Benelli 180s Price In Pakistan 2024

Benelli 180s Price In Pakistan is available here. Who says no to a sports bike? Obviously, no one. Here we are going to introduce you to one of the most demanding sports bikes among youngsters in Pakistan. As this brand is new in Pakistan, so it has gained the attention of most bike lovers; before this, there were only two brands, Yamaha and Honda, which were providing good-looking sports bikes. This company is a great addition to the country’s automotive sector. Here we are going to enlighten some of the features as well as the specifications of this bike, but before proceeding to features and specs, let’s have a look at the current price at which bike lovers can buy this bike

Benelli 180s Price In Pakistan 2024:

Since the time when this bike was launched, the price was kept low so that company could compete with other local bike brands in Pakistan, but now the price of this bike is high as the company never compromises on quality. The price at which this bike is being offered is:

Benelli 180sPKR 710,000

The price of this bike is high compared to other bike brands offering the same bike with the same specifications and features. The reason the price is high is the difference between the quality of this bike and other locally assembled bikes. Here you are getting the best features from the company.

Benelli 180s warranty:

Most bike users are concerned regarding the warranty of bikes before buying them. Most of the bike companies do not give proper warranty time periods, which creates a hurdle for buyers to buy that bike as it is hard to trust a new company. So here let us tell you that Benelli is giving the warranty till 20,000 kilometres or 2 years means if you haven’t crossed 20,000 kilometres in 2 years, the warranty is still claimable, isn’t it great? Remember this warranty only includes the engine as the company is not responsible for any accidental damage or fire damage.

Benelli 180s Warranty

Benelli 180s Engine CC:

This bike comes with a powerful engine of 175cc that makes your ride full of pleasure. With such a powerful and strong engine, the rider arrives at his destination in seconds.

Benelli 180s Colors:

Sports bikes are only offered in some specific colors, as we know that not every color suits a bike, whether it’s a simple bike or a sports bike. Here this bike is being offered in the following colors:

  • Red
  • Black
  • White

These are the colors in which this bike is currently being offered by the company. Here white is a new addition to sports bike colors in the bike industry in Pakistan because previously, most brands are offering only red and black colors. Bike users can instantly select the color before purchase and take their new ride home with them.

Benelli 180s Fuel Average:

As per expert user reviews, the fuel average of this bike is about 40 kilometres per liter which are really great because other bikes being offered in the same category in Pakistan usually have an average of 25-30 km per liter but remember this fuel average may not be accurate as it depends on driving speed well as the number of times you break speed or whether you are driving it in city or highways. Besides this, the fuel tank capacity of this bike is 10 liters means it can cover a distance of up to 400 km with a single fuel tank.

Benelli 180s Shape and Design:

This bike is uniquely designed to provide bike users with a comfortable ride. You might have noticed other local bike companies in Pakistan dost not give proper design to bikes due to which the rider gets tired during long routes. But here, Benelli’s first priority is to provide comfort while driving to the bike rider so that he does not feel tired when he arrives at this destination.

Benelli 180s shape and Design

Benelli 180s Competitors:

The main competitors of this bike, as well as this company in Pakistan, is Honda, Yamaha as well as some Chinese brands that include Zxmco and other companies that make replicas of different imported bikes. This bike will soon be seeing competing with Honda 125, Honda CBR, as well as Yamaha YBR 125 and Yamaha YBR 125 G. If the company keeps the good quality for the long term, then it will gather a strong customer base in the short time as there are a huge number of sports bike lovers in Pakistan.

Benelli 180s Features:

This bike consists of different unique features which were never introduced by other local bike companies in Pakistan, including:

Electric Start
Telescopic Forks
Aluminium Alloy Wheels
Led Headlights
Warning Lights
Fuel Indication
Led Indicators
Digital Speedometer

These are all the features with which this bike is equipped. Bike users are going to have a slightly new as well as a great experience with these features.

Benelli 180s Specifications:

Besides its unique features, the specifications of this bike are also great, which provide bike users with a totally new different experience. Some of the specifications of this bike are listed below:

Ground Clearance170mm
Seat Height810mm
Final DriveChain
Gear Shifting Type6-Speed
Engine Mode1-Cylinder/4-Stroke/4-Valve
Valve TrainSohc
Cooling SystemLiquid-Cooled

These are some of the specifications of this bike; the company has added a lot of new to this bike so that people may leave the old-styled bikes being sold in Pakistan for higher prices and switch to Benelli bikes.

Benelli 180s Availability In Pakistan 2024:

This bike is easily available at Benelli showrooms located in different cities of Pakistan. People who have the intention to buy this bike must see the specifications and features of this bike first. After that, you can visit the Benelli showroom and ask the officials for a test ride and make your decision regarding buying this bike. This bike is best for college-going youngsters as it fulfils all their desires that they see after buying a sports bike. This was all about Benelli 180s Price In Pakistan.

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