Daihatsu Rocky Price In Pakistan 2024

As the name says, “rocky,” you might have already guessed that this car is designed in a sporty shape. Here we are going to have a look at Daihatsu Rocky Price In Pakistan. Daihatsu got famous in Pakistan after the launch of the Daihatsu Coure a couple of years back. People still remember the company in good words due to this car. Unfortunately, the company does not manufacture its vehicles in Pakistan now. These cars are only imported into the country now. So without any pause, let’s proceed towards the price of this car.

Daihatsu Rocky Price In Pakistan

With an ongoing price hike every day, the price of this car has also become much higher. Interested people can buy this car these days at a price tag of PKR 4,800,000-5,500,000. The price difference is present because this car is offered in two variants which are as under:

Daihatsu Rocky 1.0 R TCPKR 5,200,000
Daihatsu Rocky GPKR 4,900,000

The price, in my opinion, is still economical. Where other local companies are giving you a sedan in a price range of even more than 50 Lacs there, a user could easily buy an SUV of Daihatsu.

Daihatsu Rocky Colors:

Daihatsu rocky is offered in several colors. The company has added many colors for its users to get their desired colors quickly. Here this car is available in the following:

  • Dark Grey
  • Classic Silver
  • Ultra Black
  • Yellow Metallic
  • Pearl White
  • Compagno Red
  • Icy White

These are all the available colors for this car. People seeking to buy this car can select the desired color before importing and let the company officials do their other job.

Daihatsu Rocky Fuel Average:

This car has proved itself efficient when we talk about average. According to different forums and reviews of users currently experiencing this car provides a fantastic fuel average ranging between 13 to 18 km per liter. For an SUV, this kind of fuel average is simply best.

Daihatsu Rocky Transmission Type:

This car only comes with Automatic transmission. With the advancement of time and more and more traffic on roads, these days people are now shifting towards automatic cars, and manual cars are getting out of the industry.

Daihatsu Rocky Engine Displacement:

This car comes with a 1000cc engine. That’s one of the main reasons for its great fuel efficiency too. Most SUVs come with an engine of more than 1500cc. Here the company has introduced a 1000cc engine with the aim of providing fuel-efficient SUV’s to their customers.

Daihatsu Rocky Design:

Daihatsu is probably among one the few companies that are offering different designs for a single vehicle. Here this car is available in three different designs that include elegant style, sporty style, and powerful style.

Daihatsu Rocky Interior:

The interior of this car is really eye-catching. With a wide space of more than five adults, this car comes with front and rear ac vents, luxury floor mats, a leather steering wheel, sound system with four speakers that never let you get bored while driving. At the same time, its big size lcd allows the user to watch his favorite movies. Moreover, the GPS and radio added in the car keep the driver aware of ongoing activities, such as road blockages or weather conditions all across the country, so he may plan his further route accordingly. The big-sized trunk can carry 2-3 suitcases easily. Furthermore, its rear seats can be folded easily if you want to carry more luggage with you.

Daihatsu Rocky Interior

Daihatsu Rocky Exterior:

Big-sized tyres are added to this car with bold and beautiful alloy rims that make the look of this car more enhancing.

Daihatsu Rocky Exterior

Daihatsu Rocky Safety Features:

With airbags in this car, the company has added a new technology in this car too, which is named rear cross-traffic alert. The purpose of this feature is to make the driver alert while crossing the road in crowded areas and prevent the car from hitting any object or person around. Besides this, this car can also detect traffic coming from a blind spot, and as a result, brakes are applied automatically.

Daihatsu Rocky Tyre Size:

This car comes with a tyre size of 205/65/R17. This tyre is usually fitted with seventeen inches of alloy rim. These wide tyres with big-sized alloy rims make the road grip of this car really strong.

Daihatsu Rocky Weight:

Most people are really curious to know the total weight of the car that they are thinking of buying. There may be several reasons behind it. Here the weight of this car is about 989-1070 Kg depending on the variant. This is the dry weight of this car, as per the company.

Daihatsu Rocky Features:

As a 1000cc SUV with a comparatively low price, let’s see what the company is offering us:

Brake Assist
Automatic Brakes
Lane Assist
Blind Spot Detector
Child Lock
Automatic Power Lock
Power Windows
Power Mirrors
Electric Power Steering
Parking Sensors
Climate Control
Air conditioner

These are all the features that the company is offering us in this price range.

Daihatsu Rocky Specifications:

With a top speed of 135 – 180 KM/H, this car comes with the following specifications:

Length4030 mm
Width1710 mm
Height1635 mm
Engine cc1000 cc
Horsepower96-97 hp
Fuel TypePetrol
Ground Clearance180-200 mm
Transmission TypeAutomatic
Maximum Torque149 Nm

These are all the elegantly designed specifications of this car by Daihatsu.

Daihatsu Rocky Availability in Pakistan:

Daihatsu Rocky is available in different variants at OLX as well as several car-selling platforms in Pakistan. The prices demanded by local dealers who import these cars are comparatively high. So we suggest our readers look for this car online, where different people from different cities have listed their cars for sale. This was all about Daihatsu Rocky Price In Pakistan.

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