BMW IX Price in Pakistan 2024

Just like in previous years, BMW is once again all set to launch BMW IX in Pakistan through Dewan Motors. BMW IX Price in Pakistan 2024 is available here. To come up with innovation in the automotive industry, BMW is also shifting towards EVs. The car will be seen soon making thrill on the roads of Pakistan. With its extraordinary performance, the BMW IX has already won the hearts of BMW lovers in the international market. The car is surely going to gain the attention of BMW lovers who are impatiently waiting to experience the EV introduced by the company.

Before this, no electric car of BMW had been launched or imported to the country by any car dealer or any individual himself. This would probably be a unique addition to the Pakistani automotive industry. Electric cars are getting very popular not only in Pakistan but all around the world. The reason behind this popularity is the noise-free performance that prevents the environment from noise pollution. Whereas the car being operated on a battery saves the environment from smoke. So, keeping this in view, BMW is also shifting towards EVs. Here we will first briefly discuss the price of this car and then will move towards the features and specifications of this car.

BMW IX Price in Pakistan:

This car comes in two variants. The prices of both of the variants are different as both of these come with different features. The below table indicates the prices for both of these variants:

BMW iX xDrive40 Price in Pakistan 2024PKR 73,000,000
BMW iX xDrive50 Price in Pakistan 2024PKR 76,000,000

 These are the prices of both variants. Interested people can select any variant from the one listed above. The specifications of both are similar, but the only difference comes in the features of both cars. The base variant comes with ordinary features, while the x variant, also known as the high-end variant, comes with extraordinary features.

BMW IX Delivery Time:

The time that it will take for this car to be delivered to Pakistan to the respective customers is 3 months. This is justified as the company has a lot of orders. Moreover, it is an imported car. This time frame is common as you have to wait even longer in the case of local cars sometimes.

BMW IX Range Per Charge:

The most important thing here to know is how far this car can go upon one charge. So here, let us clear this question for BMW users. This car can go from 400-600 km when charged fully. The difference of 200 km is given due to multiple reasons. The reasons include the driving style and the road conditions. On rough roads, the car takes more power, while on smooth roads, the performance is increased, and so on average.

BMW IX Battery Capacity:

It is necessary for every user to know what the battery capacity of his car is. So BMW lovers who are thinking of buying this car should also know what type of battery has been added to this car by the company. This car comprises of 71 – 105 kWh battery. The main aim of the company is to provide peak performance to the users.

BMW IX Battery Capacity

BMW IX Charging Time:

The charging time of this car ranges from 8-11 hours. You can get this car charged easily at your home. This time may be longer for some people. But no, this is no longer as you are charging this car in your home without any special power outlets. You can put this car on charging overnight before sleeping, and it will be disconnected automatically upon full charge. The auto disconnect feature here prevents the battery from getting overcharged and increases the battery life.

BMW IX Charging Time

BMW IX Tyre Size:

To provide a hassle-free ride and extraordinary performance, the company has added 235/60/R20-sized tyres to this car. These types of tyres are best for cars with this kind of shape. Moreover, the 20 inches rims added with these tyres make them look classier.

BMW IX Features:

Electric cars have relevantly different features as compared to petrol cars. That is the case in this car too. Here this car comes with the following features:

All Wheel Drive
Multi-function Steering Wheel
Passenger Airbag
Air Conditioner
Power Windows Front
Engine Start Stop Button
Alloy Wheels
Driver Airbag
Anti-Lock Braking System
Power Steering
Glove Compartment
Outside Temperature Display

These are all the features of this car. All these features are really advanced if we see the other cars on the market that are the only competitors of BMW. BMW always adds the latest features in its cars to give tough time to its customers.

BMW IX Specifications:

The specifications of this car are elaborated in the table below:

Length4953 mm
Width2230 mm
Height1695 mm
Charging Time11 Hours Maximum
Horse Power326 – 523 hp
Boot Space1750 L
Fuel TypeElectric
Top Speed200 KM/H
Ground Clearance203 mm
Kerb Weight2440 – 2585 KG
Seating Capacity5 Persons

This chart clearly shows the specifications BMW has added to this car. With these specifications, this car has become the dream car of every car lover these days.

BMW IX Availability:

Thinking of buying a BMW IX? Don’t worry about the availability of this car. As always, the official dealer Dewan Motors will get the import done for you. From the beginning till now, only BMW has been imported officially through Dewan Motors in Pakistan. Just visit their outlet and get the booking of this car done by following the procedure. This was all about BMW IX Price in Pakistan 2024.

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