Car AC Blowing Hot Air: Causes and Solution

Is your Car AC Blowing Hot Air? If yes, then no need to worry as we are here to assist you. Here we are going to tell you about all the possible reasons why the air conditioner of your car might be blowing hot air. Below we have listed some of the possible reasons for this hot air coming out of the AC vents of your car. You may read and see what issue could be in your car accordingly.

Reasons Why Car AC is Blowing Hot Air:

The common reasons include:

Low refrigerant level
Compressor issues
Electrical faults
Clogged orifice tube/expansion valve
Damaged cooling fans
Failed temperature sensor
Blocked cabin air filter

These are the major reasons due to which the air conditioner of the car is blowing out hot air. Now let’s have a look at each of the reasons briefly.

Low Refrigerant Level:

It may be due to the low refrigerant gas in your car. It could be possibly due to a leakage. The issue is more common in old cars compared to new cars.

How to Fix Low Refrigerant Level ?

If you feel the issue is due to a leakage, take your car to the technician. He will measure the refrigerant level by connecting the pressure gauge with your car. If the level of the refrigerant is low, he may fix the leakage first and then fill the refrigerant according to the recommended level. This will fix the issue in no time.

Compressor Issues:

Another possible reason may include issues with your compressor. If you hear any kind of noise coming out of the compressor of your car, especially at the time of morning when the car is being cold started, then the issue is with the compressor of your car.

How to Fix Compressor Issues ?

To fix this issue, you need to get your car checked immediately from the nearest car workshop. As it will not only affect your air conditioner but other components of the engine as well. So, make sure to ask your relevant mechanic about the issue and get it solved.

Electrical Faults:

The most common problem includes issues with the wiring of the air conditioner. Maybe the car has become old, and the wires are broken, or the push buttons are not working properly. In old cars, there are motors instead of buttons that are rotated to change the temperature of the car. So maybe the button is being rotated but the motor is at the same position due to broken seals.

How to Fix Electrical Faults ?

In this case, an electrician will examine what exactly the issue is. In this case, he will repair the wiring, or the push button may be replaced to bring the AC back to normal.

Clogged orifice tube/expansion valve:

This issue is common with cars whose AC has not been serviced for years. In this case, the tubes get blocked due to clogs.

How to Fix Clogged orifice tube/expansion valve ?

The technician will make a service of the AC of your car in this case. After the service is completed all the clogs causing the blockage in tubes will be removed and the AC of your car will blow out cold air once again.

Damaged cooling fans:

It is one of the worst issues. It not only causes issues with your car but the engine of your car also gets overheated in this case. In this case, all you need to do is take your car to the mechanic at the earliest as your car may get overheated in the middle of the journey. This could have a massive impact not only on the air conditioner of your car but on the engine of your car too.

How to Fix Damaged Cooling Fans ?

To get this issue solved take your car to the authorized workshop or any trusted car mechanic in your city. He will repair or change the cooling fans of your car.

Failed Temperature Sensor:

Another possible reason is a failed temperature sensor. In this case, the car is unable to detect the exact temperature of your car and the AC starts blowing out hot air. It is common in cars with climate control options in it. Climate control is digital in most of these cars.

How to Fix Failed Temperature Sensor ?

In this case, take your car to the authorized service center. There you may be able to get a new climate control for your car. By replacing it with the old one the issue will hopefully be fixed.

Blocked Cabin Air Filter:

Cabin air filters in cars must be changed after a certain time as recommended by the company. Otherwise, it will be difficult for the air to get filtered. In this case, the AC will start malfunctioning resulting in the blowing of hot air.

How to Fix Blocked Cabin Filter ?

In this case, you need to get your cabin air filters changed from any nearest service center. As soon as the new filters will be added this issue will be resolved.

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So, these are the major and minor issues that could result in the blowing of hot air from the AC vents of your car. If you have observed any of the issues in your car that are affecting the performance of the AC of your car then take your car to its authorized dealership at earliest. Or you may take your car to any trusted technician in your town or city. This was all about Car AC Blowing Hot Air. If you need any other information regarding any car or any of its components let us know in the comment section below. Our team of experts will assist with your query in the shortest possible time.

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