Ursus Tractor 2812 Price In Pakistan 2024

Tractors have been functional and operational for a long time,  although their performance is affected by their massive use. So to introduce an excellent and affordable price tractor in Pakistan, we choose the Ursus 2812 Tractor Price In Pakistan 2024. The company delivers qualitative agricultural machinery to many lands.

In addition, this blog post about the Ursus Tractor 2812 will provide the right information to choose the best tractor. Also, it will guide the farmers in less time. However, they will make decisions based on the latest cost of the vehicle. Furthermore, the study and comparison between the tractors will allow the reader to buy a great and economical one. In addition, the rising need for agriculture machines has created a large market for tractors. However, the price is high.

Price of the Ursus Tractor 2812 in Pakistan in 2024

The Ursus 2812 tractor is inexpensive compared to other tractors. Furthermore, the specs of this tractor are reasonable. On the other hand, Ursus 2812 Tractor is also equipped with a capacity of noticeable and safety features. In addition to the low demand, these stunning features make it costlier. These specs are such as seat belts, a rollover protection system, and an emergency stop button. And help to ensure the operator’s safety throughout the ride.

Price of the Ursus Tractor 2812 in Pakistan in 2024PKR 6.5 Lakh to PKR 12 lakhs

Farmers of Pakistan are searching for low-operating-cost tractors. Also, they are willing to purchase a superb performance vehicle. In Pakistan, in 2024, the Ursus 2812 tractors will be easily accessible to customers. Similarly, trusted traders of the Ursus company are importing these tractors, but the price will be higher in that case. And, the taxes ratio on vehicles is towering in 2024 in the country.

Engine Specs of the Ursus Tractor 2812

The engine specs of the Ursus 2812 tractor are excellent. The service and the fuel economy or mileage are dependent on the condition of the field or use. It is equipped with a direct fuel injection system having a 3-cylinder to make driving better. Here is the table about the specs of the Ursus 2812 tractor.

Air CleanerTwo-Stage Oil Bath type with cyclone pre-cleaner
Maximum torque output173.5 Nm at 1300-1400 rev/min
Engine Compression ratio165:1
Peak power (hp) capacity2250 rev/min   50HP
Capacity2502 cm³
Cooling SystemWater
Bore and stroke value91.44/127 mm
Fuel type and fuel tank volumeDiesel and 80 liters tank
Transmission or gearsTen gears, including eight forward and two back gears

The diesel consumption in tractors makes a great concern for the users. Apart from the above discussion on the engine output, the motor of the Ursus 2812 tractor is best functional in plain areas. However, it works on the mountainous side but not giving good rides or service output in those fields. The overall working of the tractor is outstanding. Also, the fuel consumption is low.

Ursus Tractor 2812 Price

Safety measures in the Ursus Tractor 2812

To become a leading brand in the automotive sector, Ursus company provides their products at low cost in Pakistan. The 2812 tractor of Ursus company is an example of it. Furthermore, it is a durable and strong tractor with high-quality body language to increase its lifetime. Also, high-quality things are used in the production of this tractor.

Hydrostatic steering wheel
Draft and Position
Response control
Drum brakes
Acceptable Resale value
Mechanical parking brakes
Dry brakes

In addition to safety measures in the Ursus 2812 tractor, useful safety features are added to make it a first choice for consumers. Furthermore, the company’s agricultural products are unique because of their affordable worth. However, in 2024 in Pakistan, the expense will be higher than the previous cost of these tractors.

Features of the Ursus Tractor 2812

The Ursus 2812 tractor is a beautiful addition to the agricultural world of the framers because of its highly appreciable features. Furthermore, a powerful and reliable tractor designed for a variety of farming and agricultural tasks is fulfilled in the Ursus 2812 tractor. In particular, it operates nicely in every type of land or field. It is producing remarkable power output gain, according to a review. On the other hand, the Ursus tractor is also equipped with a spacious and comfortable cab. Moreover, It delivers a fair sight of the field area to the driver. Importantly, some tractors of the Ursus come with air conditioning and a heating system. It is necessary to keep the operator comfortable in all situations and work best.

Acceptable Resale value
Lower, easy maintenance & cheaper repair
Less fuel consumption
Compatible with all agricultural implements
Spare parts are easily available; most features of Fiat and Massey can be inserted
Dry, double-disc clutch plate
Three-section type front axle
Dignified look and impressive design
Eight forwards and two reverse gears

Ursus Tractors are in substantial portions in Pakistan, according to the surveys of the last few years. In particular, the Ursus 2812 tractor’s reliability rating, durability, and engine compartment performance yield the interest of an agriculturalist because of the best service. In addition to the reliable features of the 2812 Ursus tractor, excellent service and superior job are the best features and provide a professional experience for a long time.

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Final words

In the tractors, safety is not considered high for the drivers as compared to the other tractors in developed countries. So, to provide a safe and secure tractor, Ursus tractor manufacturer is making such agricultural products that are equipped with a hydraulic system. In contrast to these discussions, we try to make this blog post the best. But human error is possible.

Besides all these characteristics of the Ursus, tractors are not usually considered safe for night driving. Furthermore, it is not to perform excellent service in dim light. Lastly, we hope that you will like our short blog post on the topic of the Ursus Tractor 2812 Price in Pakistan 2024.

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