Daehan Shehzore Price in Pakistan 2024

The famous Hyundai Shehzore is now available in the new version under the brand name of Daehan Shehzore in Pakistan. Daehan Shehzore is a pickup truck model produced by Daehan Motors, a South Korean automotive company. In this blog post, our target is to discuss the Daehan Shehzore Price in Pakistan 2024. Also, its Durability and reliability rating, Off-road capabilities, Power and performance services, Cargo and towing capacity, Safety and security features, and Cost-effective price are under discussion. So, let’s start with the history of Deahen Shehzore. It is a rebranded version of the Isuzu D-Max, a popular pickup model. Isuzu Motors, a Japanese automotive company, produces the truck.

The Daehan Shehzore is known for its durability, reliability, and off-road capabilities. In Pakistan, it is often used for commercial and industrial purposes mainly. However, in other countries, it is for recreation and personal use. Furthermore, Daehan Shehzore offers various models for different use cases, like normal use, heavy-duty work, off-the-road, etc.

Daehan Shehzore

On the other hand, the need for pickup trucks is mainly in the government organizations like MES and Wapda of Pakistan. It is best for loading purposes of goods in the industries. The Daehan Shehzore pickup truck is not sold in Pakistan officially in its first stages. However, there may be privately imported examples of the Shehzore in Pakistan by the dealers. Importantly, the pickup truck market in Pakistan is dominated by Toyota, Suzuki, and Nissan motors trucks or Shehzores.

Price of the Daehan Shehzore in Pakistan in 2024

The Daehan Shehzore is known for its durability, reliability, and off-road capabilities in the Pakistan auto market. Also, it makes it a great option for both commercial and personal use. It offers multiple engine options, cargo and towing ability, safety features, and a cost-effective price in 2024 in Pakistan.

Price of the Daehan Shehzore in Pakistan in 2024PKR 2 to 3 million rupees

As we are familiar with, Daehan Shehzore is similar to Isuzu D-Max. There may be slight variation depending on the specific model, country, and variant in which it is sold. However, the cost difference is not too much compared to other pickup trucks in Pakistan in 2024, but the service or arrangement is great.

Engine specs of the Daehan Shehzore

Daehan Shehzore has multiple engine options. It carries a 1.9L Turbo diesel engine and a 2.5L Turbo diesel engine. Furthermore, it gives great power and torque to execute outstanding balance throughout the drive. In addition to engine specs, its 2600 cc engine makes it perfect for riding in any area. That’s why many government institutions use it.

Engine type2.6 Liter SOHC 16 Valve Engine
Peak power (hp) capacity78 hp @ 4000 rpm
Maximum torque167 Nm @ rpm
TRANSMISSIONManual transmission
Gearbox5-Speed Manual Gearbox
Top Speed180 km per hour
Maximum mileage value12 km per liter to 14 km per liter
No. Cylinders and valvesFour cylinders and 16 valves

Another great feature of the Daehan Shehzore is its net power output and performance ability. In addition, The 1.9L Turbo diesel engine and 2.5L Turbo diesel engine offer it a lot of energy. As a result of this, it makes it great for hauling heavy loads and towing trailers.

The exterior design of the Daehan Shehzore

The Daehan Shehzore is a pickup truck known for its durability, capability, and reliability rating. It means that it can resist a lot of wear and tear. Also, it can be used for a long time without breaking down and working effectively. All these facts make it a good choice for commercial and industrial use. Further, Daehan Shehzore has high ground clearance, a 4×4 drivetrain, and an advanced suspension system. As a result, these features allow the truck to handle rough terrain and go off-road smoothly.

The exterior design of the Daehan Shehzore

Features of the Daehan Shehzore

The noticeable specs of the Daehan Shehzore are attractive. Its large rear side makes it great for carrying cargo and other items. In addition, Daehan Shehzore has a big cargo bed, the area in the back of the truck where you can put things.

660 KM to 770 KM on a 55-liter fuel tank
Two doors with 2020 mm overall height
The spacious deck, which can bear severe beatings
5.5 mm Minimum Turning Radius
Affordable Maintenance
1720 kg curb weight
Good Loading Capacity
Jack Knife Key
2.6L reliable fuel-efficient diesel engine

Lastly, Daehan Shehzore is relatively more cost-effective compared to other pickups in the auto market of Pakistan. Hence, it is a rebranded version of Isuzu D-Max. The second one is being produced in higher volume, so it offers the features of an expensive pickup at a more reasonable price.

Safety features of the Daehan Shehzore

Daehan Shehzore is well-equipped with all the latest safety features and specs. In particular, it has safety features like an anti-lock braking system and airbags. These features help to keep the driver and passengers safe in case of an accident.

Electric Power Steering System
Antilock Braking System with Electronic Brake Force Distribution and Brake Assist
Dual-rear-wheel drive
Rack & Pinion steering wheel with Hydraulic Pump
5 Speed Manual and 4 Speed Automatic super ECT Transmission
10 feet cargo deck length
Sequential Multi-port Fuel Injection (SFI)
3-spoke tilt power steering

The biggest drawback of the Daehan Shehzore is its Dealership Network. It is not widely present in Pakistan since 2024. Also, the inconsistent ride quality is another thing that does not give an excellent traveling experience.

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Final words

The Daehan Shehzore is a durable and reliable pickup truck. It is well-suited for commercial and industrial use, as well as for personal use. Furthermore, Its off-road capabilities, multiple engine choices, and large cargo bed make it a terrific choice. Its safety features and cost-effectiveness are notable highlights in the Pakistan auto industry. On the other hand, the Daehan Shehzore offers superb performance, functionality, and affordability, making it a great option for pickups.

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