. As a result, they’ll have a list of everything you need to help you determine if a specific component is entirely reusable.  

  • Squashing 

After all the valuable parts are expelled, the next procedure involves crushing the remaining items of your old vehicle.  

  • Sell The Salvageable Car Parts And Scrap Metal  

Another thing car wreckers in Hamilton or your area do with your old car is sell the useful parts at a reasonable price. This is one reason why car wreckers play a crucial role in promoting a healthy environment. By salvaging and selling components, you’ll be able to keep other vehicles running perfectly on the road. People who need replacements for their defective parts can buy what they need from wrecking companies.  

Moreover, car wreckers can also sell scrap metal to recycling centers, scrap yards, and other entities that need them. For example, scrap metal like steel is helpful in almost all industries, including utility infrastructures for water, fuel, and electricity. Because of the demand, wrecking companies are given the opportunity to earn profits from old, unused, or damaged vehicles.  

Lastly, by selling recoverable parts and scrap metal from an old ride, car wreckers can prevent waste from ending up in landfills which is essential for environmental protection. 

Bottom Line  

Car wrecking has been a lucrative industry these days. With more vehicles getting junked for being old or defective, car wreckers have been working hard to get the most out of them and earn a fortune. 

Therefore, if you’re asking what these professionals can do with your old car, keep the information mentioned above in mind, and you’ll find out. The more you know what they do, the more you become confident selling your vehicle to them.  

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