Toyota Hilux Grade E Price in Pakistan 2024

Many of you might be familiar with the name Toyota Hilux. Here we have got Toyota Hilux Grade E for you. Users mostly know about the basic variant of this car. But here we will put some light on the variant named the Grade E variant of the Toyota Hilux here. So gear up and get ready to see this car’s exciting features and specifications. Let’s start by discussing the latest price of this car. The price of this car for the year 2024 has been announced by the company. Its price is as under:

Toyota Hilux Grade E Price in Pakistan:

The price of this car in Pakistan is PKR 5,249,000. This is the current price announced by Toyota Pakistan for this amazing car. This car is best if you mostly travel with the protocol. Due to a pool on the back side, this car in Pakistan is mostly used by businesspersons and politicians.

Toyota Hilux Grade E Colors in Pakistan:

People can select the following colors upon booking this car:

  • Attitude Black
  • Blue
  • Grey
  • Graphite
  • Silver Metallic
  • Super White

This was a list of some available colors for this car in Pakistan. You may select any color from the one displayed above.

Toyota Hilux Grade E Fuel System:

This car comes with a common-rail diesel engine (d-4d). This means that diesel is used to operate this car. The reason behind the diesel fuel system added to this car is only to optimize the performance of this car. Diesel cars are quite strong and more powerful when it comes to execution.

Toyota Hilux Grade E Fuel System

Toyota Hilux Grade E Fuel Tank Capacity:

This car can be filled with 80 liters of diesel on refill. With this full fuel tank, this car will be able to go about 700-800 km on long routes. While if we see its performance in the city with this quantity of fuel, then we will get to know that in the city, it can only travel 300-400 km with this amount of fuel.

Toyota Hilux Grade E Fuel Average:

As a car specifically built for extreme performance, this car does not provide a good fuel average. According to different online surveys and different reviews taken from the previous owners of this car in different areas, we finally got to know the fuel average of this car. The fuel average of this car is 5-7 km per liter if you are using it within the city. On the other hand, if you take this car for traveling on highways, then the fuel efficiency becomes relatively better. The fuel average of this car on highways is about 10 km per liter.

Toyota Hilux Grade E Fuel Average

Toyota Hilux Grade E Engine Displacement:

This car is equipped with a 2755 cc engine. This heavy-duty engine makes the performance of this car more than good. With this engine, you don’t have to worry. Whether it’s a highway or you are traveling somewhere in the city, this engine performs well in all circumstances. In addition, this car comes with 4 cylinders that are linked in a line. Most cars these days do not come with four cylinders. But here, this car has four cylinders that make the performance great.

Toyota Hilux Grade E Features:

The features provided in this car for ease of users are as under:

Power Windows
Windows Wiper
Infotainment system
Economy Meter
Multi Info Display
Accessory Connector
Rear Armrest
Cool and Hot Box
Climate Control
Sun visor

These are all the features that are added to this car. Making it a compact car, the company sees to reduce the price of this car a little bit in the future. Where their days’ small cars are not selling due to low demand and high prices. At the same time, this car is selling more quicker. The main reason why the sale of this car is higher is due to the quality features Toyota has added to it.

Toyota Hilux Grade E Specifications:

The specifications sheet launched by Toyota for specifically this variant of this car is as follows:

Length5335 mm
Width1800 mm
Height1815 mm
Engine Specifications
Max. Output (kW@rpm)130@3400
Max. Torque (Nm@rpm)420@1400-2600
Transmission6 speed manual/ Automatic Transmission

These are all the specifications of this car. Many users are already in love with the specifications of this car. The main reason for the sale of this car is the specifications provided by Toyota in it.

Toyota Hilux Grade E Safety Features:

Due to the increase in the traffic on roads, the probability of accidents has also increased a lot. So safety features are a need of every car user these days. Here the company has added both driver-side as well as passenger-side airbags in this car so that people who bought this car can travel safely to their desired destination.

Toyota Hilux Grade E Availability:

The Toyota Hilux E variant is now easily available at different Toyota car showrooms all over Pakistan. This car can be booked and can deliver later on after 2-3 months, depending upon the orders the company has to deliver before they deliver your car to you. This car is among one of the most demanding vehicles all over the country, especially the areas with rough terrains. People living in northern areas often prefer this car as it is quite efficient when it comes to performance in the mountains. This was all about Toyota Hilux Grade E Price in Pakistan 2024.

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