How to Store Excess Tech Gear in Melbourne

We all have changed phones at least three times in our whole lives. 

Who are we kidding? More than seven might be the honest answer. But, as sentimental human beings, we are always reluctant to part with our old devices.

As a result, our house is crammed with old phones, old game consoles, and old TVs. Sure, they contain precious memories, but those memories cannot make your house tidy or spacey.

So, the best course will be to store them safely. We’ll show you how to free up space in your house and store your old gadgets effectively, including how to store them in portable storage pods.

6 Storage Tips to Free Up Your Excess Tech Gear

  1. Clean and Clean Again

We cannot emphasise this enough. Clean all your old gadgets. You might think that your house is clean, but dust still can creep up on the most well-cared-for house.

So, make sure that your gadgets are squeaky clean. Pay extra attention to dust and moisture. If they are dusty and damp, the chance of damage when you store them is high. 

Moreover, dampness left too long leads to mould. You won’t want to find your precious gadgets green and spotty, right?

  1. Organise and Box Things Up

The best advice to clutter is to organise. No other shortcuts to it. Yes, this is the hardest part, because it is dull and uninspiring.

However, you can make this a cheerful activity by doing it with a buddy! Call someone and make it a day of work and fun. 

Plus, you will be visited by pleasant memories while you are organising all your gadgets. Who knows, you might get inspired and motivated by the vigour of your young self.

Now, after you are in a positive frame of mind, organise your gadgets into boxes. Label them with descriptions that make sense to you. The easiest will be to box them based on their usage.

Place game consoles in one box, old phones in the other, and so on. That way, you can keep track of what is in each box.

  1. Keep What You Still Need

You might want to take out your old laptop and browse it every now and then. So, it is better to keep what you still need close to you. That way, you can access them easily.

For the gadgets that you still want to access every few months, better to box them up and store them nearby, for example in your garage.

Lastly, for the gadgets, you only want to keep them for memories’ sake and store them appropriately to protect their condition.

  1. Store Your Things in a Portable Storage Pod

For the things, you are not ready to part with but do not constantly need access to, store them in a portable storage pod.

Why should you? 

Not everyone in Melbourne has a garage or a terrace to fit all their boxes. Furthermore, garages and terraces are not temperature regulated. Hence, if you store gadgets there, the risk of damage is much higher.

In a storage pod, your gadgets will be protected from water, weather, dust, and mould. That way, you ensure that your precious gadgets are in tip-top condition.

Plus, storing in a storage pod is not expensive. There are many options for cheap mobile storage pods out there, and you can choose one of them. The cheapest start from $22.95 per week, so inquire and choose wisely!

  1. Choose the Right Storage Pods Service

If you decide to go ahead and store it in a storage pod, make sure that you choose the right service. In Melbourne, there are common services that storage companies offer, which are;

  • Mobile serviced storage, which is a premium service. If you have no time to put your things in storage, the company will send professional removalists to deliver, load, and store your belongings.
  • Mobile self-storage, which is quite similar to the serviced option, but instead of letting the removalist do the loading, you do it yourself.
  • Mobile onsite storage is the best choice for your gadget dilemma. Not only does the storage unit give you extra space, but you can also store the unit on your premises and have unlimited access to it!

So, choose the best service to cater to your needs. Selecting the right one can make your whole storage experience much better.

  1. Consider Giving, Donating, or Selling

When your excess gadgets are still in good condition, consider giving them to family and friends. Who knows, you might find a little relative who is obsessed with the old PS2!

If you prefer donating, find organisations that will put your gadget donation to good use. This will make you feel better about yourself and make countless people happy.

The third option will be to sell your gadgets. If you have an old gadget that is still in pristine condition and has gone up in value, consider selling it. The money you’ll get can be nice pocket money for your daily life.

Key Takeaways

We are fond of our old gadgets and the thought of throwing them away is unforgivable. But, we shouldn’t let them gather dust in our house.

So, the better solution would be to do an organising session, clean all the gadgets, and box them up. Then, decide which ones to keep and store. To keep them in good condition, consider hiring a portable storage pod to keep them weatherproof, waterproof, dustproof, and vermin-proof.

Lastly, consider giving, selling, or donating your old gadgets. By doing either of them, your old gadgets will have a second use and be the joy of someone else’s life.

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