JAC X200 Truck Price in Pakistan 2024

The JAC X200 truck is just ready to roll on the roads of Pakistan. JAC X200 Truck Price in Pakistan has been announced by the company. Since the company might be new for some of the people here, so let me tell you about the company briefly first. The company has been manufacturing heavy-duty trucks for years. These trucks are mostly used by government companies in Pakistan. Here we are going to share some of the specifications along with some of the engine features of this truck. So that people can decide that is this truck good for their businesses or if they have to switch to some other company’s truck. So let’s start with the price of this truck.

 JAC X200 Truck Price in Pakistan

JAC is offering its newly launched truck at a price of PKR 23.6 lacs .

X200 Truck Engine Displacement:

This truck is equipped with a 2771 cc engine as it comes under the category of light trucks, so keeping in view the category of this truck, the engine size of this truck is quietly reduced. The engine of this truck is very efficient when it comes to performance. Whether you are using this truck on highways or it is being used in the city, the high-quality engine never gets out of order.

JAC X200 Maximum Speed:

Maximum speed is the main concern of every vehicle user these days. Here the truck drivers are also really concerned regarding the maximin speed of this truck as they have to deliver the shipment from one place to another in the shortest possible time. So here, let me tell our viewers that the maximum speed of this truck is 120 km per hour. As it is a truck so, to maintain a balance, the speed is quietly reduced. The speed limit is reduced to save the driver and any other person while traveling.

JAC X200 Colors:

People buying industrial vehicles care least about the color in which the vehicle is available. Here this truck is available in only white color. Anyone buying a truck only cares about the quality and engine type installed in it. So by seeing no demand for more colors, the company is only offering white color for this truck.

JAC X200 Truck Competitors:

Currently, there are different companies that are offering trucks in Pakistan, including Hyundai, Isuzu, and Master. These companies are the main competitors of JAC. People of Pakistan mostly prefer the trucks of Isuzu as Isuzu is one of the best as well as one of the oldest companies offering different ranges of trucks and pickups to several businesses in Pakistan. To compete with Isuzu, JAC has to do several things like cost cutting and the addition of more features to their trucks so that people may switch towards JAC trucks.

JAC X200 Truck Features:

There are not many features in industrial vehicles like trucks. Just like it, this truck also does not have many features installed in it. This truck comes with a heater and air conditioner only. These features also differ depending on the variant. Some common features that this truck have includes:

Infotainment System
Adjustable seats
Cup holders
Interior Lightning


JAC X200 Truck FeaturesThese are some of the features of this truck. Here the adjustable seats and the infotainment system, along with 2 speakers in this truck by the company make it different from the trucks of other local companies in Pakistan as the infotainment system is a source of entertainment only while driving for the driver, especially when traveling on long routes. Besides these two features, the company has done an exciting job by adding cup holders and interior lighting to this truck. As this was the main issue drivers were facing in every new model truck. So now the company has resolved the issue of drivers by adding lights and cup holder storage for drivers.

JAC X200 Specifications:

The specifications of this truck are as follows:

Length4840 mm
Width1750 mm
Height1955 mm
Wheel Base2470 mm
Kerb Weight1860 KG
Maximum Torque216 Nm @ 1800 RPM

These are all the specifications of this truck.

JAC X200 Truck Suspension:

The suspension of this truck is made with tube shocks that are further equipped with leaf springs. The company has made sure that they never compromise on quality for vehicles that have to carry a huge amount of weight in the future by adding this type of high-quality suspension in this truck.

JAC X200 Truck Suspension

JAC X200 Braking System:

Talking about the braking system of this truck. Here we will let you know that the company has added solid disc brakes to this truck. These brakes come with the best quality disc pads that are durable for a long journey. Besides this, these brakes have enhanced the safety features of this truck a lot. Before this, drivers were facing difficulties with brakes. If we see the braking system of other local truck companies in Pakistan. But JAC has also solved this issue by adding this type of high-quality braking system to their trucks. JAC will surely target a good audience in the market in the upcoming days due to the quality features that they are adding to their every vehicle.

These are all the specifications that have made this truck even stronger for its use in Pakistan.

JAC X200 Availability:

This truck is easily available at different dealers authorized by the company to sell this truck. Anyone who is in need of a truck and is having difficulty choosing the type of truck. He should go for this truck. JAC officials will surely suggest to you the type of truck that you should buy, depending on your needs. This was all about the JAC X200 price in Pakistan 2024.

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