Toyota Corolla Gli Price in Pakistan 2023

Toyota is one of the oldest and the most popular car brand in Pakistan. The company has been manufacturing its cars in Pakistan for years. The most famous and most used car of the company all across the country is Toyota Corolla. Although there are many variants of the Toyota Corolla, here in this blog post, we are only going to discuss the Toyota Corolla Gli. Whether it’s a youngster or a middle-aged person, whenever he tends to buy a new car, his first preference is always Toyota Corolla.

The main reason why people prefer the Toyota Corolla in Pakistani is its extraordinary road clearance and super long-lasting durability while driving it on the roads of Pakistan. As compared to cities, the car is much seen in rural areas of Pakistan. Here we are going to see the reasons why the car has become so popular that people do not consider any other car when they are given multiple options. First, let’s see what the current price of this car is. The price of this car is as follows:

Toyota Corolla Gli Price in Pakistan:

After the recent price hike now, you can buy this car for PKR 8,500,000. 

Toyota Corolla Gli Colors:

Different colors are available for this car in Pakistan that, includes:

  • White
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Grey
  • Silver

These are all the colors available for this car in Pakistan. Buyers, upon booking, can select any color that they like and get a fair deal.

Toyota Corolla Gli Competitors:

The major competitor of this car includes the Honda Civic. There has been a rivalry between the owners of both cars from the date of the launch till now. The cars of both companies are giving tough competition to each other. This competition is never-ending.

Toyota Corolla Gli Fuel Average:

This car provides a fuel average of almost 14 km per liter when being driven within the city, while if we talk about the fuel average of this car when it is being driven on highways, then the average is increased to almost 18 km per liter. This is quite impressive for a car with this type of engine. The company has added CVT technology in this car which consumes less fuel. If we talk about the cars of Honda, they come with prosmatec technology, due to which Honda cars consume more amount of fuel. But now, in the recent models of Honda, the company has introduced CVT technology, due to which the mileage of Honda cars is also improved a lot. This is being done to give strong competition to Toyota Corolla. Almost all cars of Toyota being used in Pakistan come with CVT technology.

Toyota Corolla Gli Engine Displacement:

The engine displacement of this car is 1600cc. Before this, the car was also offered in 1300cc engine displacement, which was later on discontinued by the company.

Toyota Corolla Gli Shape and Design:

The shape and design of this car have changed a lot since its launch. At the time of launch, no uplift version was introduced for this car. Now only shape with uplift comes in this car for all variants. The uplift has got more popularity as compared to the shape that was launched previously by the company.

Toyota Corolla Gli Interior:

The interior of this car is fully optimized. The interior of this car comes with power windows, power mirrors, power steering, automatic climate control if you buy the car with full options, and many more things that you will further when you purchase this car.

Toyota Corolla Gli Interior

Toyota Corolla Gli Exterior:

Like the exterior of this car, the interior of this car is also beautifully designed. This attracts everyone on the road toward your car. That’s what Toyota wants, as with the help of this, they will be able to attract even more customers. If we look at this car from the outside, we will see wheel covers in the ordinary version, while the one with full options will have alloy rims. In addition to this, daytime running lights are also added to the car, which increases the beauty of the car to a great extent, especially at the time of the day. This car is one of the best family cars in Pakistan.

Toyota Corolla Gli Exterior

Toyota Corolla Gli Features:

Although there are many features in this car here, we are going to list some of them. Some of the features of this car include:

Power Mirrors
Power Windows
Electronic Power Steering
Steering Control Buttons
Alloy Rims
Cup Holders

These are all the features of this car. Toyota has made great progress in recent years if we see the features of this car as well as all other cars recently launched by Toyota in Pakistan.

Toyota Corolla Gli Specifications:

The specifications of this car include:

Length4620 mm
Width1775 mm
Height1475 mm
Wheelbase2700 mm
Ground Clearance140 mm
Seating Capacity5 persons
No. of Doors4 doors
Kerb Weight1275 KG

This is the whole specification chart for this car.

Toyota Corolla Gli Availability:

Only the name Toyota Corolla is enough to know regarding the availability of this car in Pakistan. But still, here let me tell you that this car is easily accessible all over the country. If you want to buy a Toyota Corolla Gli for yourself or your family, then simply visit any Toyota car showroom in your area and fulfill the requirements to buy this car. This was all about Toyota Corolla Gli Price in Pakistan 2023.

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