Super Power E Car Price in Pakistan 2024

The Super Power E car has an affordable price in all the electric variants. It has two variants. In this regard, we have brought to you in this blog post the Super Power E car price in Pakistan 2024. Apart from that, the car is made to give rise to the idea of a safe and steady ride at a low cost. On the other hand, if you want to buy an electric car, you must read this article before making any conclusions and buying the vehicle. It will help you a lot, and for those people who don’t know a lot about electric cars because they are new in the market.

In contrast, it might be complicated to determine whether to get vehicles to buy at which time. And, what time was inspected or repaired after using them for a time? Furthermore, the market for electric vehicles is burgeoning and flourished exponentially in Pakistan after the rise in fuel prices. Electric cars are very economical in the crisis of fuel. In this regard, the Super Power E car will be the epitome of the list of electric vehicles.

Price of the Super Power E car in Pakistan in 2024

Electric cars are available in a vast price range. In addition to the price checklist, the price of electric vehicles depends upon the battery quality and charging capability. Super power electric vehicles are available in Pakistan from 1 lac to 6.5 lacs depending on the car’s condition.

Price of the Super Power E car in Pakistan in 2024PKR. 1500,000/-
Price of the Super Power E car in 2024

Apart from the discussion and clearing of all specs as well as the price of the car in this blog post. Now, it depends on the customers whether to buy this car or not because you can lead a horse to water, but you can not make it drink.

Engine specifications

In the Super power e-car, a battery is installed to deliver a mileage of 120 km on a single charge. Also, the battery would be charged in 7 hours and it may depend on the charging spot. In addition to the struggles of the company to reduce the final price, the automobile manufacturing companies grind to provide these cars at an economical price, so their market will flourish. In the best luxury cars under one crore many vehicles are in front of us, but we will choose only the top and best cars.

Engine typeElectric motor
Maximum torque outputNot available
Battery capacity72V 96 Volt 100ah 200ah Lithium Ion Battery
Peak power (hp) capacityNot available
Charging time7 hours
TransmissionAutomatic transmission
Maximum mileage value120 km per one full charge
Fuel type and fuel tank volumeElectric fuel
No. Cylinders and valves2 cylinders

Super power e-car is lightweight and can not go fast like the engine vehicles. Similarly, electric cars are expensive, but super power e-car is affordable and available at a wide range of prices.

The exterior design of the Super Power E-Car

The Super Power E car was revealed for the first time at the Karachi Expo. The first variant of the car is a two-seater while the four-seater variant has more room and features. In addition, the revamped cars look beautiful and keep the occupants fresh on a long drive. The expert or professional buyers are aware of the perfidious sellers because they spent time in the market and have to experience. Furthermore, car driving is delineated to reduce fuel consumption and give good mileage.

The interior design of the Super Power E-Car

Super Power E car’s first variant can accommodate only two people. And, its demand is not high in countries like Pakistan. In this regard, the company launched the four-seater electric vehicle. Apart from that, the Super Power electric car paints the town red with its exclusive driving manner. In light of customer reviews, a carouse and a good time will be spent in the Super Power E car. Furthermore, the Super Power E car has decent features besides the economical and affordable price like Keyless remote entry, Power steering wheel, reflectors, safety locks, suspension, and an AM or FM radio system to amaze the occupants on long journeys. But it is not made for long drives because it gives excellent performance on the highway.

Features of the Super Power E-Car

There are many outstanding features in the Super Power E electric car, although its price is economical.

Air conditioner
side-swept lights
The suspicious cabin of the four-seater variant
Tiny sunroof
Powerful engine with high voltage output
Travel up to 120 km at full charge
Expressive and impressive look
Charge in 7 hours

Apart from that, super power e-car has not had luxury features and specifications like the other electric cars. Although the basic construction is the same for both cars, there is a major difference in the engine compartment.

Safety Features of the Super Power E-Car

The Super Power E car is lightweight, hence it would not provide much safety to the occupants. Furthermore, the car is available in two variants, one is the two-seater and the other is the four-seater. In the four-seater, the specifications are much more than those from the previous variant.

Short and lightweight
Safety locks
Easily turning ability
Environment friendly
Quite and smooth driving
Low top speed limit
Zero emission

We shall realize that this car is not safe as compared to other cars. However, the price of other vehicles is very high.

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Final words

Electric cars have the utmost importance these days. Fuel is expensive, so traveling and fares are increasing which is itself a bigger problem. To eliminate this crisis, electric vehicles are the best option. Furthermore, in this blog post, you will find all the important information regarding the super power e-car. We hope you will like our short review of the Super power E Car Price in Pakistan 2024.

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