VLEKTRA Electric Bike Price in Pakistan 2024

In Pakistan, electric motorcycles are produced at a high value because of the greater demand. In addition to the electric bike category, Vlektra Electric Bike price in Pakistan 2024 with its features are given for the convenience of electric bike lovers. Moreover, the manifesto of the electric vehicle is determined by the drive quality and fuel economy or efficiency on the highway and city roads of these bikes. In addition to the purchasing rate or growth of electric motorcycles, their demands are high in 2022 and 2024 in Pakistan as well. Apart from that, we are going to discuss the features and safety information about the vlektra electric bike in detail for the convenience of our readers and make it easy to understand for new people to know about electric bikes (human error is possible).

On the other hand, the vlektra electric bikes are new, but the market is rising for these motorcycles. Furthermore, these bikes are a little bit more expensive than the other bikes; however, the specs are mostly identical, but the design of the vlektra electric bikes is elegant.

Price of the Vlektra Electric bike in Pakistan in 2024

Prices of electric motorcycles are not stable in the country, and rather it changes slightly and rises in most cases. In addition to the market value of the vlektra electric bikes, it is comparable to the cost of other electric bikes in the country. Furthermore, the two different variants of the vlektra electric motorcycles are assembled in Karachi and reach a prominent position in very little time.

Price of the Vlektra Electric bike in Pakistan in 2024PKR 449,000 (estimated)
Price of the Vlektra Electric bike in 2024Not available

Although the competition among electric vehicle makers is complicated, many companies have stepped forward in this field of making electric motorcycles at low cost. However, the market for these bikes or motorcycles is never down because of higher demand. On the other hand, the overall price of the vlektra electric bike is very high compared to the other electric bikes. However, the style or design of the motorcycle is magnificent.

Engine specs of Vlektra Electric bike

The engine of the small bikes is not for a hard ride, and especially in the case of electric bikes, the service is not reliable. Still, the setting is changing, and steadfast electric bikes are available in the market, which deliver outstanding service and support to the riders.

Engine typeElectric engine
Travel Range80 km on a single full charge
Speed limit capacity0 km per hour to 60 km per hour in just 4 seconds
Top speed75 km
Charging TimeNot available
Fuel type200 watts lithium-ion Battery
CapacityNot available
Gearboxsmooth continuously variable gearbox

In the engine specs of the vlektra electric bike, the impressive spec is its battery charging time and mileage value as compared to other bikes of the same price range. On the other hand, these motorcycles are not suitable for hilly areas.

Design of Vlektra Electric bike

Most of the bikes that have come to the auto market recently are unique and have sports bike structures. Their design is kept simple to make it easy to handle and provide good support to the riders at any stage of riding. Apart from that, the unique graphic trims and grille are pasted on to increase the elegance of the vlektra electric bike’s new model. On the other hand, the design and specs of the electric bike are stunning and like the sports bike.

Features of the Vlektra Electric bike

The most significant features of the electric bike are its lower rate of transportation and low cost. Furthermore, the characteristics of the vlektra electric bike are shared with you to give an exonerated review of the cycle.

Adjustable Rear shock absorbers
Loaded with other certain digital features
Cheaper to run
80 km mileage value
Eye-catching sporty design
Provides complete after-sale support to the client
Flawless structure
Adjustable Front shock absorbers
Beneficial for traveling in the city
No sound of vibrations during a ride

On the other hand, there are some drawbacks to the vlektra electric bike. First of all, its cost is too much for the buyers in 2024. Secondly, the charging time of the battery of this motorcycle takes a long time, according to the latest reviews in 2022.

Safety features of the Vlektra Electric bike

The safety sense of the electric motorcycles is excellent and gives maximum protection to the riders because the speed limit in these bikes is not too high. In addition to the specs of the Vlektra electric bike, the braking system or technique is outstanding and provides brighter safety measurements throughout the ride. Furthermore, the Bolt variant and the Retro variants of the Vlektra electric bikes are fulfilling the desires of riders.

Switch start
Safety lock
Digital information cluster
Front disc brakes with CBS and ABS (anti lock braking system) technology
Adjustable front suspension
LED head and tail lights
The sporty mono-shock rear suspension
Rear disc brakes with CBS and ABS (antilock braking system) technology

On the other hand, the poor driving range of these electric motorcycles is the primary cause of their low demand as compared to the other bikes of the same category; however, the cost is different. Furthermore, the reliability of the vlektra electric motorcycle does not satisfy the clients, and it causes a lack of interest in the new customers in these bikes.

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Final words

In the electric vehicles manufacturing category, new and unique bikes and cars come day by day in the market. The Vlektra electric bikes are manufactured in the industrial production site in Pakistan, Karachi. There are two variants of these motorcycles, the Bolt and the Retro. Furthermore, the final cost of these bikes is a little bigger than other bikes. Apart from that, the maximum traveling limit on a single charge is around 80 km, while the top speed limit is 75 km. We hope you will enjoy the short review of the Vlektra Electric Bike price in Pakistan 2024.

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