HiSpeed Alpha 100Cc Price in Pakistan 2024

Hi-speed bikes are an emerging brand in the Pakistan auto market. That’s why we have brought the Hi HiSpeed Alpha 100Cc Price in Pakistan 2024. The stability and functionality of a vehicle is the most important thing for the bike owner. In addition, there are numerous brands in this field, but their bikes do not have such stunning style and graphics. In simple words, these vehicles do not function for long, and you shall want to replace them with the new model of this car. However, proper maintenance of the bike increases their life span.

The hi-speed alpha 100 cc bike painted the town red due to its amazing service. To talk about the bike, everyone has their own experience. But we shall discuss only the high-speed alpha bike, and we will take advantage of the review of the other users of the alpha 100 cc bike owners. In addition, in this article, we will discuss the facts about the hi-speed alpha bike only.

On the other hand, we shall want to take advantage of this and not focus on rumors about the speed alpha bike. Before buying a vehicle, check out the budget and then select the bike and do not spread yourself too thin. Because becoming involved in too many activities will reduce your interest in this bike. And the result will not be in your favor because you will be disappointed by seeing the luxury bike and sports bikes. Although the price of the branded bike is higher and you can not afford it.

Price of the hi-speed Alpha 100 cc in Pakistan in 2024

Currently, the fluctuations in the auto industry increase the prices of vehicles. But especially in Pakistan, a developing country, the worst pandemic hit it very hard and ruined every sector of life. But the Money talk, on the other hand, some corporations are still keeping the cost of the vehicles economical.

In addition, the automobile manufacturing companies struggle to make the easiest way to deliver these bikes at economical prices but unfortunately, the current situation is very overwhelming. And now, there is no way to decrease the final cost of the hi-speed alpha bike.

Apart from these discussions, buying a vehicle in this situation costs an arm and a leg. The high taxes from the government make the vehicle very expensive.

Price of the hi-speed Alpha 100 cc in Pakistan in 2024Rs 137,500
Price of the hi-speed Alpha 100 cc in 2024N/A

Come first to choose the best and favorite bike because the early bird catches the worm, and you know its benefit. As the bike came to the market in the late eighties, but after the late nineteenth century, the market flourished and was affordable for many people. From this, we deduce the nexus of the people with the vehicle. Now the bike industry is in a position where businesses are making money.

Engine specifications

Hi-speed alpha 100 c bike has one cylinder and two valve pneumatic engine construction. First, coordinating the engine component of every vehicle makes a lot of noise and is difficult, but when you are used to this, you will drive safely.

Fuel type and fuel tankPetrol and 10-liter tank
Peak power bhp output7.1 bhp @ 7,500 rpm
Maximum torque Nm8.1 Nm @ 5,000 rpm
Engine displacement capacity cc113 cc
Transmission TypeAutomatic
IgnitionCDI (Capacitor Discharge ignition)
Maximum mileage value45 km per liter
No. Cylinders and valvesOne cylinder and two valves per cylinder

From the unwavering performance of the engine of the hi-speed alpha bike, we conclude that this vehicle is best for all types of roads.

Design of hi-speed Alpha 100 cc bike

The best bike for you is one in which you are relaxed and look satisfied. Similarly, on this bike, you should feel emancipated of mind and body and not irritate your journey. Now, for a good journey, be all ears and follow the instructions of the bike rider experts.

Safety features of hi-speed Alpha 100 cc

As the technology is advancing rapidly, changes are brought in the hi-speed alpha bike to provide safety to the occupants. And, the technology had moved on, so the vehicle was not as dangerous as in the past. However, the ride on a bike is riskier than other vehicles. At that time, they were uncomfortable riding off, but you will have a change of heart about the vehicles. Because the dynamism is so quick, their progress can’t be summed up in one paragraph.

Fuel Reading
Front drum brake
Rear drum brake
Low Fuel Alert
Side safety lock
Sports nature safely equipment
Front telescopic suspension
Rear unit swing suspension
Alloy suspension parts

In the ulterior significant safety equipment is placed, and even a stupor person can realize these features while riding.

Noticeable features in the hi-speed Alpha 100 cc

The design of the hi-speed alpha is in such a way that suits both the business person and as well as for fiesta purposes. Adjunct to these points, the unique design and graphics are used in this vehicle now; if you want to know our thinking about the bike, then we will plebiscite the hi-speed alpha 100 bikes. Similar to the point, the reliability and functionality of hi-speed alpha are outstanding on the highway.

Digital Speedo Meter
Single cylinder
CDI Inject fuel Technology
Self & Kick Start system
10 L petrol tank
Four-stroke liquid-cooled 113 cc engine
Good mileage value
The wet Type Multi-Plate clutch
Vast price range
Eye-catching graphics
Comfortable seat

Because of the vital parts, the car will be functional for a long time. In addition, the delight you enjoy on this bike will forever be a good example of traveling in a vehicle.

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Final words,

To buy a vehicle, Keep in touch with the auto market daily. It would be best if you realized which bike is best for the specific amount you do not communicate. The bikes brought an alteration in technology and became a vehicle for social change. A rover person should know it. Similarly, in this article, you will find everything about hi- hi-speed 100-cc bikes, and we will try to update it up to the minute. Likewise, the most recent information on hi-speed d alpha is telltale. Also, you know about the bike like the back of your hand because it is fully based on facts. We hope that you like our review of Hi Speed Alpha 100Cc Price in Pakistan 2024.

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