Alto VX Price in Pakistan 2024

Here we are going to discuss Alto VX Price in Pakistan 2024. This car was launched by one of the most well-known and most used car brands in Pakistan known as Suzuki. Suzuki has launched several cars in Pakistan till now, but when we talk about Alto specifically at the time when this car was launched, it was not much liked by people due to its shape, and Pak Suzuki thought they failed to provide a good car to Suzuki lovers but on the other hand when car prices raised in the country Suzuki sold a large number of Alto cars the reason behind this was the fuel efficiency of this car which is simply outstanding.

Alto VX Price in Pakistan 2024

This car comes in three different variants, but here we are only going to talk specifically about this variant only, which is known as VX. The price of this variant of this car is as follows:

Suzuki Alto VXPKR 2,251,000-2,935,000

This is the price at which this car is available at which Alto lovers can buy this car these days from any Suzuki showroom near them. The price may seem higher to you that is because of the higher import rates these days as well as low production.

Alto VX 2024 Engine Displacement:

As it is a small hatchback with basic features, it comes with a 660cc manual transmission engine.

Alto VX Fuel Average:

As I have discussed before that the main reason people buy this car is its great fuel efficiency, so here let me tell you that this car provides a great fuel average of up to 18 to 22 km per liter. This fuel average is taken through different people after hearing their reviews about the car, so it can vary depending on your driving style as well as the area where the car is being driven.

Alto VX Interior:

You might think that the interior of this car is not comfortable as it is a 660cc car, but here let us tell you that the interior of this car is beautifully designed to provide drivers as well as passengers a journey full of comfort. Whether you are driving in the city or outside the city, you won’t feel tired due to the comfortable seats added by the company in this car. Five people can easily fit in and travel in this car. Besides these, the interior of this car comes with an Air conditioner and heater, which is a basic necessity these days.

Alto VX Interior

Alto VX Exterior:

The exterior of this car is not designed well, which broke the heart of most of the Suzuki lovers who were waiting for the launch of this car. The company was criticized a lot after the company launched this car with such an exterior. No doubt this car has all the necessary features and specifications in its exterior, such as good quality paint work, halogen headlight, reverse lights, and much more, but the car lags in shape. As per the company officials, this aerodynamic exterior is made to provide the driver good driving experience, especially when he is travelling on highways, as this type of design reduces air pressure and the car maintains its position with a strong road grip. Alto VX Price in Pakistan 2024 is slightly high for these features only.

Alto VX Exterior

Alto VX Colors:

The main concern after choosing the car you want to buy is the color which you want to make a decision widely here as color cannot be changed later on. Here this car is being offered in five different colors that are mentioned below:

  • Blue
  • Grey
  • Black
  • Silver
  • White

These are all the colors in which this car is being offered by Pak Suzuki in Pakistan. During the time of booking, buyers can choose the colors of their choice. Note if the car is not available uncertainly at that time, you may have to wait a little bit longer so the company can get it ready for you.

Alto VX Features:

Before buying a car, the buyer’s main concern is what type of features he will get after paying such an amount for that specific car. This variant does not have power mirrors, and power windows means you have to operate them using your hands which is really old style as every car these days comes with these basic features.

So here let us tell you that this car only comes with basic features that are as follows:

Manual Transmission
High Mounted Stop Lamps
Front Disc Brakes
Childproof rear door locks
Power Steering
Audio Bracket
Low Fuel Warning Lamp
Accessory Socket

These are all the features this car comes with. You might have noticed that the features are fewer as compared to the price; the reason here is that Suzuki usually offers cars with basic features in Pakistan to target a specific class only, such as office-going persons and students.

Alto VX Specifications: 

Just like its features, this car comes with basic specifications only that include manual transmission with a 5-speed gearbox and much more that are mentioned in the table below:

Overall Length3,395 mm
Overall Width1,475 mm
Overall Height1,490 mm
Wheel Base2,460 mm
Minimum Turning Radius4.2 m
Minimum Ground Clearance170 mm
 Seating Capacity5
Luggage Capacity125 Liters/446 liters
Fuel Tank Capacity27 liters
Number of Cylinders3

These are some of the specifications of this car that most car users want to see before buying a car. After seeing these specifications, you may make up your mind about whether to buy this car or not.

Alto VX Availability In Pakistan 2024:

If you are willing to buy this car, then this car is easily available at different Suzuki showrooms all over Pakistan. Just open your phone and search for the nearest Suzuki showroom near you and tell the company officials about your requirements; they will surely book your car after payment and deliver it to you in the shortest possible time. You may have to wait a few days because these days the company has stopped production due to certain reasons. This was all about Alto VX Price in Pakistan 2024.

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