Eagle Vicky 70cc Price in Pakistan 2024

For 70 cc bikes, countries like Pakistan are an excellent market. Eagle Vicky 70 cc bike is a lighter weight and intelligent motorcycle. In this blog post, we are going to discuss with you the Eagle Vicky 70cc Price in Pakistan 2024. Eagle Vicky 70 cc bike belongs to the Chinese group Diamond, and the diamond company has a great name in the country.

Apart from that, we are sharing with the readers all the specs, the latest news about the bike, its current price, noticeable features, engine configuration, and all other things about this motorbike. Furthermore, the readers are willing to know the information regarding this vehicle.

On the other hand, people are searching for low-cost bikes and finding the best place. So, for these people, Eagle Vicky is the best choice because of the very low price. The low-budget motorcycle is now the need of most people because of the meager income and more significant expenses.

Price of the Eagle Vicky 70 cc bike in Pakistan in 2024

The price of Eagle Vick 70 cc bike is comparable with other 70 cc bikes. However, the bikes of brands like Honda and Suzuki have a higher cost as compared to these bikes. Also, there is a clear difference between the structure, design, and styles of the motorcycle’s body language. The important thing which plays a significant role in deciding the price of the vehicle is its engine compartment and mileage value. However, other things like safety specifications and features hold a specific place in the cost of the car.

Price of the Eagle Vicky 70 cc bike in Pakistan in 2024PKR 72,000
Price of the Eagle Vicky 70 cc bike in US $ in 2024Not available in $

On the other hand, the local dealers of the Eagle Vicky 70 cc motorcycles are offering these bikes at easy and eye-catching installment plans. Furthermore, there are six months, one-year, and so forth installment plans, but in this case, the final price will be higher than the original price.

Engine specifications

The engine of the Eagle Vicky 70 cc is valid for the streets of Pakistan, and it is perfect for short rides. Apart from that, the motorcycle engine is not considered as good as other vehicles or heavy-duty bikes for long drives. Also, the long movements on these 70 cc bikes will strain the riders and is not a good riding experience.

Engine type4 Stroke, Single Cylinder, air-cooled OHS Engine
Clutch plate typeClutch Wet multi-plate, left-hand operated
StartingKick starter
Engine displacement capacity in cc70 cc ( cubic centimeter)
Valve mechanismOHS valve configuration
Fuel type and fuel tank volumePetrol and 10-liter tank
Maximum mileage value55 km per liter to 60 km per liter
TransmissionFour-speed constant mesh

On the other hand, the Single cylinder, air-cooled petrol engine of the Eagle Vicky 70 cc bike delivers good mileage. Furthermore, the motorcycle is new for most people, although it was introduced in the past year. Also, in 70 cc bikes, many brands are available, and the competition is very hard.

Design of the Eagle Vicky 70 cc bike

The layout and style of the bike matter in making the high demand for the bikes because young riders want a sophisticated and stylish motorcycle. In addition to the latest design of the bikes, the Eagle Vicky 70 cc bike is aerodynamic in shape and frame type body language design. The company graphic trims and the latest features are added to the bike to increase the legacy.

Features of the Eagle Vicky 70 cc bike

In small bikes, the qualities of the bikes are not in abundance because of their light weight and lower price. In addition to the features of the Eagle Vicky 70 cc motorcycle, there are no unique features except some.

Attractive, sleek Rear light design
Improved Round shaped Headlight
Stylish Digital Speed Meter in a circular shape
Available in two colors (Red and Blue)
Gorgeous color finishing and graphics
Economical and attractive price
Kick Starter System
Aerodynamic shape and body language
Beautiful graphic trims
10 L Fuel Tank Capacity
Good Quality, extra comfortable Seat

On the other hand, Eagle Vicky 70 cc bike has all the above characteristics, which make it grab the customer’s attention. Apart from that, the motorcycle spare parts are easily accessible and at least expensive.

Safety measures of the Eagle Vicky 70 cc bike

In Eagle Vicky 70 cc bikes, like the motorcycles of the same category, all safety measures are present. However,  the cost of this bike is not as high as the top brands’ 70 cc bikes. On the other hand, Eagle Vicky 70 cc bike will meet all your demands, but it is desirable for short rides only. Furthermore, the following safety features of the motorcycle catch the rider’s attention.

Key switch start mechanism
Fuel Gauge Indicator
4 Speeds constant mesh, Manual Transmission System
Frame designed for increased rigidity
4-stroke, Single Cylinder Engine petrol engine
Front and rear brakes
Handle lock
Hi-tech, flexible heavy-duty shock Absorbers
Safety safeguard (choice)

Apart from these safety measures, there are no impressive safety features in the Eagle Vicky 70 cc bike. On the other hand, safety has greater importance, but the cost of the Vicky 70 cc motorcycle is very low as compared to the other bikes of the 70 cc category.

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Final words

Eagle Vicky 70 cc motorcycle belongs to the Chinese company Diamond. It is a cheap bike cost in Pakistan in 2022 at, 37 thousand Pakistani rupees only. Its price is terrific and catches the customers. On the other hand, the speedometer of the Eagle Vicky 70 cc bike is not like the other 70 cc bikes. Similarly, the headlight of this bike is different from other 70 cc motorcycles and is circular. Also, the indicators or blinkers are round in form. In the last of this blog post, we hope that you will enjoy this exciting review of the Eagle Vicky 70cc Price in Pakistan 2024.

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