Pakistan hero PK 70 price in Pakistan 2024

Hero motorbikes are very popular in Pakistan. Hero motorbikes are one of the best-selling bikes in Pakistan. Which is why today we have brought the Pakistan Hero Pk 70 price in Pakistan 2024. Most people choose the hero motorbikes because of their best features and specifications. Pak hero has a solid track record for producing durable bikes from the start. The Pak hero launches PK 70 hero with the best features and specifications. The new PK 70 has a unique shape and a powerful engine. Furthermore, the hero is famous for its best mileage and reasonable price. The Pk 70 has a reasonable resale rate in Pakistan, and it is very easy to resale our bike in Pakistan. The new model comes in two colors and some stickers on a fuel tank.

This bike comes with a typical engine that has maximum power. The maximum power helps the bike to reach top speed with a faster pace. Moreover, the bike is attained with maximum comfort which makes the ride very smooth. Apart from that, the bike has good quality shock absorbers that utilizes every type of bumps on the road.

Price of Hero PK 70 in Pakistan

The price of All Hero morel is very reasonable compared to the other brands in Pakistan. After the dollar rate in Pakistan, all the prices become very high. We know that brands have very high prices. But the pak hero maintains their price very low. The price of Hero PK 70 is below:

PricePKR 75,000

Engine specifications

The new model of Hero PK 70 comes with a potent engine. The Hero PK 70 has a powerful engine at a low price. It has a powerful smoke-free 4-stroke OHE single cylinder air cooled engine, which is very commonly used in 70 cc bikes and is very good for Pakistani roads.


Engine 4-Stroke OHC single cylinder cooled by air

bore & stroke47.0 x 41.4 MM
Displacement70 cc
Compression ratio8.8: 1
TransmissionFour-Speed permanent Mesh
Dimension (Lxwxh)1800*750*995mm

Furthermore, the bore & and stroke are 47.0 x 41.4 MM. After riding on the previous model, I realized that the performance of the hero engine is awe-inspiring. Moreover, this is the most potent engine at this price tag.

Design of Hero PK 70

The new model Hero 70 has an attractive design and a unique outlook. The new model has the latest graphics and a new shape of the front headlight. Furthermore, it has a new shape for the fuel tank and side covers. The unique combination of colors makes the bike very beautiful. The new speedometer has been equipped, which gives a unique look. If we talk about the ride, it is very comfortable and easy because the seat is excellent, giving you a comfortable ride and making you never feel tired. The new PK 70 has an excellent rear grip. On the other hand, most of them like the new model because of their new design, which gives you a premium look. The beautiful petrol tank is equipped, which gives a unique look. The front look is beautiful because the front headlights look very decent. This motorbike has a dry weight of 80 kg, and it is an ideal choice for young boys as it has stability and it is easy to handle this bike. The design of the new model PK 70 is very attractive and available at a reasonable price, so most people suggest the model PK 70.

Features of PK 70

The new model comes with unique specifications. The specifications of PK 70 are excellent, and this is available at a meager price. They like the hero the most because of their best features. The best feature is the fuel mileage. The mileage of the PK 70 is very impressive, which makes it different from the others. The mileage is up to 60 KM/L. This is the advantage of the hero Motorbikes. The company has installed the fuel-efficient engine in this bike.They give excellent mileage. And most of them like the hero motorbikes because of their best fuel mileage.

Comfortable Seat and Rear Grip
Beautiful Petrol Tank with Graphics
Comfortable Seat and Rear Grip
Strong 4-Stroke Smoke Less Engine
mileage 60km/L
Stylish Speedometer with Economy Zone
Elegant Front Light
9 liters of petrol capacity
Tyre at Front is 4-17-2.25 Ply Rating
 tyre at back is4-17-2.25 Ply Rating

Furthermore, it is a significant fuel tank of 9 liters commonly used in every motorbike. The best quality is equipped, which gives excellent performance and good breaking. The front tire is 4-17-2.25 Ply Rating and the tyre back is  4-17-2.50 Ply Rating. In the above table you can see the different features which help this bike to be more reliable and helpful for rides.

Safety information

When driving, always follow the speed limit and wear a safety suit and helmet. Use hand signals when turning and use extra care at intersections. Furthermore, As we know, riding a motorcycle is more than twenty times riskier than driving a car.

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The Pak hero RF bike is a very effective and efficient bike which comes with a great mileage. Furthermore, this bike has a powerful engine too which helps it to claim steep roads and mountains. Apart from that it is very reliable and a very soft seat. If you are looking for a comfortable portable bike that has a low price;you you should go for this bike because this bike does not have a huge price. On the other hand, the prices of the high-brand vehicles are on the roof as there is a demand for the vehicle, but inaccessible liability for developing these vehicles. We hope you like our review of the Pakistan Hero PK 70  price in Pakistan 2024.

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