Charging Bike Price in Pakistan 2024

The day is pretty close when bikes being operated on petrol will be out of the market. We have bought a Charging Bike Price in Pakistan for you. Many people intend to purchase bikes used without fuel by charging. Pakistan needs to catch up when it comes to electric technology in both cars as well as bikes. But still, some companies are offering electric bikes in Pakistan. Here we will share the relevant information about the companies and the bikes they contribute to be used in Pakistan. In addition, we will also be putting light on some imported electric bikes that are available at different dealers at a slightly higher cost. So let’s begin our discussion. The prices of these bikes are listed below:

Charging Bike Price in Pakistan:

The company, including Sunra, Jolta, Jaguar, and Vlektra, have introduced electric bikes in Pakistan with different prices depending upon the bike’s displacement.

Sunra Electric Bike:

Sunra was the first company to introduce electric bikes in Pakistan. The company’s headquarters is in Karachi. The company also opened its first outlet in Karachi, where these bikes are being delivered nationwide. This bike became famous in Karachi due to its shape and extraordinary features. The company couldn’t sell a more significant number of bikes due to its unpopularity in the biker community. As there was no trend of electric vehicles in Pakistan so the company couldn’t make it to t Pakistani Automobile market.

Sunra Electric Bike

Sunra Electric Bike Price in Pakistan 2024:

The price of this bike is PKR 139,888. The price is really reasonable if we see market trends these days. The Honda CD 70 costs PKR 157,900. So if we know the engine specifications and performance on the roads on, this bike, it is much better than a Honda CD 70.

Jolta Electric Bike:

Jolta is a pioneer when it comes to manufacturing 70cc electric bikes. These bikes are durable when it comes to the road capability of Pakistan. Jolta bikes are successfully running all over Pakistan. The company took advantage of Sunra’s failure and did a great advertisement before the launch of its bikes in Pakistan. They created awareness about the benefits of electric bikes first and then jumped into the Pakistani automobile market with their product which was Jolta 70cc electric bike.

Jolta Electric Bike

Jolta Electric Bike Price in Pakistan 2024:

These bikes are being sold for PKR 1,57,000-2,50,000. Now the question arises here that being electric, why still these bikes are sold at less price than the 70 cc bikes which are being operated on petrol. It is because Jolta is a Chinese company and is new to the Pakistani auto market. So due to the newness of the brand, the company has kept the price of the bikes low. In this way, they will be able to attract more customers, which will eventually help the brand grow faster.

Jaguar Electric Bike:

Jaguar is also a Chinese bike company making electric bikes for use in Pakistan. The company also belongs to the same league as Jolta. The company is still making progress day by day. The day is not far from when it will be on the same line as Jolta these days. It will be giving tough competition to Jolta as well as other Chinese bike companies offering the same bikes in Pakistan. The company in the future will also be offering a heavy electric bike in Pakistan which will be a masterpiece of the brand.

Jaguar Electric Bike

Jaguar Electric Bike Price in Pakistan 2024:

The price of this bike is only PKR 107,900-349,900. Now you might not know what the quality of this bike will be, but still, it is better than most of the Chinese brands, which are still demanding 1 lac plus for an ordinary 70 cc bike being operated on petrol. Chinese bike brands in Pakistan are going to be out of the automotive industry of Pakistan as soon as electric bikes cover the market.

Vlektra Electric Bike:

The company is in Karachi, Pakistan. It is different from all the companies we have discussed so far, as the company offers heavy-duty electric bikes in Pakistan. The Retro series of the company is famous so far. In addition to this, there are 2 more bikes being offered by the company. The company has a good response overall in Pakistan from the buyer’s side as well as the bike dealers’ side. The company claims a range of 80 km plus of the bike on a single charge. In addition to this, a 3-year of battery warranty is also being provided by the company. Lastly, different modes like eco mode are added to the bike with the aim of preserving battery life so that it can run more efficiently.

Vlektra Electric Bike

Vlektra Electric Bike Price in Pakistan 2024:

The price of this bike in Pakistan is PKR 369,000. The price may seem higher to everyone these days, but as soon as the economy gets stable, the company will surely revise this price. This was some information about Vlektra Electric Bike Price in Pakistan.

Charging Bike Availability in Pakistan 2024:

These bikes are easily available at their respective showrooms all over the country. In addition to this, different bike dealers all over the country are also offering these bikes. Make sure to cross-check the price if you are not buying the bike from the showroom. We always suggest the buyers buy the bike or car from the respective showroom to keep safe from any kind of conflict in the future. This was all about Charging Bike Price in Pakistan.

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