Toyota Camry Hybrid price in Pakistan 2023

We have got something under the imported lineup of Toyota in the country for our users. Toyota Camry Hybrid price in Pakistan 2023 is available here. You might be familiar with the name of the car as the car is already running in the country, but the only difference has come now is the hybrid technology. Now, the vehicle is being offered in the hybrid technology in the country. Suppose you are looking for something different in the category of hybrid cars in the country.

In that case, the vehicle is undoubtedly for you as it comes with additional features and specifications. You know that the prices of petrol are going high every day and now it’s the wish of everyone to buy fuel-efficient cars in order to save the maximum amount of money that is to be spent on fuel. So here we are going to tell our users about the fuel average the users are going to buy after buying this car along with the features as well as the specifications of this car. So, let’s study the car in detail. The price at which the car is being sold in the country is elaborated below:

Toyota Camry price in Pakistan:

The price of this car in the country is PKR 53,859,000. This is the current price at which the car is being sold in the country. The main thing that has made the price of this car in the country high is nothing but the import charges imposed on it at the time it reaches Pakistan. Unfortunately, the car’s production is not being done in the country, and it is now only imported to the country, which has made the price of the car as well as the price of its parts really high these days.

Toyota Camry price in Pakistan 2023

So be curious while buying this car as the maintenance cost of this car can make your pockets empty due to being imported. The other reason that irritates the users when they think about buying a car is that if the parts of the car malfunction, the time taken for the new parts to reach the destination country takes weeks as well as months in some cases. So, the users should view all the aspects before making any decision regarding the purchase of the car. Although the cars of the company are made with the best quality material that does not often go out of order still any time any kind of error can occur in these machines as well as other machines of any kind and any company.

Toyota Camry Import Procedure in Pakistan:

Like the procedure adapted for the other imported cars in the country, the import procedure for this car is also the same. Here, if you are interested in importing this car, then you just need to fulfill some steps. First of all, see if the import of the car is eligible in the country or not. After that, seek an imported car dealer in your city or area of residence. Go and meet the imported car dealer, making sure he is trusted; otherwise, your money may be at risk. You can also check if he is trusted or not by seeing the reviews given to his company by people on the internet.

Toyota Camry Import Procedure in Pakistan

After that, tell him the requirements of the car that you want to import. Tell him the variant of the car that you want to import. He will tell you whether you should go for the import of the car in used condition or should import it through the company’s officials in new condition. The price difference will also be explained to you by the dealer.

After confirmation, the dealer will take the relevant amount from you and send it to the company’s officials or the car dealers abroad who are involved in the import of the car. After the legal requirements, the import of the car will start, and you will be getting your car on the date assigned to you by the imported car dealer. These dates can go up and down depending on the arrival of the car due to uncertain issues. In this way, you will be able to import this car to Pakistan.

Toyota Camry Features:

The features added to the car by the company are as follows:

McPherson Strut Coil Springs
Torsion Beam with Coil Springs
Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS)
Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS)
Rear Wiper
Rear Headrest

These are all the features that have been added to the car by the company. All the features of the car are up to the mark and have gained the attention of Camry lovers, especially the hybrid one, which was a necessity at this time.

Toyota Camry Specifications:

The specifications added to the car by the company are as follows:

Engine TypeHybrid
Transmission typeAutomatic Transmission
Seating capacity5 Persons
Length4825 mm
Width1825 mm
Height1480 mm
Kerb Weight1450 Kg
Valve MechanismDOHC 16 Valves with Dual VVTi
Maximum Torque231 Nm @ 4100 RPM
Total Horsepower:178 HP @ 6000 RPM

All these specifications are added to the car by the company, which has increased the demand for this car in Pakistan as well as the areas where the manufacturing and import process of this car is being done.

Toyota Camry Availability in Pakistan:

The car is available in the country upon import. You may also find this car in used condition at several car-selling platforms all across the internet in Pakistan, where different users have listed their already imported Toyota Camry for sale in the country. This was all about the Toyota Camry hybrid 2023 price in Pakistan.

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