Union Star 70cc Motorcycle Price in Pakistan 2023

Chinese bikes, due to their less price, are taking the place of local bikes in Pakistan. The price of the Union Star 70cc motorcycle is shared in this blog post. The bike is also a product of the Chinese brand-named Union Star. Here we are going to give our viewers some know-how about the brand. The brand has launched different category bikes in Pakistan that range from 70cc-125cc. Here we are going to tell you the reason behind the success of this brand in the country along with some of its specifications as well as features and, most important, the price of this bike. Before starting, let me tell you that the brand is among the top 5 selling bike brands in the country.

The Chinese brand named United is at the top in the category of Chinese bikes these days. After it comes to the brand Road Prince and then the Union Star, which we are going to discuss further in this blog post. Here let’s see at what price the brand in Pakistan has launched the latest model of its 70cc bike in Pakistan and from where the bike could be purchased in the country. The price at which this bike is being sold in the country is as under:

Union Star 70cc motorcycle Price in Pakistan:

The price of this bike in the country is PKR 105,000. The prices of Chinese bikes these days have also become high these days. Previously the same bikes were offered at a less price under the range of PKR 50,000, but due to economic instability, the prices are rising frequently. The price of this bike and other Chinese bikes in the country is almost similar as the bikes come with similar specs and features that most Chinese bike users seek in an ordinary bike.

Union Star 70cc motorcycle Build Quality:

The build quality of this bike is just satisfactory as the price of the bike is low. But if you maintain the bike properly and take it to the mechanic for regular checkups and maintenance, then the life of this bike remains preserved, and you can surely use it for a longer run. In addition to this, these bikes cannot be compared with Honda bikes as Honda bikes come with a Japanese engine and technology while these bikes come with a Chinese engine. Here only buy this bike and other Chinese bikes when you have a low budget or when you are fully satisfied with the quality of the bike; otherwise, always prefer Honda bikes while living in Pakistan.

Union Star 70cc motorcycle Engine Displacement:

You may have already known the engine displacement of this bike from the title of this blog post, but still, it is our duty to tell you the exact engine displacement of this bike. The bike is placed with a 70cc engine that is always able to provide the best fuel average along with the best performance anywhere in the country.

Union Star 70cc motorcycle Engine Displacement

Union Star 70cc motorcycle Colors:

The bike is available in the following colors:

  • Black
  • Red

These are the two colors in which this bike is available in the country. Most bike manufacturers in the country offer these two colors for their bikes in the country. The reason behind this is that no color suits best on this bike and bike users in the country also demand these colors when buying a Chinese bike or bike of Honda in the country.

Union Star 70cc motorcycle Features:

Users may already know what features an ordinary Chinese bike comprises of. But still, here I’ll be sharing some of the basic features added to this bike by the company. The features of this bike are as under:

Side mounted indicators
Kick Start
Analogue Meter
Strong Headlight
Rear Stylish Light

These are all the features the company has added to this bike. With all these features, the users may get attracted a little bit more toward this bike.

Union Star 70cc motorcycle Specifications:

The specifications added to the bike are as under:

Engine TypeAir Cooled, 4 Strock OHV
Displacement70 cc
Bore & Stroke50.0 x 49.5 mm (1.85x 1.53 inches)
Front Brake TypeDrum Brakes
Rear Brake TypeDrum Brakes
Frame TypeBackbone Type Frame
Total Length1885 mm
Maximum Width815 mm
Total Height1190 mm
Front Tyre Dimension2.50/17 4PR
Rear Tyre Dimension2.50/17 4PR
Total Weight of the Bike82 Kg

These are all the specifications on the basis of which the company has designed this bike. If you have ever used a Chinese bike before or the previous model of this bike, then you may already know that all the specifications of this bike due to resemblance in shape are the same. Maybe a little difference in specs occurs when it comes to the length and width of the bike. The rest of the things are quite similar.

Union Star 70cc motorcycle Availability in Pakistan:

If you are thinking of buying a new Chinese bike in Pakistan, then you can consider buying this bike. The features and specifications of this bike are up to the mark. Moreover, the bike is also good when one tends to check its build quality. The bike is available at the official outlets of the Union Star in the country. At the same time these outlets are not common in Pakistan. Most bikes are available for sale at different bike sellers offering Chinese bikes. You may head towards the nearest Chinese bike dealer in your city and get a deal. This was all about Union Star 70cc motorcycle Price in Pakistan 2023.

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