Sohrab JS 70cc Bike Price in Pakistan 2024

We are living in such an eternity where the presence of vehicles in every home is compulsory. We have brought Sohrab JS 70cc Bike Price in Pakistan 2024. Every individual wants to own a car at a low price which should ease their lives. And you know, in the vehicles the Motorcycles has a great value because it is a cheaper and the most accessible vehicle ever on the market. In Pakistan, you would see that the number of bikes on the road is gigantic, and now it is a necessary part of the people of developing countries. Furthermore, these prices are out of range from the lower class people, and if they buy one of the cars, then an individual should not bear their expense.

As a result, the vehicle should be abandoned, and maybe it brings difficulties to his life in place of satisfaction. Knowing all these factors and the needs of the middle-class population, some companies want to get the automotive industry in their income range to buy an automobile at the lowest possible prices. However, the famous automobile brands like Honda and Suzuki are producing the best quality bikes, but the price of these bikes is very high than the local bike companies. In addition, the people who have low income should choose these bikes because their cost of them does not affect their economic growth and stability.

On the other hand, the market output of these local automobile companies is low because most of the bike dealers in Pakistan offer the most suitable packages on the high brand bike. In these packages they show that the buyer should not make an extra effort and pay every month, although in this case, the price of the bike goes higher than the original price. In this short article, we discuss the Sohrab JS 70 cc bike. What is The latest price of the new model of the Sohrab 70 bike? Comparing its cost to the other bikes that it is higher or lower and what are causes behind it.

All these things should be clear to the reader that when they buy anyone bike among these bikes, they know everything about these bikes, and they are satisfied with the bike and its cost. In addition, the Sohrab 70 cc bike is a local bike whose market is only in very few countries.  In Pakistan, the Sohrab JS is easily accessible because they are manufactured here, and its cost is low compared to other motorcycles. Furthermore, all the specifications of this motorcycle are available in this blog post quickly and understandably.

Price of the Sohrab JS 70 cc Bike in Pakistan 2024

Compared with other companies’ bikes, the price of the Sohrab JS 70 c bike is much lower than these bikes. We remember from the beginning of this article that the Sohrab bikes are manufactured in Pakistan, so the import charges do not apply to them, which leads to the low price of the bike. The new model of the Sohrab JS 70 bike is available from 45 thousand rupees to 50 thousand rupees. On the other hand, the dealers also have attractive installment packages, but on installment, we know that the final price is higher.

Price of the Sohrab JS 70 cc Bike in Pakistan 2024
PKR 50,000
Price of the Sohrab JS 70 cc Bike in 2024Not available in USD

Engine specifications

The engine present in the Sohrab JS 70 cc bike is a 4-stroke OHC single-cylinder engine whole by air. In addition, the engine Displacement capacity of this bike shall be relize from the name of this bike, and the Bore and Stroke ratio is 47.0 x 41.4 mm. Furthermore, tithe the compression ratio of this lilightweightike is 8.8: 1 w, while the Transmission mechanism is 4-speed. Moreover, the fuel used in the combustion chamber to run the motorcycle is petrol, and the fuel tank size can store up to 9 Liter.

Engine type
Fuel typePetrol
Maximum mileage value50 km per liter to 60 km per liter
Power production value4.2 KW power
Clutch TypeWet Multi-Plate
Transmission mechanismFour-Speed permanent Mesh

The Dry Weight of the Sohrab 70 bike is 80 kg to 82 kg, and this lightweight makes it perfect for driving on the village roads. However, there are some disadvantages to the light body of the bikes.

Style and design of Sohrab JS 70 Bike

Sohrab JS 70 is available in two charming colors, black and red. Of these two colors, there is used widely, while the majority of the people like the black color. In addition, the design of this bike is the same as the bike of the famous brands, but there are some internal differences between these bikes. The body style and frame design of this motorcycle are good. Furthermore, you know that every Pakistani likes the Sohrab company because of the best quality material and long-lasting items.  The Dimension (LxWxH) of the Sohrab is1800x740x995.

Safety features in Sohrab JS 70 Bike

The safety of the bikes is essential, and every nubile person takes care of it, while some do not follow the safety precautions and put their lives in danger. These people harm the pedestrians and cause severe damage, which results in features and whole and real traumas. In addition, the helmet is a necessary safety item while riding. Still, unfortunately, the maximum number of riders do not use it until law enforcement agencies take action against them.

Features of Sohrab JS 70 cc Bike new Model

Like other bikes, Sohrab has the same design and functioning. In this motorcycle, the features are not like the famous motorcycle brands but competing with them. Some of the features are available here.

The spare part is available effortlessly
Easily access parts are
Wet Multi-Plate type clutch
Excellent mileage value
Very economical price
Kick starter
Good quality materials
Available in two colors
Air-cooled single-cylinder engine
The long-lasting impression
Low fuel economy

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Final words

The Sohrab JS 70 has an economical price, and we are familiar that in developing countries, the income of an ordinary man is meager. If we want to bring luxuries to his life, then his low income is a barrier to fulfilling his desires because now, in this era, the vehicles are numerous, and their prices are through the roof. The mileage value of the Sohrab bike is fantastic. We hope you will like our review of the Sohrab JS 70cc Bike Price in Pakistan 2024.

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