Master Forland Truck Price in Pakistan 2024

The company provides top-quality trucks to people having industrial businesses who often have to carry loads from one place to another daily. Master Forland Truck Price in Pakistan has increased slightly this year. Master is well known for its trucks all around Pakistan. You might have seen the trucks of this company going here and there full of loads. These trucks are made according to the roads and demands of people involved in the trucking business in Pakistan. Here we are going to see which things make this truck different from other trucks that are being used in Pakistan.

Master Forland Truck Price in Pakistan:

The price at which interested people can buy this truck in Pakistan nowadays is 1,896,000 PKR. The cost of this truck is still low. We compare it with the market prices of other trucks introduced by other companies in Pakistan. As many people associated with the loading businesses are employed through these trucks, the company has still kept the prices economical in these difficult times. The company aims to provide high-quality trucks to people at a cheap cost. We can say that the low price here is to satisfy the needs of a customer. The company offers affordable prices for this truck and still maintains quality standards.

Master Forland Truck Loading Capacity:

The main concern of every truck driver before buying a truck is the loading capacity. The more the loading capacity, the more the driver can carry the load and the more he can earn. So here, in the case of this truck, the loading capacity of this truck is one ton which is simply amazing. Due to the great loading capacity, the driver will be able to carry maximum luggage with him in minimum shifts. More carrying capacity and fewer shifts will be beneficial for the driver as he will be able to save a lot of fuel.

Master Forland Truck Fuel Average:

As this truck comes with an engine displacement of 3300 CC, drivers are really curious to learn about the fuel average of this truck before making any decision that whether to buy this truck or not. So here, the fuel average of this truck will not disappoint you. As with such a heavy engine and load, this truck still provides a fuel average of almost 10 km per liter.

Master Forland Truck Colors:

This truck is being offered in three different colors, including:

  • White
  • Blue
  • Red

Most truck manufacturing companies only offer white color for their trucks. Here master has added two more colors so that users may be able to see something colorful in the trucking industry as well. Drivers or companies can select the color that matches their company. If you’re a company owner, you can also have a custom design for your truck. Just show the design that you want on the truck the company will surely design your truck in that custom design containing the logo of your company. In this way, your truck will also be distinguished from the trucks of other companies in the market.

Master Forland Truck Interior:

The interior of this car comes with electronic power steering along with a high-quality air conditioner. Most companies making trucks do not even offer power steering in their trucks. But here, master has added an electronic power steering which shows how much they care about the driver. The electronic power steering does not take much effort from the driver while taking sharp turns. While normal steering makes the driver tired in a very short time, and he is not able to do much work. Along with this, an Air conditioner is really beneficial for drivers while traveling on long routes in summer.

Master Forland Interior

Master Forland Exterior:

The exterior of this truck is kept simple, like other trucks. It does not have any power mirrors. Most of the exterior features work manually for this truck. This truck comes with high-quality headlights that make the vision even brighter at night. Truck drivers mostly need high-quality headlights in their trucks as most of the travel is at night. So here the company has fulfilled this desire of the drivers by providing them with the best quality as well as high beam lights, whether it is fog or a road with no street lights sitting in this truck will never fear you.

Master Forland Exterior

Master Forland Features:

There are no extraordinary features in this truck. The company has only added basic features that are a necessity of every truck driver these days in their vehicles. The basic features of this truck are listed below:

Manual Side Mirrors
Manual Transmission
Electronic Power Steering
Air conditioner

These are all the features installed in this truck. The company may add more features next year to this truck when they introduce the new model. The company is still providing the best and more features in this truck if we look at other trucks being introduced at higher prices in the market.

Master Forland Specifications:

The table below indicates the specifications of this truck:

Engine Displacement3300 cc
Fuel TypePetrol and Diesel
Ground Clearanace180-185 mm
Maximum Torque280 Nm
Seating CapacityTwo Persons

These are all the specifications of this truck.

Master Forland Truck Parts:

People wondering whether they will be able to find parts for this truck or not need to stop worrying. You can simply order any part for your truck through the website of master trucks and get your desired product easily without the hassle of going anywhere.

Master Forland Truck Availability:

If you plan to buy a new truck for your business or want to start a loading business, then this truck will be a perfect partner for you. This truck is easily available in new condition. But if your budget is low, you can also buy this truck in used condition at fewer prices. This was all about Master Forland Truck Price in Pakistan.

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