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We are constantly experimenting with new ideas. If you travel the roads in the countryside and on the highway, you can find and enjoy the ride. So today, we have brought the Honda N Box Price in Pakistan 2024. In addition, all sorts of vehicles of any company’s models have a different experience. On the other hand, today, in the auto market, there is a wide variety of low-standard cars. And, if you are not running for a faddish automobile and want to get only the real one to improve your lifestyle. In simple words, these vehicles do not last for a long time, and you shall want to replace them with the new model of this car. In this case, the Honda N Box will match your choice and fulfill all your desires. Similarly, a family car has a suitable cabin or room and ample seating space.

In Pakistan, the Honda N box is the most well-known I’m an able family car. In the auto market in 2011, the first model of this mini-size sedan came to the market. The fuel economy of the N Box is adequate and can travel up to Seventeen kilometers to 26 kilometers per liter, while the fuel tank capacity of this car is 30 liters. On the other hand, it offers CVT automatic transmission, and you shall drive quickly on a highway and city roads. Furthermore, it can go 600 kilometers when the fuel tank has maximum petrol. To talk about this specific car, everyone has their own experience, and we shall want to take advantage of this and not focus on rumors about the vehicle.

Price of in Honda N Box Pakistan in 2024

The latest price of the Honda N Box is pretty economical. And, it is the best policy of the Honda company. However, the cost of the vehicle has risen because of the fluctuations in the auto industry, especially in Pakistan; the worst pandemic ruins every sector. In addition, the automobile manufacturing companies struggle to make the easiest way to deliver these cars at economical prices but unfortunately, the current situation is very overwhelming. Furthermore, in this worst-case, Honda tries its best to maintain the fairest price of its car. Although, now, there is no way to decrease the final cost of the vehicle. But the Honda organization’s reaction was very different from the whole thing.

Price of in Honda N Box Pakistan in 2024PKR 26.5 – 27.6 Lacs (Used)
Price of in Honda N Box in 2024 in USD$2,894,992.50 to $3,015,520.80

Price of in Honda N Box Pakistan in 2022

After the late nineteenth century, vehicles had become affordable for a large proportion of the population. And, now the world is changed because of them. The distance is shorter, and it would take less time to go to different target places. In this era of cars and luxury vehicles, Honda has its specific reputation.

Engine specifications

It has pneumatic engine construction. At first,  the combination of every vehicle looks complex, but when you are used to this, you will drive safely. The engine displacement of the Honda N Box is low but has good performance.

Engine type4-stroke liquid and Air-cooled SOHC 8-Valves double Cylinder petrol engine
Peak power (hp) capacity43.50 HP (31.8 kW) @ 6000 RPM
Maximum torque54.90 Nm (5.6 kg-m or 40.5 ft. lbs) @ 5000
Compression ratio14.4:1
Valve mechanismSOHC 8-Valves
Fuel type and fuel tank volumePetrol and 30 liters
Maximum mileage value17 km 26 on per liter
No. Cylinders and valvesDouble cylinder and four valves per cylinder

The engine performance on highway and city roads is better, but on hilly roads creates a problem. So, Ii that Honda N Box does not go to the humpy road.

Exterior Design of Honda N Box

The design of the Honda N Box is box-like. And, to look at the style of the recent model of this car, we easily deduce the whole manufacturing style. It was pretty exciting stuff in the styling of this mid-size van. In addition, we are just thinking about it, and if we realize the whole structure of the body, we know its importance. The fantastic performance makes one want to jump to this car and ride off!

Exterior Design of Honda N Box

Similarly, the headlights are designed to beat the new model design of the counterparts. However, the brand is unique and famous. Honda is among the leading ones. Furthermore, Honda can make the ruling vehicles.

Interior Design of Honda N Box

In this mid-size van, you should feel emancipation and not irritate your travel. In simple words, all the valuable items for a safe and smoother ride. The seats from the pretty exciting stuff. In addition, the seat cover does not absorb any turbidity or fluid. Furthermore, we can think about the modern and unique design. Similarly, its uniqueness makes it the ideal vehicle, and everyone wants to jump in and have fun.

Interior Design of Honda N Box

Safety features of Honda N Box

We are looking for a more advanced and the safest vehicle at this time. In addition, the priority of every passenger is to reach the target place in the safest and smooth drive. However, the technology has moved on, so these vehicles are not as dangerous as in this industry’s beginning. Furthermore, at the start, the cars are uncomfortable to ride and do not give a peaceful journey. Later on, the advancement in these vehicles brings it to the point of delivering an ideal trip.

Pre-collision assist with pedestrian detection
Safety locks
Power Steering
Lane departure warning with lane-keeping assist
Keyless Entry
Power Windows
An ultrasonic is-acceleration mitigation system
Air Bags
Power Locks

Everyone is running behind the safest car. In addition, the crash rate is very high because of the inexperienced drivers on the road. That’s why people are now looking for the safety measures in their vehicles before buying them.

Noticeable features in the Honda N Box

The Honda N Box has decent features like Keyless entry, Power steering, reflectors, safety locks, and an AM/FM radio system. Moreover, these features are for the occupants to amaze on long journeys.

Cd Player and Dvd Player
Power Mirrors
Air Conditioning
Seats are relatively comfortable
Immobilizer Key
Excellent road grip
Economical price
Good mileage
Easily available
Cruise Control
Pretty decent fuel average
Easily available spare parts

The stunning style and the cluster of features in the Honda N box make it near perfect.

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Final words

The price of the Honda N Box is affordable for all people. Furthermore, Honda introduced this mid-size van, becoming a vehicle for social change. Moreover, in the cabin of this van, you shall be comfortable. We hope you like our review of the Honda N Box Price in Pakistan 2024.

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