Ravi PIAGGIO DERBI 150 cc price in Pakistan 2024

Young generations are very curious about the new sports bikes and volunteering in rally races etc. In addition to today’s topic, we are sharing with you the Derbi 150 cc bike in this blog post. These bikes are now available in Pakistan. That’s the reason behind this article, and we brought the Ravi PIAGGIO DERBI 150 cc price in Pakistan 2024 to share the hidden features with you.

Also, there are various bikes in the Pakistan auto industry, but it is difficult for the person who appears for the first time in the market. These new people are confused in the selection process of the bike, and it is clear from their hesitation. Similarly, for these people, this type of thing or article is very useful. Also, it provides the necessary basic information about the vehicle.

Ravi Piaggio Derbi 150 cc bike is available at the showrooms easily, while the imports of these bikes are now at the standard level. Furthermore, it will fulfil the desires of the young generation in a systematic manner through its excellent quality ride. Also, the drivetrain of the Derbi 150 cc bike is similar on all types of roads, whether it is hilly roads or a highway. The bike’s performance is absolutely stunning and makes the riders curious by its smooth drive quality.

Price of the Ravi PIAGGIO DERBI 150 cc bike in Pakistan in 2024

In the previous two years, the price of the vehicle has been soaring, which puts the customers in a difficult situation in buying the bike. The Ravi Piaggio Derbi 150 cc bike is imported to Pakistan from China, so the high taxation and customs duties or fees make its price higher than the original or actual price.


Price of the Ravi PIAGGIO DERBI 150 cc bike in Pakistan in 2024330,000
Price of the Ravi PIAGGIO DERBI 150 cc bike in 2024Not available

Many people claim that the price of the Ravi Piaggio Derbi 150 cc bike is high for the same category bikes. On the other hand, the quality of this bike is marvelous among all the bikes of the same class. Similarly, the price is high in the current market for other bikes, although they are in the same category.

Engine specifications

In the engine of most bikes, very few problems are created if and only if the maintenance is carried out after proper time intervals. Furthermore, the bike is a heavy,-duty bike, and its 150 engine displacement makes the ride fantastic. All the young riders are very respectful of this bike.

Engine type150 cc 4 Stroke Single Cylinder Air Cooled Euro
Stroke and Bore62.0 x 49.5 mm
Maximum torque outputNot available
TransmissionConstant Mesh 5 Speed
Valve mechanism and clutch typeSOHC valve mechanism and Multiplate Wet Clutch
Fuel type and fuel tank volumePetrol and 18 L petrol tank
Starting mechanismElectric start mechanism (only)
No. Cylinders and valvesDouble cylinder and two valves

The best way to solve the issue is to discuss the matter with the expert and take help from his experience in the relevant field. However, it may be the most challenging problem for these proficient people, but it is a better chance to solve the issue by working your socks off and removing the effects which may be noxious in driving.

Features of the Ravi PIAGGIO DERBI 150 cc bike

The Ravi Piaggio Derbi 150 cc is a multi-purpose vehicle. In addition to the latest information, it can be used for long drives as well as you can utilize it on the streets or roads. Nevertheless, its quality service will not disappoint you if you keep the bike’s condition excellent.


New Beautiful Petrol Tank with Graphics
Sporty Look of Headlight and Tail light
Stylish Indicators
Dashing Sound
Classical and Historical Image
Modern Technology
Comfortable Seat
Unique Shape for Back Light
Elegant Front Light
New Model is available in Limited warranty

Furthermore, the superb driving style of the Ravi Piaggio Derbi 150 cc bike will open the real driving experience for you. Also, the quality material, sporty look, and sleek design of the bike make it wonderful for the riders and the passers-by.

Safety Features of the Ravi PIAGGIO DERBI 150 cc bike

Traveling on bikes is not considered as safe as in the automobile, but now the proper use of advanced technology enables the riders to keep themselves safe during a ride. Furthermore, the Ravi Piaggio Derbi 150 cc bike delivers a smooth ride train, and the safety tools like the brakes are good enough to maintain an excellent job of the bike in all weathers.

Heavyweight bike
Strong 4-Stroke Smoke-Less Engine
Electric start
Multiplate Wet Clutch plate
Stylish and digital Speedometer with Economy Zone
Powerful Absorber Shocks
Safety locks like Handle locks
Modern Design and sensitive Fuel gauge

Ravi Piaggio Derbi’s 150 cc bike has almost all the necessary safety equipment and tools because it is a heavy-duty bike. Also, you can easily get these specifications while riding. In addition to the safest types of equipment on one bike, all the basic and important safety tools are present in the bike.

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Final words

The weight of the Ravi Piaggio Derbi 150 cc bike is more than any ordinary bike, and that makes it a good choice for all lovers of sports and heavy bikes. Also, the bike has extremely good features and specifications, maintaining the company’s legacy. Furthermore, the average fuel economy of the bike efficiently manages all the road requirements. In the bike of the same class, the Ravi Piaggio Derbi 150 cc has a great market demand in Pakistan because the price range is very vast, and it is easily accessible in almost all the cities of Pakistan. By finishing the blog post, we hope the readers will like our review of the Ravi Piaggio Derbi 150 cc bike price in Pakistan 2024.

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