Ravi Premium R1 Price in Pakistan 2024

The seating style of the premium R1 is according to the needs of average adults. Furthermore, the tail light and the sleek language design are according to the structure of modern motorcycle design. That is why today we have brought you the Ravi Premium R1 Price in Pakistan 2024. Corresponding to the bike market in Pakistan, Ravi motorcycles are affordable and according to the latest styles of branded bikes.

In addition to the vehicle industry, calumny about vehicles puts the buyer’s leg on and creates doubt in the mind of customers. These false statements and doubts dishearten the buyers from the products of a specific auto company, whether they are producing autos or motorcycles. In contrast, to presume that the Ravi Premium R1 bike is affordable and generates excellent service, a clear review is necessary. On the other hand, we want no one to string the new buyers of bikes dishonestly; all the data in this blog post is taken from authentic sources. Alright, we attempt to make the blog post about the Ravi Premium R1 bike the best and correct. However, we know human error is possible, so if you find any mistakes in this article, contact us to learn about the bike in detail.

Price of the Ravi Premium R1 in Pakistan in 2024

Price of the Ravi Premium R1 in Pakistan in 2024 is PKR 103,500

The meritorious cost of the Ravi Premium R1 bike allowed the riders to take whole fun of the ride. Also, theravi buyers would not pay through the nose for this bike. Although Chinese motorcycles are well known for their low cost. So, do not worry about its price in 2024. Furthermore, Chinese bikes have state of the art in their design. On the other hand, riding this bike would deliver a happy mood that overcomes us in the spring to the motorcycle riders.

We uncover the price of the sealed unit of the Ravi Premium R1 bike price in 2024 in Pakistan. Apart from that, they should pay slapstick for this bike. Why not? Its price will be extremely low in 2024 in the country.

Engine specifications

The tranquil engine of the Ravi Premium R1 would not fluster the rider in the execution and stick out one’s neck. R1 Ravi motorcycles are available in 70 cc variant and 78 cc variant. Both have nearly identical structures up to some extent.

Engine typeSingle cylinder 78 cc four-stroke, overhead cam, air cooled petrol engine
Peak power (hp) capacity7.0 PS @ 6500 rpm (5.3 KW)
Maximum torque5.4 n.m @ 6500 rpm (0.55 kg m)
Compression ratio9.1:1
Valve mechanismNot available
Fuel type and fuel tank volumePetrol
Maximum mileage value55 km per liter
No. Cylinders and valvesSingle cylinder

The lithe movements of the Ravi Premium R1 bike structure and body language impressed us all. On the other hand, the mileage efficiency of this bike is as good as 55 km per liter. The fuel economy of the motorcycle is brilliant; however, in some particular cases, it drops.

Design of the Ravi Premium R1

In Chinese bike design, we bring the decorative and latest bikes. Little changes and alterations to the bike make it cherished. Furthermore, the flaunting structure enthuses and excites the young riders. Also, the cheering seat of the bike gives comfort. On the other hand, the Ravi premium r1 70 cc bike is available in the stunning colors Red, Black, Blue, and Gray colors. Furthermore, the fuel tank of this bike and side cover graphics make it unique in design through the vibrant colors in these graphics. On the other hand, its 82 kg weight ensures material quality and terrific tire grip on the road.

Features of the Ravi Premium R1

The price of the Ravi Premium R1 bike is affordable, and its desirable features are unutterable in full detail. Furthermore, deluge or excess styles will bring out the riders of the wood. These bikes have fantastic features, and some of them are on the table.

Backbone-type sheet metal frame or chassis
Kick Start starting mechanism
Pressure and splash lubrication
unique in design and vibrant colors
8 Poles starter assembly
4-speed constant mesh, all forward (N-1-2-3-4) transmission
Impressive stability Control
Wet multi-plate, left-hand operated Clutch type
Capacitor discharge ignition system
Available with a 72 cc economical engine and a 78 cc powerful engine
Impressive structure and affordable price

Rejoicing the magnificent features of Ravi Premium R1 will make you a fan of these bikes. In addition to the style of these bikes, its stunning graphics make beautiful views of this bike, although it is comparatively low cost compared to other bikes of the same category.

Safety features in the Ravi Premium R1

Bike riding is not safe these days, and driving in adverse winter conditions may put them at risk. In This perspective, Ravi bikes have genuine care in designing the safety specs marvelous. Also, going on these bikes in those days was pernicious.

Indicators, taillight or brake light, and headlight
Safety Safeguard
Safety side lock
Helmet carrier
Switch start or key start
Constant-mesh transmission
Wet multi-plate, Clutch type
Front and rear Drum brake expanding shoe brakes
Sheet metal frame (backbone type)

In bikes, lack of safety specifications would not give opportune to the riders. On the other hand, advantageous bikes make a splash and attract the attention of bike lovers.

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Final words

The Amicable bike Ravi got a high rank among the Chinese bikes and has won the world by the tail of its justifiable performance. Apart from that, all of the Ravi Premium R1 bike features are in detail. And it is necessary for one to know before buying a bike of 70 cc. Apart from that, for a neophyte or novice in the auto market, it is tough to find a perennial vehicle or motorcycle easily. Although each one is a horse of a different color in the auto industry, people are confused about selecting which one among all these satisfying bikes. We hope you will like our blog post about Ravi Premium R1 Price in Pakistan 2024.

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