Ebike Hub Motor: What Is It and How It Works?

One of the most important choices you need to make when buying ebikes for sale is what type of motor you choose. The choice of the motor system can significantly affect your ride quality. So how much do you know about electric bike motors?

At present, one of the main types of motors on the market is the hub-drive motor. If you guys have read our product introductions carefully, you will find that the current models of electric bicycles under Magicycle are all equipped with hub-drive motors.

First of all, in order to give you a clearer understanding of the hub-drive motor, we will introduce this type of motor to you in detail.

What is Hub-drive Motor on Electric Bike

The Hub-drive motor is built directly into the hub of the wheel. It is usually placed on the rear wheel of electric bikes. The hub motor and the stator are connected through a gear reduction system. Motors like to turn at a fast speed, much faster than your bike wheels can turn, so gearing is required. Each time its case rotates, the internal gear rotates many times at a faster speed.

This allows the motor to work at a faster and more efficient speed, while also allowing the wheels to spin at a relatively low speed. The main point to get across is that the gearing inside the hub reduces the fast speed of turning, allowing the wheel to turn at a more suitable speed. Magicycle applies a 52V geared hub motor to their fat tire electric bikes, ensuring that their products are powerful enough to ride anywhere.

How does Hub-drive Motor Work

Inside the hub motor, you’ll see the stator in the form of numerous copper windings twined around the spokes. The current is attracted from the battery to the cords through the motor controller, which converts the stator into an electromagnet. The rotor consists of a ring of permanent magnets that generate torque when the stator’s electromagnets cause the blades to rotate.

The higher the torque, the better the acceleration. Magicycle Cruiser Pro electric mountain bikes can reach a torque level of 96Nm, which is equivalent to the torque of an 800cc fuel motorcycle. This means our e-bikes offer the better climbing ability, so you won’t get stuck in the sand or snow.

What are The Benefits of a Hub-drive Motor

You might wonder what are the benefits of hub-drive motors for your electric bikes. Well, next we will explain its advantages in detail from their weight, speed, durability, etc.

Weight and Size

The higher weight and big volume of other types of motors are an inevitable consequence of the stator’s increased complexity, making the whole bike bulkier. If the rider tries to ride it as a bicycle, it makes it significantly harder to pedal the bike without power. In contrast, the lightweight of the hub-drive motor will make your bike easier to ride and make your cycling trip more enjoyable.


Normally, the hub-drive motor’s rotor spins at a high rate of speed, necessitating a gear reduction mechanism to lower the RPMs at which the wheels may be rotated, making the hub-drive motor reach a higher top speed compared to another motor.

Electric bikes with geared hub-drive motors may meet most people’s day-to-day demands. Riding an ebike powered with a geared hub-drive motor will make it more efficient while starting the bike and traveling uphill or on rough roads since the gear hub motor can create greater torque at a decreased speed.


Geared hub-drive motors extend battery life because they maximize efficiency while minimizing power needs. And correspondingly, the battery life is longer and the riding range is wider. It also maintains a higher efficient speed than another drive motor which also makes them a bit better at tackling a steep hill.

Let’s take the Magicycle Electric bike for adults as an example. Our Cruiser Pro series are equipped with a 52V, 20Ah lithium battery. After fully charged, when using pedal-assisted cycling mode, the maximum range of a single ride can reach over 80 miles, which can meet the commuting needs of most people. You may take it out on the road for a leisure trip or social outing outside.


Geared hub motors are driven by many tiny gears. After a long time, these small objects will be worn and cause motor failure. However, you don’t need to worry about your failed motor if the hub motor’s pedal driving mechanism is fully separate. If the hub motor fails, you may switch to pedal power; if the chain breaks, you can switch to electric mode. Moreover, if you find any problems after purchasing Magicycle e-bikes, please just feel free to contact our after-sales service team. We will always be willing to solve your problem.

How about Magicycle Electric Bike Hub-drive Motor

Everyone’s needs for an electric bike motor are different. If you need a relatively comprehensive motor, Magicycle can provide one for you. The motors used on each Magicycle electric mountain bikes are from a well-known brand. We can offer not only stronger power, and faster charging, but also longer range. In addition, the life of the motor will be extended due to the exceptional heat resistance. Overall, Magicycle gives you the best value for money. No other brand can give you equivalent efficiency and quality in this price range.

Additional Features of the Magicycle Electric Bike

For riders, a hub-drive motor meshes perfectly with these additional high-quality components, and features found only on Magicycle Electric bikes:

  1. Advanced Lithium-ion battery tech to give you exceptional power and range.
  2. 180mm disc brakes and powerful calipers for great stopping power.
  3. High-quality fat tires allow you to conquer all types of terrain.
  4. Full-colored LCD to easily see the odometer, speedometer, battery level, and more.

For a more in-depth look at Magicycle ebikes, check out our product introduction.

If you are looking for an affordable option strong enough to tackle common situations, the hub-drive motor will be the best match. Most motors are reliable options, provided you’re buying from a reputable electric bike brand. It all depends on what your preferences and needs are when it comes to choosing the right motor for you.

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