Honda Civic Hybrid Price in Pakistan 2023

Many people these days are tense due to the bad fuel average of the Honda Civic. So, we are presenting you with Honda Civic Hybrid. This car is an alternative to the fuel-operating Honda Civic as the car is operated using batteries. Before moving further, let me tell you that this car is only imported in Pakistan since the trend of Hybrid cars is still not common in Pakistan, so the company has not started manufacturing this car locally in Pakistan. Here we are going to share some of the features and specifications of this car, due to which it is considered best for use in Pakistan. The car may not be better in performance than the ordinary Honda Civic that is operated using fuel, but it is great when it comes to the fuel average.

Honda Civic Hybrid Price in Pakistan:

The price of this car in Pakistan starts from PKR 1,750,000 and then goes further. Typically the Hybrid variant of this car comes from the model named the Honda Civic Reborn and then further. In previous models, no hybrid technology came.

Honda Civic Hybrid Fuel Average:

The fuel average of an ordinary Hybrid car model of a Honda Civic, is somewhere between 14-15 km per liter when a person is driving it within the city. When one takes it for a long journey on a highway, it is increased to 20 km per liter. When we compare this fuel average with a fuel-operating Honda Civic, that is relatively low. A user can achieve the highest fuel average of 14 km per liter in the city with an air conditioner on, while it can go as worst as 7-8 km per liter.

A Honda Civic user might never have thought that he would be able to achieve this much fuel average from his car. But Honda had made it possible using its Hybrid technology. The only reason people prefer Honda City and Toyota Corolla over these cars in Pakistan is the bad fuel economy of this car, but now this issue has also been resolved as Honda has started to provide Hybrid technology in their cars that is best for people living in Pakistan.

Honda Civic Hybrid Shape and Design:

The shape and design of the Honda Civic hybrid car are the same as the other Honda Civic operated using petrol. The only difference comes when it comes to the change in technology. These cars are equipped with Hybrid technology which is the only difference we found so far. Rest remains the same.

Honda Civic Hybrid Shape and Design

Honda Civic Hybrid Maintenance Cost:

The maintenance cost of this car may be less at the start, but at the time when the batteries need to be replaced then, it may cost more to a user. The batteries installed in these cars have a certain life after which they get expired. So, it can be highly expensive for car owners to replace these batteries. That’s the only drawback of this car. Batteries for these cars are mostly imported to Pakistan as they are not available in Pakistan, which makes the cost even higher.

Honda Civic Hybrid Top Speed:

The top speed of the Hybrid model of the Honda Civic cars may vary depending on the model of the car that a person is driving. It also depends on the engine displacement of the car. For an ordinary Hybrid Honda Civic, the top speed is almost 180 km per hour which is more than enough as well as efficient. It is suggested to drive your Hybrid Honda Civic at a moderate and constant speed to increase the fuel efficiency to maximum and also to preserve the battery life of your car.

Honda Civic Hybrid Top Speed

Honda Civic Hybrid Features:

Honda has added all the latest features in these cars to facilitate the driver and the passengers. Here we are only mentioning some highlights of the features the company has added to this car. The features of this car are as follows:

Average Speed Indicator
Driver’s Footrest
Outdoor Temperature Indicator
ABS Indicator
Low Tyre Pressure Indicator
Digital Speedometer

These are all the features added to this car by Honda. Most of the features resemble the features of already-running Honda Civic car models in Pakistan. But being imported, some advanced features are also present in these cars that distinguish them from already-running Honda Civic cars in Pakistan.

Honda Civic Hybrid Specifications:

Honda Civic Hybrid’s specification chart is as under:

Cylinder TypeInline
Horsepower110 @ 5500
Torque127 @ 1000-3500
Drive TypeFront Wheel Drive
Length179.4 Inches
Width69 Inches
Height56.3 Inches

These are all the specifications added to this car by the company. Except for the Hybrid technology, Honda has kept all the specifications of the car same as of the other fuel-operated Honda cars.

Honda Civic Hybrid Availability in Pakistan 2023:

Honda cars in Pakistan are only offered equipped with petrol-operated engines. If you wish to have one equipped with Hybrid technology, then you may need to get it imported from the company directly or any used car merchant having these cars for sale abroad. Just select the car model that you want to import and tell the company officials they will help you get the import of this car done. Self-importing this car may also work, but if you have not imported any car in your life, we will suggest you seek advice from an expert before making any decision. This was all about Honda Civic Hybrid Price in Pakistan 2023.

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