Import Vehicles From Japan to Pakistan

If you’re looking to import a Japanese car then you’re right portal because here we’ll discuss the way to Import Vehicles From Japan to Pakistan. We see that folks import cars themselves with none difficulty but those that don’t know the procedure we’ll help them to know the entire procedure to import a Japanese car by yourself. A step-by-step procedure is shared below which will surely assist you to know the procedure in a better way. All you would like an attempt to just read the entire procedure first then try to import a Japanese car because once you recognize the entire procedure there’ll be 0% chances to urge fraud. The import tax has been increased a lot in Pakistan.


All Japanese cars first brought into auction houses then exported from Japan. Auctions are hospitable everyone and everybody can participate in placing an appropriate bid. There are many companies, having access to measure auction houses and a few auction houses have their websites too. If you’re new during this business then we propose you accompany one among the businesses to urge obviate any fraud.

  • Sign up to at least one of the cars importing companies by entering your Name and get in touch with Number.
  • Once you check-in you’ll have access to a page where all automobile companies are available.
  • Select your required brand of the car during which you have an interest.
  • You’ll have complete list cars within the desired brand which have selected.
  • Select the specified car which wanted to import.
  • Once you chose the car you’ll have complete detail of car i.e. Name of firm, Pictures, Auction Sheet, Minimum and Maximum bid in Japanese Yen.
  • After checking the car’s detail, you’ve got to deposit an initial payment of roughly 1000 USD within the prescribed company’s account (Initial payment may vary from company to company).
  • After depositing the initial payment you’ll place your bid on your required car.
  • If you’ll fail to win the auction then the initial payment is refundable.
  • Once you place a bid the corporate will notify you either you win the auction or not.
  • If your bid wins the auction, the corporate will ask you to deposit the winning price alongside C&F (Cost and Freight).
  • The C&F charges are almost 10% of the entire price of the car.
  • After confirmation of deposits, the corporate will send you the first documents via courier before the shipment procedure.
  • The original documents include, Original Invoice, Original Export Certificate in Japanese, Translated Export certificate in English, Two copies of original B/L (Bill of lading)
  • The car will reach the KPT (Karachi Port Trust) within 15 days. The delay in shipment could also be caused by extreme weather.
  • Hire a custom agent who’ll assist you within the entire process of customs clearance, passport fees, and port charges.


Above we discussed the procedure to import the vehicle from Japan to Pakistan and within the following share the essential information which is compulsory to require the custody of car under Import Policy Order and therefore the structure of the duty and taxes. Pakistani Nationals can import old and used vehicles into Pakistan under the subsequent 03 schemes given below:

  • Personal Baggage
  • Gift Scheme
  • Transfer of Residence

 The structure of duty and taxes for the above-mentioned schemes remains an equivalent. Now, within the following have the entire structure of duty and taxes in US$.

800cc$ 4,800
801cc -1000cc$ 6,000
1001cc – 1300cc$ 13,200
1301cc – 1500cc$ 18,590
1501cc – 1600cc$ 22,550
1601cc – 1800cc$ 27,940

Vehicles quite five years old shall not be allowed to import but if you’re importing second-hand car then this condition isn’t applicable. This was all regarding how to import vehicles from Japan to Pakistan.


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