Bike Prices In Pakistan 2024

In most developing countries like Pakistan, the demand for bikes is increasing day by day. Nevertheless, traveling on a motorcycle is fair as compared to other vehicles. In that perspective, the topic of our blog post today is Bike Prices in Pakistan 2024. In the auto market of Pakistan, numerous bikes are present, and many top brands are accessible also.

Every bike has its own unique facts; however, the primary purpose of these motorcycles is to make traveling easy in less time. But remember that most of the accidents on roads are due to these bikes, according to the latest reports.

Furthermore, the safety of the riders on a motorbike is an excellent issue for the riders as well as for the company. That’s why new bikes come to the market with the latest safety spec and features. In this blog post, we are discussing the price of the bikes in Pakistan and their price in 2024 as well. Notably, the new model of the bike comes to the auto market at the end of the year, mainly in November or December.

The burning question is the vast difference in the cost of these bikes. However, their engine displacement is identical, and there are no significant changes in the structure of these bikes.

Suzuki Shogun Bike Price in Pakistan 2024

The top brand vehicle maker Suzuki introduced the bike in the market, and the name is Suzuki Shogun. A 108.2 cc displacement capacity engine powers the cycle, and we are familiar with every bike being a single cylinder. Furthermore, the 2-stroke engine of the Suzuki Shogun produces 14 BHP at 8,500 rpm, and the maximum torque output of this bike is 11.4 Nm at 8,250 rpm.

Price of the Suzuki Shogun Bike in Pakistan in 2024

The Suzuki bike has excellent structure and elegance, which is why its price is greater than the other bikes in the auto market. In Pakistan, the Suzuki Shogun new model costs around one lakhs PKR, but maybe it is raised. In addition to the engine specs of the Suzuki Shogun Bike, its 108 cc engine is perfect for any ride on my type of road. Notably, the fuel efficiency of this motorcycle is about 30 km per liter consumption of petrol, and the transmission is entirely manual.

Price of the Suzuki Shogun Bike in Pakistan 2024PKR Above 80 Thousand Rupees
Price of the Suzuki Shogun Bike in 2024

On the other hand, the Suzuki Shogun bike is equipped with a CDI two-stroke engine, and the compression ratio is 7.7.

Apart from that, the price is not much in front to the Honda CG 125 cc bike.

Sohrab JS 70 cc bike price in Pakistan 2024

4-stroke OHV valve configuration Sohrab JS 70 is available in two charming colors, black and red. In addition, the engine of the motorcycle is a single cylinder like other bikes, and the bore and stroke ratio is 47.0 mm and 41.4 mm, respectively. In contrast, the majority of the people like the black color Sohrab JS 70 cc bike. Furthermore, the design and language of this bike are the same as the bikes of famous brands, although some common changes are compulsory.

Price of the Sohrab JS 70 cc Bike in Pakistan in 2024

As compared to the other brand’s bikes, the cost of the Sohrab JS 70 cc bike is fairest in 2022 as well as in 2024. The new model Sohrab JS 70 cc bike is accessible for up to 50 000 PKR, according to a source.

Price of the Sohrab JS 70 cc Bike in Pakistan 2024PKR 46,000
Price of the Sohrab JS 70 cc Bike in 2024Not available in USD

Sohrab JS 70 cc bike belongs to the famous brand Sohrab. On the other hand, the weight of the Sohrab JS bike is 80 kg to 82 kg, and it is reasonable on the streets but not fair on highways. Apart from that, the fuel tank of this bike could store petrol up to 9 liters.

Super Star Deluxe 70 Price in Pakistan 2024

Super Star is a Chinese vehicle manufacturing company that aims to deliver bikes at affordable prices. In this regard, the Super Star Deluxe 70 cc bike is their outcome. Like the other bikes, the attractive and brighter headlight of this motorbike increases its beauty and elegance. However, its cost is very economical. On the other hand, the Speedometer of superstar 70 cc is stylish. Furthermore, it has a polished design and structure available in both red and black dominant colors. And we know that the most liked color from the customers of the 70 cc bike is black.

Price of Super Star Deluxe 70 cc in Pakistan on 2024

Most people are attracted to the fair value bikes because of the low economy. In addition to the cost of Chinese bikes, the Super Star Deluxe 70 cc is more economical than the Honda CD 70 cc bike.

Price of Super Star Deluxe 70 in Pakistan 2024PKR 111,500
Price of Super Star Deluxe 70 in 2024

The cost of the Super Star Deluxe 70 cc bike will be about 50 thousand PKR in 2024. Furthermore, the price may be hiked in 2024, although the auto market is changing.

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Final words

Bikes of different categories are present in Pakistan, and now due to the expansion of the auto market, many vehicle makers are offering excellent bikes at low prices. Safety features of bikes are not taken as a standard, but maximum impacts are due to the lack of awareness and knowledge about the riding of these bike riders. In addition, these kinds of misunderstandings about the safety rules lead to the accident. We hope you will like our blog post on Bike Prices in Pakistan 2024.

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