Honda Zest Price in Pakistan 2024

New and new brands are introduced in the market making it difficult for car lovers to know about every car. Honda cars do not want any advertising campaign because it is well known to Pakistani people. The blog post will be an acid test of these cars because most people are at loose ends. That is why the title of today’s article is Honda Zest price in Pakistan 2024. On the other hand, after checking whether something is good or effective, the objection will be eliminated. Also, this warrant blog post comprises almost all the sections of the car. A careful person will easily understand the functionality of the car, although it is hard to understand a strange vehicle. But on the other hand, the car is a vestige of the company’s legacy.

Price of the Honda Zest in Pakistan in 2024

The Honda price sees inclination because of the up and down in the rate of dollars to rupees as well as in the auto market. In addition to the rates of vehicles in 2024, the cost of luxury cars and imported cars are soaring because the government imposes high taxes on these vehicles. As a result, the official price is much lower than the Pakistani price.

Price of Honda Zest in Pakistan 2024PKR 13.0 – 18.6 lacs
Price of Honda Zest in 2024USD 1.964.340

In the auto industry, most people are not involved in vehicle buying directly rather they buy their vehicle through an agent. So, be careful with your money and do not spend it quickly. Otherwise, you will be frustrated in a case of fraud.

Engine Specifications

Typically there are many difficulties to understand the engine compartment and the configuration of a car. Likewise, the engine of the Honda Zest is powerful enough to make the drive quality better in all aspects. In addition to the drivetrain and functionality, it will meet the demands of the customers synthetically. Also, the quality material assay in the after great care, and make the job bright, so the car owners will be satisfied. Furthermore, the car creates a blossom swell when running on a highway or a flat road. Similarly, the unique design made the owner of this sedan not stare at the other vehicles.

Engine type658 cc inline DOHC 12 valves and 3 cylinder petrol engine
Peak power (hp) capacity52 hp @ 6700 RPM
Maximum torque61 Nm @ 3800 RPM
Fuel SystemEFI fuel system
Valve mechanismDOHC 12 valves
Fuel type and fuel tank volumePetrol and 25 liters
Maximum mileage value16 to 18 km per liter
No. Cylinders and valves3 cylinders and 12 valves

Clever traders mixed up things about the vehicle in such a way that the original or main purpose is ambiguous behind these things. And, we are breaking up the wrong tree by giving high ranks to the useless vehicle.

The exterior design of the Honda Zest

Honda Zest is a small compact sedan and has now been introduced in Pakistan. In addition to the layout and structure, the vehicle has four fascinating side doors. Also, beautiful and soft Chrome door handles increase the elegance of the car. Furthermore, for the entertainment of passengers, the company installs the latest infotainment features in this car,  so the driver will not be behind the times.

The exterior design of the Honda Zest

The interior design of the Honda Zest

Pakistani roads are not well clean in some areas, especially in remote areas, and driving in these areas brings dirt into the car, so to reduce the effect the driver keeps the car as neat as a new pin. It will brighten up your day, and make the journey a memorable experience. Also, it will make you happy all day long with the sophisticated interior design of the vehicle giving all requirements of the occupants.

The seating space in this car is for five-person, and the seats are soft enough to sleep comfortably on long drives. Furthermore, in the interior of this vehicle, you should feel safe and the seats are providing relaxation because they are cushioned well.

Safety measures in Honda Zest

The safety prerequisites and harbinger system in the Honda Zest are extraordinary and keep the occupants safe in any unfavorable conditions. In addition, the safety features are owned by this car. Furthermore, to get a peaceful ride, the occupants should not be back seat drivers, otherwise, it will spoil the driving. Because it is better safe than sorry, a happy ride is dependent on both the driver and passenger as well.

Rear Drums brakes
Central locking system
Front McPherson Struts suspension
Rear Torsion Beam suspension
Front Discs brakes

In addition to the safety and vehicle body structure, the exterior is maintaining the best possible safety from the harsh environment. Furthermore, the safety specs of this car are fancy enough and do not debacle the fun of driving on a long drive.

Features of Honda Zest

The Honda Zest car company is blatant, and the ball is in your court now. And, you are all aware of the specifications of the car now it is up to you to decide whether to buy this car or not. Also, for the good condition of the vehicle, change the deteriorated parts.

Remote Boot/Fuel-Lid
Steering Adjustment
Keyless Entry
Alloy Wheels
AM/FM Radio
CD Player
Power Door Locks
Good mileage

The redundancy of features makes the Honda Zest car blue-eyed for everyone. However, its price is higher than the other cars available on the market. Furthermore, the presence of these features makes the vehicle catch the buyer’s attraction.

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Final words

Traveling is very comfortable now with the advancement and convenience brought in the Honda vehicle, and this makes travel abroad very easy. Apart from the above discussion, this blog post is not considered a blood and thunder speech about the vehicle because there are some backsides of the vehicle also. In contrast, we break the ice by delivering you the Honda Zest car specs and making it clear not smear like the other traders. We hope that you will like our review of the Honda Zest price in Pakistan 2024.

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