850 cc cars in Pakistan 2024 price list

Normally, the maximum number of people are searching for an economical car having good mileage and durability of the material. Keeping in mind this, we have brought the 850 cc cars in Pakistan 2024 price list. So, there are multiple choices for the diligent to select the fairest economical car among the 850 cc cars. In addition, these cars are cheap and highly demanding because of the low cost and excellent fuel economy. In contrast, don’t trust the rousing adage of the dealers in the car market and buy the car after full sanction and according to the need. However, the 850 cc cars in the market are in high number and is a queer vehicles in the market, but the demand for this vehicle is increasing day to day because of the low price.

On the other hand, this blog post is based on customer reviews and other people interested in the automobile industry to know about the 850 cc cars.

Furthermore, to talk about the particular car, everyone has their own experience and freedom of expression, and we shall want to take advantage of this and not focus on rumors about the car. On the other hand, because of the fluctuations in the auto industry, especially in Pakistan, the clients see a clear upswing in the price of the vehicle. Moreover, the cars that fall in the 850 cc category are Suzuki Alto, United Bravo, Prince Pearl, Daihatsu Cuore, Suzuki Bolan, Suzuki Ravi, etc.

Price of Suzuki Alto in Pakistan in 2024

Suzuki alto is famous and the most running vehicle in Pakistan. Furthermore, for a neophyte in the auto market, it will be quite a horse of a different color because they will not have enough information in this field. In the end, you shall know what the perennial structure of the Suzuki Alto is.

Price of Suzuki Alto in Pakistan 2024PKR 2,251,000 to PKR 2,935,000
Price of Suzuki Alto in Pakistan 2024


Suzuki AltoSuzuki Alto has three variants VXL, GXL, and VXR. In addition,  all the variants have slightly different prices, and the latter is more expensive than the former.

Price of Daihatsu Cuore in Pakistan in 2024

After meeting hands with Toyota, the Daihatsu market flourished. In addition,  the price of Daihatsu Cuore is around 3 lakhs to 13 lakhs Pakistani rupees. In Pakistan, these taxes increase the official price of vehicles.

Price of Daihatsu Cuore New Model in Pakistan 2024PKR 5.7 – 9.8 lacs
Price of Daihatsu Cuore New Model in 2024

Daihatsu Cuore New Model Price in Pakistan 2022

Furthermore, the nexus between the price of the vehicle in the starting lineup and later is very important. In simple words, there is a connection as the price of vehicles drops when they spend much of their time in the auto market.

Price of Suzuki Ravi in Pakistan in 2024

The demand for the Suzuki Ravi is decreasing because of the new vehicles that come to the market. However, the used Suzuki Ravi vehicle cost ranges from 9 lacs to 12 lacs.

Price of Suzuki pickup in PKRPKR 18.6 lacs
Price of Suzuki pickup in USD

However, the price of the vehicle is rising to the top of the market, but Suzuki is still keeping the price economical for the customers.

Price of China Mehran Jiangnan TT in Pakistan 2024

The Mehran Jiangnan TT value rose due to the up and fluff in the motorcar market. In addition, the price of the Mehran is economical in Pakistan compared to other cars. Furthermore, Mehran Jiangnan TT is handy for clients all over the region. In every circumstance, buy the vehicle from proper authorities.

Price of China Mehran Jiangnan TT in Pakistan 2024PKR. 250,000 to PKR 753,000
Price of China Mehran Jiangnan TT in 2024N/A

Mehran Jiangnan

In the market, don’t trust Sycophant traders. And buy cars from a trustworthy person.

Engine Specifications

It is very difficult to discuss all the car’s engine specs. So, for our ease, we will discuss The Mehran Jiangnan TT only. Its engine is simple and easy to understand and not enigmatic like the other vehicles.

No. Of cylinder3
Engine typethree-cylinder CNG engine
Power production capability36 horsepower
Engine displacement800cc
Fuel typePetrol and CNG
Transmission mechanism typefour-speed manual transmission
Maximum Mileage13 to 18 km per liter

Apart from that, we all know that Mehran Jiangnan TT is a name of enthusiasm in the auto industry because of the car’s affordable price and excellent service, which does not strain the driver. Besides, avoid the transient maintenance of the engine because temporarily checking out the engine functionality improperly will create problems in the future drive.

Safety measures in 850 cc car

The 850 cc cars are incredible as they are small and can be controlled without any problem.

Optional ABS
Rare drum brakes
Front disc brakes
Power locks
Stainless steel suspension
Safety locks

On the other hand, we believe that the safety of the driver and passenger is threatened pending the awareness of all the safety regulations and laws. For a safe drive, avoid senselessness in the driving conditions and rest for a while to drive perfectly.

Features of 850 cc cars

These cars are small and can easily be handled, but the clients’ responsibility is to save the car from Deterioration. In contrast, the gregarious person will take care of the car well.

CD player
Air conditioning system
Manual Transmission
Low fuel economy
Five-door hatchback body type
Power Windows
Good mileage
Economical price
Easily available
Light body
Four-speed gearbox
Low-cost spare parts

In addition, there is no redundancy of extra features in these cars, making them attractive to the customers. Similarly, the vehicle’s performance is mostly dependent on the type of driver and the owner of the car.

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Final words

The 850 c cars are not good for traversing but are best for short rides. Furthermore, they are suitable for the use of small families. In addition, taking care of the vehicle and properly checking out the car’s maintenance leads to excellent service. And, then the performance of the car will be amazing. On the other hand, this car has an economical price. We hope that you like our review. We hope you like our review of 850 cc cars in Pakistan 2024 price list

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