Hyundai H1 Van price in Pakistan 2024

The Hyundai H1 van is also known as the Hyundai starex. Hyundai H1 Van price in Pakistan 2024 is available here. If you want to know about the Hyundai H1 van price in 2024 in Pakistan, their functioning, fuel capacity, dimensions, and available colors in which they are functional, you are at the right place. Here in this article, you will know more about the Hyundai H1. The Hyundai H1 in Pakistan is Rs.45,4.9,000 to 58,99,000 in 2024. And if you want to start shopping for a vehicle, you need to decide what type of car will suit your needs the most. And if you need a spacious family van, the Hyundai h1 van must become in your research, and it catches your attraction because of its look, occupants capacity, and brilliant design.

Hyundai H1 Van price in Pakistan 2022

The demand for this van in Pakistan is increasing daily because of its use on a wide range in Pakistan for various purposes. Launching the Hyundai H1 van 2024 model is expected in October, but due to its high demand, the customers hope that the company will launch it before October.

Hyundai H 1 Van Price in Pakistan 2024

According to the latest available information, the Hyundai H1 price ranges from 45,59,000 to 58,99,000  in Pakistan.

Hyundai H1 Van Price in PKRPKR 4,549,000 To 5,899,000
Hyundai Van price in USD

Engine Specifications And Working

 The Hyundai H1 van engine is made of the best-suited material. The engine power of the Hyundai H1 is 2,496 cc. Furthermore, the transmission method in this car is manual. And the overall length of this van in mm is 5,125, the overall width of the truck is 1,710mm, and the overall height is 1,925mm. Moreover, there are four inlined cylinders used in this car’s engine. And the power produced by the van is 126 KW. In addition, the ventilated brake system is used in the front brakes, while the rear drums brake system is also used in this vehicle.

Hyundai H1 Van price in Pakistan 2022

The Hyundai H1  is available in both petrol and diesel versions. The petrol version is equipped with a 2.4-liter engine with a displacement of 2359 cc. It will generate a power of 128.4 kW and deliver a peak torque of 227.7 nm. The Hyundai H1 has a fuel tank capacity of 65 L liters petrol.

 The Hyundai H1  is perfect for families and passengers. And It is coming in three different variants. The Hyundai H1 Bus is a 2.4L 9-seater, Hyundai H1 Multicab wagon 2.5 Diesel 6-seater, and the H1 Bus 2.5 diesel 9-seater. Due to its high occupancy compared to other vehicles in Pakistan, they are used in Pakistan as school and college vans.

 Interior Design

The Hyundai H1 van 2024 is designed excellently to provide a spacious environment to the occupants. There is a 9 or 6 person seating capacity in Hyundai H 1 Bus and Hyundai H1 multi-cab. The seats are designed to feel vast space for hips, legs, and head. And thus, they provide maximum comfortability and safety.H-1 vans offer both style and tremendous versatility. A 5-seater van offers a lot of space for luggage, while a 3-seater panel van allows room for up to 800kg of cargo. Seats are upholstered with an optional leather finish matched with your chosen color. Front seats have airbags, while all the seats have seat belts, which provides a safer journey. The front and rear seats have an Aircon while all the cab is air-conditioned. And due to the air conditioning system, the drivers feel relaxed and comfortable in hot weather.

Exterior Design

The Hyundai H1 is available in three different colors. They are

  1. Ceramic White
  1. Hyper Metallic Silver
  2. Timeless Black.

Furthermore, the exterior design of the 2024 Hyundai H1 is thorough and challenging. There is a chrome grille with fog lights and big round headlights on the front side, and a control system is also present in this van.

Black-colored door mirrors have blushing glass mounted with tilting doors. The wagon has sliding doors on both sides, allowing you to enter freely and efficiently inside the wagon. There are four tiers in this wagon. And six spokes 15” inches steel rim wheels have maximum turning radius, which allows the driver to turn the vehicle at an impressive 300-degree angle. Moreover, it is a more extended, comprehensive, stylish, and decent-looking van.

Hyundai H1 Van Features:

The primary and essential critical features of the Hyundai H1 van are as under.

Remote Keyless Entry and Alarm
Bluetooth USB MP3 and iPod connectivity
Left and Right Sliding Doors
Auto Air-conditioner
Front & Rear Seat Aircon
Optional leather interior finish
Uni-body construction
ABS( Anti-lock Brakes system) with EBD
Rear park distance control
Optional leather interior finish

Hyundai H1 Van Features

These are all the features of this car.

Hyundai H1 Van specifications:

If you are looking for the detailed specifications of this car, then you are at the right portion.

Engine size2496CC
Engine Power126KW
Maximum Speed180Km/hr
No of cylinders in the engine4
Transmission typeAutomatic
Fuel tank capacity75 Litre

These specifications make this van more safe and reliable amongst other vans of other companies.

Safety measurement

There are two airbags used for the front seat passengers, and the seat belts are also available for all the people in the van. However, the airbags are not present for the back seaters, which will cause damage in emergencies. And to provide a safe ride, the front brake is from the ventilated disc, and a rare drum brake system is also offered in this car. Furthermore, the air conditioning system does not have much power and maybe irritate passengers in a hot climate. However, the Ac is powerful enough to give an average temperature inside the car.

Final Words

In Hyundai h1, the sliding doors are present at both sides, which allows entering the van freely and easily. The airbags are provided to the front seaters, and seat belts are current for all the passengers in the truck. The price in Pakistan is Rs 48,59,000 to Rs. 58,99,000. The maximum number of passengers in H1 is nine because it has different models and is available in three colors. Its demand is very high in Pakistan; the the 2024 model of H1 will be available in October 2024, but due to its high demand, the company may launch it earlier than October 2024. I hope this Hyundai H1 price in Pakistan 2024 helps you get a more detailed look at the car. This was all about Hyundai H1 Van price in Pakistan 2024.

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