7 Tips For Hassle-Free Car Removal

A non-running car on your property is difficult to remove, but leaving it alone is not practical also. Fortunately, there are many ways you can dispose of your old vehicle. You can decide to have it repaired or sell it to someone who will have use for the car. Whichever option you choose, ensure that it is geared towards your advantage. And if you plan to sell it to a car removal service, keep in mind that not all companies will be in your best interest. So, we wrote this article to help you dispose of your old car hassle-free. The following are ways to make it easier for you to get rid of your old car.

  • Assess The Value Of The Vehicle

Car removals happen after the people you call can assess your vehicle. But before you do contact them to haul your car away, you can take the first step of researching its monetary value. While your vehicle isn’t running anymore, it might still have parts worth salvaging. Car removal services are reselling these secondhand components. They also sell scrap metal at a price depending on the current market. It will help you get an estimate of the pricing. Although, it’s also important to be realistic and not get your hopes up too high.   

  • Prepare Ownership Documents

One of the things to consider before selling your car is to prepare the documents. Both businesses and consumers are capable of fraudulent actions, so your car removal service will also want protection. They will ask you if you have all the necessary documents on hand as proof that the car does belong to you. It helps them avoid hauling in stolen vehicles. The most common documents you need are your driver’s license and repossession affidavit.   

If the vehicle is currently not in your name, you must work towards the car’s ownership. Car removal services that are legally operating ensure that the car they’re taking must belong to the rightful owner before buying it. Establish right first before deciding to sell it.   

  • Get Organized   

An old car sitting in a garage should also get a thorough checking. While it will eventually end up in the scrapyard, prepare the trade by looking through every compartment, corner, and crack to see if any items shouldn’t be in the car. Any valuables might still be in the car, and there’s little chance that you’ll get them back once the vehicle has been sold. Once they are ready to take the car, you will know what kind of paperwork goes with the sale.

  • Inquire About Services

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Be reminded that not every car removal service will take away your vehicle for free. Some are not providing that service, and you might have to bring it to them instead. You will spend money for a towing service, and depending on the location, it might be an expensive option that will also eat up your time. So, ensure to ask about this to avoid hassle and an extra charge on your end.

Look for a reputable car removal service that can offer you the best price for your car. When browsing their business website, look for a specific service that indicates they’re willing to take the car with them. You will avoid paying for a service to get the car to their location.

  • Be Honest With The Details 

When you contact a car removal service, they might ask for more details about the car to help them prepare for the transaction. It’s essential to be honest about its condition, whether you’re filling in a form or talking to someone over the phone. Providing accurate details helps them determine how much they can pay for your car.   

The reason why these companies are buying old cars with their parts is that these components are OEM or original manufacturer equipment. It means these parts came with the car as a brand-new vehicle. Tires, wheels, converters, and more are examples of OEM parts. They can benefit from selling your car’s OEM parts. For instance, they can sell an OEM replacement tire set to people with a similar vehicle as yours.

So, it’s essential that you honestly communicate every detail about the damage to the car and the condition of the parts and metal. It would also help you to avoid making assumptions to minimize miscommunication. Providing incorrect details won’t be helpful since they are likely to inspect your car anyways.   

  • Remove The License Plate   

The license plate goes hand in hand with titles, so you need to remove it before the car removal service. There’s a possibility that the local DMV may ask for your license plates when you ask for a title cancellation. You can call the car removal service to ask for more information. Before the transfer of ownership, the company may ask you to remove the car’s license plate.   

You can reuse the license plates as crafting materials or sell them to buyers looking for unique combinations of letters and numbers. There are other ways to use license plates, and you can research them.   

  • Don’t Focus On Price   

The hassle-free experience of selling a car involves a few factors. It will help you not get too fixated on the price you will get, even if the money is your primary motivation. You will need to verify the company’s legitimacy by looking into its license and certification. Look for online reviews of the companies you have chosen. Previous customers are only happy to share their experiences to help out others. You would want to check to see if the company has the experience and has been serving the community for a long time.   

In Conclusion

Car removal services are businesses that pay for your car. You can just sell it to them if you need extra cash when you have a junk vehicle. But there are considerations that you must make first before doing business with them. To ensure that the trading process will be smooth, the steps above can help you, especially if you are new to selling your car.

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