Changan Benben E-Star Price in Pakistan 2024

Changan Benben E-Star Price in Pakistan is discussed here. The company has already launched a sedan-type car as well as an SUV in Pakistan. So now the company thinks that launching a mini car will be a great option in Pakistan. The company has already seen that mini cars in the country are having really good sales. So why not also earn some profit by selling these cars in the country? Here, the company is going to come up with a car named the Changan Benben.

This car is expected to launch at the end of this year or at the start of next year. So here we are here to examine the features as well as the specifications of this car. But before that, let us have a look at the price at which it is expected to launch in the country. The price at which the company aims to launch and provide this car to the Pakistani automotive industry is as follows:

Changan Benben E-Star Price in Pakistan:

The estimated selling price for this car in the country is almost PKR 1,900,000. The price is kept low as the competition in the country is already becoming high every day. So, to compete with other brands, something that is less in price was a demand of the market. We are sure Changan will offer this car at a low-price range to gain more customers. In this way they will also give a tough time to other local as well as imported car dealers of the country.

Changan Benben E-Star Price in Pakistan

Previously, Changan cars were imported to the country, which made the prices high. No from the time when the brand started its production locally in the country, the prices have become moderate. Due to this, the sales of the brand also become high.

Changan Benben E-Star Shape and Design:

The shape and design of this car are unique yet elegant. The car somehow resembles the Kia Picanto. But the features of this car may be very different as compared to the features of the Kia Picanto. The sales of this car will be much higher than the Kia Picanto as the estimated price of this car is really low.

Changan Benben E-Star Shape and Design

Changan Benben E-Star Competitors in Pakistan:

The competitors for this car in the country include the Kia Picanto. As I already mentioned above, the car is similar in shape and design to the Kia Picanto. So, if Kia does not lower the price of Kia Picanto, then it may have to see further consequences. These can be in terms of strong competition in the future. Both brands have already won the hearts of car users by providing them with overwhelming cars that are equipped with the best features and specifications.

Changan Benben E-Star Features:

The car comes with several features, but here, we are only going to list some of the major features of this car. The main highlights from the features of this car are listed in the table below:

High-Quality Fabric Seats
Adjustable Seats
Electric Power Steering
Wheel Covers
Electric Parking Brake
Passenger Airbags
Driver Airbags

These are all the features that are present in this car. Here all the features of this car are the best in quality and latest in technology. All these features are surely new for the Pakistani audience as Changan cars are not yet common in the country, and people are not very aware of the features present in the cars of the company. This was all about Changan Benben’s E-Star Features.

Changan Benben E-Star Specifications:

The specifications on the basis of which the design of this car has been made by the company are listed below:

Length3730 mm
Width1650 mm
Heigh1560 mm
Motor Type55 Kw
Maximum Speed of the Car101 km per hour
Battery Type Installed in the CarLithium iron phosphate battery
Wheelbase2410 mm
No. of Doors5 Doors

These are all the specifications that are added to the car by the company so that it can perform well on any kind of road all over the country, whether that is in villages or urban areas.

Changan Benben E-Star Maintenance Cost:

The maintenance cost of this car in Pakistan is not high now but economical. The brand has its official outlets in the country. From there people can buy any type of parts for Changan cars in the country. Whether you have this car or any other car model of the company, you can easily buy its parts from the company’s official outlet in the country. Your vehicle, in this case, should be locally assembled. You will only find locally assembled Changan car parts from this outlet in the country.

Changan Benben E-Star Availability in Pakistan 2024:

The car is to be launched soon in Pakistan. Currently, this car is not available under the local lineup of Changan in Pakistan. If you wish to buy this car from the company, then you have to wait for a few months until this car gets launched in the country. If you cannot wait and also have a good budget, then you can also buy this car by getting it imported through a well-known car dealer in the country. Just visit any nearest imported car dealer in your city or village. Confirm the import of this car. Fulfill the requirements asked by the car dealer. They will surely give you all the information and provide you with an estimated delivery date when the car is expected to reach Pakistan. This was all about Changan Benben’s E-Star Price in Pakistan 2024.

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