Hi-Speed Infinity Bike Price in Pakistan 2024

Since the first day of manufacturing automobiles, we have constantly been researching new ideas and making reliable and economical vehicles. So today we have brought the Hi-Speed Infinity Bike Price in Pakistan 2024. If you are interested in adventure and looking for a vehicle, then motorcycles will meet your needs. Every bike except electric bikes and scooters will travel on the roads in the mountain range. At that time, you should have the experience of the best vehicle for that road, whether on a motorcycle or in a truck. Keeping your needs in mind among all sorts of models of the bikes, which one is best for you and why it is best.

As a beginner in the auto industry, do not run for the faddish automobile; otherwise, it will spoil your traveling. And, a neophyte does not know the necessary things in vehicles. So to get only the genuine bike, on the other hand, to improve your lifestyle and boost your traveling adventure, the hi-speed infinity bike is for you. Although the local company does not follow vehicle manufacturing rules, they deliver the best bikes at affordable prices. On the other hand, hi-speed is one of the leading companies in the automobile sector and has shown fast progress in recent years.

Price of the High-speed Infinity bike in Pakistan in 2024

Before buying a bike, consult an expert in that field, and do not wet behind the ears. Because inexperienced buyers will probably have a chance of buying and dealing with a clever deal; moreover, because the price is the actual bike price, you will not need to pay separately for the taxes on the bike, documentation, and other customs duties. In addition, the price goes higher in Pakistan because of these taxes.

Price of the High-speed Infinity bike in Pakistan in 2024PKR 415,000
Price of the High-speed Infinity bike in 2024USD 453,217.35

Always buy the genuine bike and deal where the rubber meets the road. It will give you a benefit in the future. Dealing with the truth will make you happier later.

Engine specifications

In the hi-speed infinity bike, the engine configuration is simple, like cutting the gordian knot, and every person should know it has the basic knowledge.  Like the other bikes, the hi-speed infinity has a 4-Stroke, single-cylinder air-cooled engine with an OHV valve mechanism. In addition, the displacement capacity of this bike is 149 cc. And the hi-speed infinity bike is Self Start.

Engine type4-stroke, OHV single-cylinder, air-cooled engine
Peak power (hp) capacity8.5 kW of power at 8000 RPM
Maximum torque5-speed transmission
Compression ratio9:2:1
Valve mechanismOHV valve mechanism
Fuel type and fuel tank volumePetrol and 10-liter fuel tank
Maximum mileage value2.5 liters of fuel in traveling 100 kilometers
No. Cylinders and valves1 cylinder and two valves

If you have a problem with the engine structure of the hi-speed infinity bike, do not bother with it and ask for help from an expert Because most of the problems arise from inexperienced people dealing with the engine; however, it may be the most challenging problem for these experts, but it is a better chance to solve the issue. On the other hand, this bike will work your socks off on all types of roads.

Design of High-speed Infinity bike

As the company is new in the market, it tries to build the best design of its bike to produce a great demand. Furthermore, the corporation assays all the metals and elements before placing them on the bike. In simple words, the evaluation leads to the fairest feasible bike market. However, some bikes have bizarre designs, but the high-speed infinity has a unique, elegant look. In contrast, some things in the hi-speed infinity do not meet your choice, but you probably know that every cloud has a silver lining. Moreover, the headlight and taillights are designed in such a way that enthuses the rider.

 Features of High-speed Infinity bike

In a hi-speed bike, the client always has the upper hand on the bike rather than the price. Apart from that, there are many features of this bike, and you would know all about it from the beginning. So, here we are trying to give you something new about it, and you should see it here. In addition, by comparing these features of this car to another automobile, you should know the difference. In the latest version of this bike, you will like the revamped design.

Digital Speedo Meter
White, Red, Grey, and Black colors
Direct Inject fuel Technology
Electric & Kick Start
10 L petrol tank
Comfortable to ride
Good mileage value
Wet Type Multi-Plate
Top Speed: 100 KM/H
Eye-catching graphics
Comfortable seat

Read this article carefully before buying the hi-speed infinity bike and be aware of the perfidious sellers in the auto market. In addition, it creates problems to auction with such a treacherous trader.

Safety Information

To provide safety to the riders, rustless equipment is installed on the bike. And, every man who is trying to get the hi-speed infinity bike must know all the safety measures taken in this bike.

Fuel Reading
Front disc brake
Rear drum brake
Low Fuel Alert
Side safety lock
Sports nature safely equipment
electric start system
Switch on starter
Alloy suspension parts

Here is no recondite information in this article about the functions and design of the bike. Rather, we are providing for the obscure to buy the best bike, from the company officials reports.

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Final words

The hi-speed infinity is a cafe racer bike but is not intractable like the other bike, and you efficiently manage it. In this blog post, we try our best to give the best review of this bike, but as the proverb goes by, you can lead a horse to water, but you can not make it drink. So, buying the racer bike depends on your choice. On the other hand, the hi-speed infinity has a good mileage value and runs on every road efficiently. Our team hopes that you like our review of the Hi-Speed Infinity Bike Price in Pakistan 2024.

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