Changan Cs35 Price in Pakistan 2023

The car is ready to roll in Pakistan. Changan Cs35 price in Pakistan is discussed here. Before starting, let’s grasp some details about the company. The company’s origin is China. Two cars, including the Changan Alsvin and the Changan Oshan X7, have been launched by the company in Pakistan. As the Changan Alsvin was launched a few years back so it is seen more in number as compared to the Changan Oshan X7 on roads in Pakistan. Both cars are a great success, and the users are enjoying both cars. Now the company is planning to launch the Changan Cs35 in Pakistan.

Changan knows that the people of Pakistan have trusted them and accepted their cars. At the time when the brand launched its first car, known as the Changan Alsvin, in Pakistan, the price was lower compared to the price at which it is offered now to its customers. This happened due to the unstable economic conditions of the country. As soon as things get normal, the price may drop. Here seeing the current marketing situation, let’s see what the expected price for the car Changan Cs35 would be that is going to be launched soon in Pakistan.

Changan Cs35 Price in Pakistan:

The price of this car in Pakistan is expected to be PKR 16,000,000. This car comes under the category of luxury cars of Changan that are specially built for specific purposes, such as driving on rough terrains where users require cars with strong bodies and efficient engines. The thing that users like about the brand in Pakistan is nothing but build quality. The company always puts a great effort into the build quality of the car they launch. They don’t care about the shape of the car. All they seek to give their customers is a strong build quality with great safety features that save them from any kind of injuries in case of accidents.

Changan Cs35 Transmission Type:

This car comes with automatic transmission. Many people think automatic cars with 4×4 technology are less powerful as compared to those with manual technology, but here, let me clear the point that both cars come with the same kind of engine, only the response is quick or slow. But in the case of this car, while driving it using 4×4 technology, the response is quite quick. The car changes gears by recognizing the need of the user.

Changan Cs35 Transmission Type

Changan Cs35 Displacement:

A 1398 cc engine has been added to the car by the company. The engine’s displacement is lower, but no need to worry about the efficiency of the car. It still performs well compared to other cars being offered by different brands locally in Pakistan. This engine is quite efficient when it comes to performance on any kind of road in Pakistan.

Changan Cs35 Mileage:

The car can provide a fuel average of 10-12 km per litre. This kind of fuel average is best when one is buying a car with this kind of specifications especially.

Changan Cs35 Fuel Type:

Like other ordinary cars, this car also uses petrol as fuel to operate. Many people were thinking of this car as an electric car. Here the doubt of those people is now also cleared as I am clearly mentioning that the car is being operated on fuel. Other than this, the company may launch any other car being operated on batteries in the future.

Changan Cs35 Fuel Type

Changan Cs35 Fuel Tank Capacity:

The fuel tank capacity for this car is 53 litres. This means the car is a good fit if you are thinking of taking it on long routes.

Changan Cs35 Top Speed:

The top speed of this car is 190 km per hour. Note here never risks your life by testing the top speed of your car, as we only provide the top speed to our users for knowledge purposes. To keep yourself and the ones travelling with you, make sure to drive your car at a moderate speed. This will not only keep you safe from any kind of accident but will also improve the engine health and fuel efficiency of your car.

Changan Cs35 Features:

The top features of this car are as follows:

Central lock
Remote lock
Anti-lock braking system (ABS)
Electronic brakeforce distribution (EBD)
Brake Assist
Traction Control
Electronic Stability Programme (ESP)
Hill Start Assist
Automatic parking system

These are all the features added to the car by the company. Make sure to read all the features before making any decision regarding the purchase of this car.

Changan Cs35 Specifications:

The specifications include the dimensions, engine, and power of this car are as follows:

Length4160 mm
Width1810 mm
Height1670 mm
Wheelbase2560 mm
Kerb Weight1270 kg
No. Of Doors4 Doors
Seating Capacity5 Persons
Engine125 hp L4

These are all the features added to the car by the company. All these specifications have made the car more reliable for use on any kind of road condition throughout the country.

Changan Cs35 Availability:

As I already explained at the start of the discussion that the due date for the launch of this car in the country has already passed, and now the new date has been announced by the company officials. So, let’s wait for the official statement from the company instead of assuming the launch date ourselves. As soon as we hear any word regarding the launch of this car in Pakistan, we will update our viewers. This was all about Changan Cs35 Price in Pakistan 2023.

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