IMT 549 Tractor Price in Pakistan 2024

Tractors are the building block of agricultural countries because a lot of work is done in a little time. In this blog post, we bring up a topic or intro of IMT 549 tractor price in Pakistan 2023. Since the assembly of agricultural products and machinery, the company has a vast experience in the particular field. Probably one should say that it is among the leading automobile companies that have a great deal in the automobile sector. According to a review, the market value and demand for tractors are increasing because most of the land in the country is cultivated by these advanced and modern machineries.

All these things, problems, and difficulties faced by the new people will be available in this blog post, so stay with us to know better and gather information. In this blog post, you will learn about the IMT 549 tractor price in 2024 in Pakistan as well as in USD, its dignified features or specifications, reliability in different parts of the land, working, functioning, and fuel economy or average in the latest variant. Moreover, this article gives all the basic and the latest information about this tractor in an interesting manner. The IMT has different tractors, and the 549 tractor is our today title because it is made to deliver a safe and steady ride on any land.

Price of the IMT 4512 Tractor in Pakistan in 2024

Check out the price of the IMT 549 tractor at different places before going to make any decision. And, also do not wet behind the ears if you have no idea about agricultural machinery. Furthermore, the price of the IMT brand tractors is economically stable when other tractors of the same class come in front of us. Similarly, the tractors are available in used condition, but in this case, we can not trust their performance and service reliability.

Price of the IMT 4512 Tractor in Pakistan in 2024Rs. 1,475,000
Price of the IMT 4512 Tractor in 2024Not available

Also, the price in used condition is much lower than the official price. Moreover, because the above price is the actual car price, you will need to pay separately for the taxes on the IMT 549 tractor, its documentation fees, and other customs duties because it is imported to Pakistan. In this way, the price of the tractor goes higher and higher, if all these amounts are added to its official price.

Engine specifications

IMT 4512 is a four-wheeler tractor and should cut the gordian knot of every hilly agricultural land. In addition to the engine specifications of the IMT 4512 tractor, a three-point two-liter engine has an inline fuel configuration while the model is DM33/T. Furthermore, conundrums arise when a vehicle is used for a long time. In this situation, an expert on tractors will help you a lot by eliminating the issue.

Engine type3.2L Diesel inline configuration 3-cylinder engine
Power Measured@ 2250 rpm
Engine Compression ratioNot available
Peak power (hp) capacity46.3 HP           34.5 kW
Total flow8.7 GPM
Power Take-OffPTO Rear RPM 540
Bore and stroke value3.87×5.00 inches or (98 x 127 mm)
Fuel type and fuel tank volumeDiesel and Fuel Capacity is 13.2 Gallons
SteeringPower optional

However, the most challenging problem will frustrate you, but it is better to solve the issue by working your socks off. Otherwise, it will be harmful to tackle the problem itself.

Performance and Reliability Of IMT 4512 Tractor

The Reliability Rating of the IMT 4512 tractor is a record among all tractors. In addition to the customer reviews, the IMT tractor’s service and reliability rating are 4.0 out of 5.0 because of its appropriate or apt style and legacy.

The exterior design of the IMT 4512 Tractor

Tractors are functional for the field, that’s why the components of the tractors are well-checked before installing in the Tractors. Furthermore, the IMT tractors are leading to the best possible structure of all the tractors. Also, the seat of the tractor is made from translucent fabric to provide comfort to the rider.

Features of the IMT 4512 Tractor

The IMT 4512 tractor has an upper hand over all the tractor brands due to its specificity. Furthermore, many unique features of the tractor make it attractive to customers. Also, the blog is kept to deliver all the specifications of the vehicle, and we try to make this blog post the best and correct all sorts of errors for the readers. But on the other hand, we all know that human error is possible, so if any mistakes come to you in this article, contact us. Your review and response will be appreciated.

Power steering wheel
Light body
2-wheeler and 4-wheeler variant
Economical price range
Huge fuel storage capacity
Direct fuel injection

In addition to the IMT 4512 tractor specs, you should know the difference between the engine compartment and other specifications between the tractors. Apart from that, the tractor will give equal opportunities to the riders.

Safety Information

Every man is dedicated to knowing the safety features of tractors. Also, before buying an IMT 4512 tractor, you will not find any stunning results about its safety features.

IMT safety features
Polyester engine cover
10 forward and 2 reverse gears
Adjustable steering by height
Fully synchronised transmission
Synchronized gear shifter

And, there is not any recondite or false information about the safety specifications of the tractor. However, the speed limit is low, so it will save, according to a review.

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Final words

The demand to drive delineated vehicles or to reduce fuel consumption is increasing because of the high price of fuel. In this blog post, we discussed the latest price of the IMT 4512 tractor and knew you could lead a horse to water, but you could not make it drink. We hope you will like this article, whose title is IMT 549 tractor price in Pakistan 2024.

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