8 Ways To Modify Your 4×4

Modifying a 4-wheel drive is a challenging project that one should not take lightly. The process can involve altering the current state of a vehicle by changing its parts to upgrade or improve its condition for your convenience. However, you can worry less about it with enough research and the help of professionals to modify the vehicle. Nevertheless, you should revamp your car as a whole instead of working on parts since even the slightest mistake can affect the overall vehicle performance. 

With that said, the following are essential modifications to give your 4×4 a new look while making it suitable for any road:


  1. Tires

Typical 4WDs tires aren’t explicitly designed for rough terrain drives and are more likely to fail if you do so. Consider upgrading to new tires tough enough to manage rocky and long trips. For a 4×4 modification, it’s advisable to consider light truck construction tires instead of usual passenger construction. Tires with light trucks come with a more robust carcass and thicker sidewalls since they’re specifically designed to convey heavy weights and handle lots of treasure. Passenger tires are more prone to damage compared to light truck tires. 

While larger tires are preferred when modifying 4X4s, tire sizes depend on what fits a vehicle. It would be best to change the final gear when modifying tires since the engine revs less with larger wheel diameters.


2. Drawer System

If you want to use your 4×4 for camping or road trips, you may want to create a room for your essentials without interfering with the passenger’s space. It’s therefore essential to consider modifying storage. There are many options to go with when it comes to doing this. You can opt to go for double or single drawer systems.  

Such storage offers maximum storage and zero space wastage. To make the drawers even better, you can have them customized in size and design to fit your requirements. If you’re looking forward to installing your 4WD with high-quality drawer systems, you may check MSA 4×4 accessories to know the options available for a better choice.


3. Snorkel

Encountering sandy roads, mud pits, and floods is common when traveling to remote areas. Therefore, modifying your 4×4 with a snorkel can prevent sand, water, mud, and dust from accessing your vehicle’s engine when the road doesn’t exceed the snorkel’s height. Also, it might be a good idea to add a unique sock over the snorkel as a second air filter. A snorkel sock filter can prevent fine dust from penetrating your engine.


4. Long-Range Fuel Tank

If you often travel to remote areas with your 4×4, it’s vital to have enough fuel. Nevertheless, carrying extra fuel bottles should be out of the picture, considering the danger it can cause. With that in mind, the only safe and efficient option is modifying your vehicle’s fuel tank. A long-range fuel tank provides enough gas room for long drives, eradicating the possibility of fuel running out in the middle of nowhere. To top it all off, you can place such tanks under your car to avoid occupying extra space.


5. Diff Lockers

Diff lockers protect the driveline when driving on rough terrains. Rough roads can lead to front and rear wheels lifting or loss of traction. When fast-spinning lifted wheels suddenly hit the ground, the vehicle can be disabled or experience effects that can cause some components to breakage. Fortunately, with diff lockers, your wheels can drive evenly and gain traction even on rough roads.  


6. Bullbars

Bullbars are essential for protecting the front of your vehicle from animal attacks and other external damage. These accessories also serve as a spot for lights and aerials. If you opt to mount a winch on your bullbar, consider choosing a winch-compatible bar over a typical bar. Additionally, ensure the bullbar is compatible with airbags not to impair its triggering in case of a crash.


7. Satellite Gadgets For Communication

When traveling to remote areas, you’re more likely to experience poor network signals for mobile phones—as such, communicating with your loved ones might be close to impossible. However, with a satellite gadget, it’s possible to connect with family and friends or call authorities in an emergency. That said, it’s evident why you should consider installing satellite gadgets when modifying your 4WD.


8. Driving Lights

When driving at night, you want a clear view of the road and the environment to prevent accidents. Therefore, it would be best to install advanced driving and emergency lights on your 4×4. When selecting driving lights, settle for a combination of pencil and wide beams. The lights should also be waterproof, vibration-resistant, and have an adjustable mounting system.  


Revamping a 4WD is a complex procedure. You will need to carefully plan and research how you want to do so and consider your needs. Also, you need to work on the entire vehicle instead of single parts. Failure to do so might result in the opposite of what you needed. If you’ve decided to modify your 4×4, it might help to refer to the above information as a guideline. Remember, only professionals should do the modification for better results.


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