Honda CB1100 Price in Pakistan 2024

Honda CB1100 Price in Pakistan is available here. The bikes come under the imported category of Honda bikes. Before starting to discuss this bike further, let me clearly state some information about this bike. The bike is not manufactured in Pakistan but only imported, so never fall into the trap of any bike dealer if he says that the bike is manufactured locally in the country. Honda manufactures bikes in Pakistan under the CB category, but still, this bike, due to greater engine displacement and high-end features, is only imported to the country. Here, we are going to tell you about some of the features and specifications due to which the bike became popular in the country. We often get curious when we see a sports bike passing by in our daily routine.

But we don’t know what features and specs the bike comprises. The same is the case with this bike. People often get attracted to this bike but don’t know exactly what technology has been used in the bike by the company. So here in this blog post, we are going to reveal the features, specs, and the type of technology used in the manufacturing process of this bike. Along with this, the most important part of the bike that people often ask about is the price of this bike. So, let’s start discussing this bike further with its price. The price of this bike in the country is as follows:

Honda CB1100 Price in Pakistan 2024:

Being imported, the price of this bike has become high. The bike is being sold online at different bike-selling platforms and different bike dealers for PKR 2,038,300. This is an estimated price as the bike comes under the category of imported bikes in the country. The price of this bike depends on the time at which it was imported to the country.

If the bike was imported previously, the price would be low due to low customs duties, but if the bike comes under the lineup of freshly imported bikes, then the price would be high. You can easily judge the import year of the bike by seeing the documents of the bike as well as the year when the bike was registered in the country. In this way, you can also negotiate with the user or the dealer who is offering the bike for sale to you.

Honda CB1100 Colors:

This bike comes in the following colors:

  • Silver Metallic
  • Black Metallic

These are all the colors in which this bike is available for sale all over the country. The colors of the bike also depend on the availability as the bike is not manufactured locally but only imported to the country.

Honda CB1100 Engine displacement:

An 1140cc engine has been added to the bike by the company. The company has made sure that the performance of the bike is not compromised at all. The users can travel anywhere using this bike. The engine of this bike is more efficient than the engines of the cars. Honda always makes quality engines for its bikes.

Honda CB1100 Features:

The following features are added to the bike by the company:

NGK Spark Plugs
Stylish Meter Cluster
Alloy Rims
Smooth Rides
LED Brakes Lights
Side-mounted 4 indicators
High Powered Engine
Push Start
Kick Start
Fuel Indicator
Gear indicator

These are all the features the company has added to the bike making it one of the best bikes under the imported category bikes of Honda.

Honda CB1100 Specifications:

The specifications of this bike are as under:

Ground Clearance135 mm
Wet Weight260 Kg
Seat Height795 mm
Length2195 mm
Width835 mm
Height1130 mm
Wheelbase1490 mm
Reserve Capacity3.5 Liters

These are all the specifications used in the manufacturing process of this bike. The company has used the best quality parts while making the specifications chart for this bike. It’s the wish of the brand to use the best quality parts in its bike, whether the bike comes under the category of local bikes or imported bikes.

Honda CB1100 Maintenance Cost in Pakistan:

The bike, being a heavy bike as well as imported, will cost you more when you go for its maintenance. So, keep this thing in mind. In addition to this, no parts for the bike are available in the country. If any part needs to be replaced, you will have to import that part from the country where it is available and wait for that part to reach Pakistan.

Honda CB1100 Maintenance Cost in Pakistan

Honda CB1100 Availability in Pakistan:

The bike is easily available all across the country at several imported bike dealers as well as to different users who are interested in selling their bikes. So, if you are also interested in riding a bike under the imported category bikes, then you do not need to worry, as these bikes are easily available all across the country. You just need to find one in good condition.

For this, you need to visit an imported bike dealer in your area. Another possibility is seeing the bike online at different home users. Make sure to check each and everything if you are buying the bike in used condition. On the other hand, if you’re going to buy the bike in imported condition, then make sure to fulfill the documentation procedure before the purchase so that nothing may be left behind that causes trouble for you later. This was all about the Honda CB1100 Price in Pakistan in 2024.

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