Skywing SW 70 Price in Pakistan 2023

The company is new to Pakistan. Skywing SW 70 Price in Pakistan has been announced by the company. The bike is economical when it comes to price. The company belongs to China, but all the manufacturing processes are being done in Pakistan. The reason behind the manufacturing of this bike in Pakistan is nothing but to make the cost low. As we can see that there are multiple bike companies who are manufacturing their bikes in Pakistan, so most people will ask how this company will differ from those already running companies in the country.

So let me provide the answer to this question first. This bike will be different because the company has kept the prices of this bike and other bikes low as compared to other bike brands who are selling their bikes at high prices to attain more profit. The company aims to work to break even at the start so that they may be able to provide people with quality bikes at fewer prices. In this way, tough competition will also be provided to other bike companies in Pakistan. Let’s move towards the price of this bike first without exceeding the discussion and see what price the company is demanding for this ordinary 70 cc bike which has been launched by it in Pakistan:

Skywing SW 70 Price in Pakistan:

Although the bike has been launched in Pakistan company has not made a decision regarding the final price of this bike. Yet it is expected that the price of this bike will be somewhere between PKR 80,000-100,000. Besides this, if you see the quality of this bike, then it seems much better than other ordinary bikes being used in Pakistan. Here we would like to advise bike users to always buy bikes with good quality as it’s a matter of your life, so the vehicle you are driving should always be of good quality; otherwise, any type of malfunction, especially while travelling in rushy areas, could cause serious accidents.

Skywing SW 70 Design:

There’s nothing special in the design of this bike. If we see the shape of this bike, that is just like other 70cc bikes that are already in running position in Pakistan. You will find every second bike on the road equipped with a 70-cc engine with the ordinary shape running for years with just changes in stickers every year. Here also, the different thing about this bike is its stickers. The stickers seem to be designed by highly professional graphic designers that aim to make the design more unique in the future so that their brand may have a separate look from other bike brands being used all over the country.

Skywing SW 70 Fuel Average:

Here the fuel average of this bike is almost 50 km per litre. The fuel average of these Chinese bikes is a great concern. Many people do not check the fuel average of Chinese bikes before buying and regret their decisions later. People think it is the same as the 70cc bike of Honda, but they forget that a Chinese bike always has more displacement as compared to the Honda 70. Honda 70, being 68cc, is more fuel efficient while the Chinese bike being 72 ccs, provides less fuel average as compared to the Honda CD 70. But there are still those bikes that provide a fuel average, like Honda 70.

Skywing SW 70 Fuel Tank Capacity:

Like the fuel tank capacity of another Chinese bike, the fuel tank capacity of this bike also lies between 8-9 km per litre. With this kind of fuel average, this bike can travel a great distance without any hassle of getting it refueled again and again. This bike is best for students as its fuel average is really economical, as well as for people who have to travel short distances on a daily basis.

Skywing SW 70 Maintenance Cost:

The maintenance cost of this bike is really less. You can get an oil change for only PKR 500 rupees. It also depends on the brand you are using. You may also get an oil change at less price than this, but we always advise our users to add high-quality oil to their bikes as it increases the engine life and also improves the fuel efficiency of this bike. If you are new to Chinese bikes, then you may also check the prices of other parts of this bike before buying it, and you will feel a great difference in the maintenance cost of this bike as compared to the maintenance cost of Honda bikes. This was all about Skywing SW 70 Maintenance Cost.

Skywing SW 70 Features:

The features of this bike are as follows:

Kick Start
Analogue Meter
Side Indicators
4 Gears
New Design
Slim Tyres
Side Lock
Simple Wheels

These are all the features of this bike.

Skywing SW 70 Specifications:

The specifications sheet announced for this bike by the company is as under:

Engine70 cc
Ground Clearance5.3mm
TransmissionConstant Mesh 4 Speed
Engine Type4-Stroke, Air Cooled, OHC

These are all the specifications of this bike.

Skywing SW 70 Availability in Pakistan:

The bike has been introduced by the company in Pakistan but is yet to be displayed at the showrooms. The reason behind this is that the price has not set by the company. As soon as the company takes a decision regarding the final price of this bike in Pakistan, it will be available for sale at different Chinese bike dealers as well as the official outlets of Skywing in Pakistan. This was all about Skywing SW 70 Price in Pakistan 2023.

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