IMT 577 Tractor Price in Pakistan 2024

Nowadays, the calumny arises because of the lack of knowledge and understanding about the tractor in the Pakistan auto industry.  Which is why, we have brought the IMT 577 Tractor Price in Pakistan 2024. These worst rumors especially hit Pakistan because the buyers of the tractors are farmers, and they do not have the required information for buying the vehicle.  However, these farmers are very good in the field and the business of bargaining. And,  in their sector, no one can guide them in the wrong direction through their false statements.

Furthermore, if they pull someone’s leg, it is because of the farmers’ awareness. So, if you want to go straight for the right product the first time and no one will fool you, then this article will help you greatly.

In the end,  all the cynicism about the tractor will be kicked off. Similarly, to make the product excellent, you should probably show the expression of the tractor clearly and shoot off one’s mouth to make it brighter. Keeping the need of the customer, we make this article exonerate. Furthermore, we avoid stringing someone along with the product having no longer lifetime.

Apart from that, for a neophyte, it isn’t easy to buy an accurate product at affordable prices. Rather, it is a horse of a different color in the Pakistani market. Also, you will know the perennial and everlasting performance of the IMT ( industry of machinery and tractors) 577 tractor.

Price of the IMT 577 tractor in Pakistan in 2024

For the large agricultural land,  the IMT 577 tractor has outstanding service, and the price you pay on this vehicle is meritorious. In contrast, the amount of the IMT tractor is not high, and you will not pay through the nose for this tractor. However, the undulation in the price of the IMT 577 tractor is because of the unfavorable condition of the economy of the country. And, we know that buying the vehicle is now very difficult for the farmers, so go straight to the authentic dealers and buy the reliable tractor straight from the horse’s mouth. Keep these factors in mind while buying the tractor, so you will not perturb in the future. On the other hand, there is nothing for the birds in this blog post.

Price of the IMT 577 tractor in Pakistan in 2024PKR 15 lac to 18 lac
Price of the IMT 577 tractor in US$ in 2024N/A

We have the idea of your precious time,  so to save your time, we interestingly prepare this article and do not make it longer like the other wordy article. As a result, you will probably accolade this blog post from the other post on the same product.

Engine specifications

We savor the IMT 577 tractor because of 2250 rotation per minute, so stick out one’s neck and enjoy the vanquish ride on this tractor. In addition, the model number of the IMT 577 tractor is IMR model S44/AT. On the other hand, the fuel injection arrangement in this tractor is a direct injection system while the fuel consumes diesel.

Engine type
Peak power (hp) capacity76 HP to 77 hp
Maximum torque200 lb-ft
Cylinder arrangement4 cylinders Inline valve mechanism
Fuel injectionDirect injection type
Fuel type and fuel tank volumeDiesel and 23.8 gallons diesel capacity tank
Maximum mileage value
Bore and Stroke ratio3.98 × 5.00 inches

Always remember that the IMT 577 tractor has a powerful engine that works in all weather in every type of field.  And,  if you are selling tractor shorts, you are on the wrong path. In addition,  never underestimate the power of an IMT tractor and utilize it with the best tactic as a driving line for expert drivers.

Design of the IMT 577 tractor

For the futuristic design, minor alterations are brought into the latest version of the IMT 577 tractor.  In addition,  these changes on a small scale make tough competition in the market. Likewise, the structure of these vehicles can not flaunt and does not drive someone up a wall. In contrast, it will knock the rider’s socks off with the thrilling performance.

Features of the IMT 577 tractor

All the features and specifications of the IMT 577 tractor are unutterable in this short article, but on the other hand, we want to summarize all these specs in a shake-a-leg situation. In addition, the surfeit features are added to the latest version of this tractor. And these characteristics of the IMT tractor will bring you out of the wood.

single air cooled doom
Single exhausted front engine
Driver Cabin and 3 seats adjustable
3635 KG weight
Economical price
Direct fuel injection
Braking wheel
2-wheel drive (2WD) chassis
Easily available spare parts
Good mileage value
4-cylinder diesel engine

On the IMT 577 tractors,  you will be jubilant because you will be able to find how the tractor drive gets the feeling of like a million dollars concerning other vehicles.

Safety features in the IMT 577 tractor

The driving of the IMT 577 tractor is very easy, and no one could say it bends backward because these tractors have powerful engines with very low speeds. And the body of the tractor has a lot of weight. Wary driving of every vehicle gives a peaceful drive and urges the occupants or riders to get more rides.

Occupational Safety tools or equipment
Safety cabin
Speed 5 km/h
Braking on 2 wheels
Hydraulic (Disk) brakes type
Hydrostatic steering wheel
predictive rating system model
Auxiliary lamps
complete safety programs for passengers and

The IMT 577 tractor does not have any latest safety, but on the other hand, it has the basic safety measures, which makes it a splash. Furthermore, the successful tractor variant has safety sensors and attracts customers’ attention at first glance.

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Final words

All of the rides on the IMT 577 tractor will be amicable, and in the end, you have the world by the tail. In addition, be successful and happy while driving the IMT tractor and follow the safety precautions, and do not be mendacious by informing us about the tractor’s performance. We hope that you like our review Of IMT 577 Tractor Price in Pakistan 2024.

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