Tata Hexa price in Pakistan 2024

Tata motors presents a new design and dynamic performance in the Hexa SUV segment. Which is why we have brought the Tata Hexa price in Pakistan 2024. The new Tata Hexa has advanced features: the next generation 2.2 Liter VARICOR 400 diesel-power engine can produce 400 NM of torque and 156 PS power under 6-speed automatic and manual transmissions. The car has new features and specifications compared to the previous models of Tata Hexa and some good changes in interior and exterior.

Tata is an Indian company exporting their vehicle worldwide as Pakistan is also importing their vehicle now. Tata Hexa is reasonably priced along with a touch of comfort and a quality amount of safety measures. It is tough competition for all other SUV models. The reviews of the Tata Hexa are very impressive; the people of Pakistan and all over the world love the quality or the design of Tata Hexa’s new design 2024.

Price of the Tata Hexa in Pakistan 2024

The price of the Tata Hexa in Pakistan 2024 is currently not available, but it is available in the international market. So people can import from other countries. Furthermore, the price of Tata Hexa depends on the dollar rate, but the current dollar rate in Pakistan is very high. It will

be very effective in the price of new vehicles. The price of Tata Hexa is not yet finalized for Pakistan. But as per the estimating price, this luxurious silhouette could be bought in the price range of Rs. 45 to 50 lacs.

Price in PKR4500000 PKR to 5000000 PKR
Price in USD

Engine specification

The engine of the Tata Hexa is very powerful; it comes with the engine of 2179 CC. Furthermore, the  Length/Width/Height. 1903 mm (width),1791 mm (height),2850 mm (wheelbase), and the max torque is 320,400 Nm, or Max power is 148,154bhp. It has a manual transmission, and the fuel mileage is impressive at 14.5KM/L.

Engine Displacement2179 CC
MAX torque320,500 Nm
MAX power148,154bhp
Transmission Type6-speed manual transmission

Moreover, a super drive mode of a 6-speed manual transmission with a first-in-segment super drive mode ( auto, comfort, dynamic, rough road, and a new gen automatic transmission of a 6-speed automatic transmission with selectable modes, sport, and auto-sensing Racecar performance with manual shift option. Have driven My Hexa for about 20000 km. Long drives of 1000+ multiple times. After driving, Hexa felt comfortable; they felt very assured and safe. The initial drag of the engine is irritating. Navy maps are a waste; they never work. Service engineers need to be proactive to avoid customers facing unforeseen issues.

Design of Tata Hexa

Tata Hexa has a Hexa signature impact design. The front face of the car has a new pretty and advanced look of a dual-colored and the Tata signature grille with a chrome humanity line. Furthermore, the running lights are integrated with fog lamps and a smoked projector. From the side views, the car has sweeping arches with 20 inches of alloy wheels and two door panels.

Apart from that, the rear bumper is dual-tone and dual-exhausted with low-profile fog lamps and a turn indicator. While from the rear side, the car has horizontal tail lamps with patented flexible LED technology wraparound with chrome appliques. Overall, the Tata Hexa 2018 is a contemporary SUV silhouette that has a dynamic floating roof with amiable design language. The interior design of the Tata is very attractive because of its new specifications. The inner cab of this car is sporty and loaded with premium black grain texture trims.

Design of Tata Hexa

On the other hand, the new different lights amuse the passengers in a better way during a long journey. Power Steering is compact with a digital up-head tachometer and the latest multimedia console where you have a driven mode connectivity option. Luxurious seats are Benecke-Kaliko style upholstered with contrast stitch and accentuated bolsters. Moreover, the car has all the security and safety features like hitting the sensor, accidental alert, a tough steel body to repel accidental hitting to avoid mishaps, and available airbags for the driver and passenger.

Features of Tata Hexa

The Tata Hexa has 2 liters 4, cylinders inline engine with 156 Ps power. Moreover, it has a diesel engine and VARICOR 400 pages, and it has a 6-speed manual transmission with 400 NM torque. Furthermore, it has a keyless entry and first-in-segment super drive modes. The size of the tire is 235/70 R16 front and rear. Both are tubeless tires, and the wheel type is steel wheels. It has an advanced disc braking system.

Features of Tata Hexa 


On the other hand, the capacity of the fuel tank is 60L, and the mileage is very impressive as compared to the competitor. The mileage is 14.50KM/L. Acoustically tuned experience with 4 door speakers, 4 tweeters, a center speaker, subwoofer, and power amplifier. Interactive app for digital owners manual of the Hexa on your smartphone with visual and voice assistance.

Keyless Entry Start
4 Cylinder diesel Engine
4 door speakers
Hill descent Control
Emergency Assistance
Hill Hold control
Advanced disc braking system
Tubless tires.

The new features also added a Tata Motors service connection. Interactive app for management of all your service needs, including service bookings, cost estimation, live notification, emergency assistance. And service history reviews are also included. Further, The (HHC) HILL HOLD CONTROL and (HDC) HILL DESCENT CONTROL have been added to the new Tata Hexa 2024 Hill Hold Control (HHC) automatically activates to prevent the vehicle from rolling backward on the uphill drive. Switch on the Hill Descent Control(HDC) for controlled descent on an inclined surface.

Safety Information

The subcompact SUV recently bagged a 4-star adult safety rating by the Global New Car Assessment Programme (Global NCAP), the highest adult safety score (13.56/17.00) amongst all the models tested by Global NCAP in India. Tata Hexa is powered by the 2.2L VARICOR 400 diesel engine with 400 Nm of torque and 156 PS power.

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Final Words

The Tata Hexa is one of the latest models by Tata that are very much reliable. Furthermore, these cars have greater and longer durability which is why people love buying Tata’s cars. We hope that you like our review of the Tata Hexa price in Pakistan 2024.

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