Jolta Electric Bikes Price in Pakistan 2024

The demand for electric vehicles is increasing every day today because it is cheaper than vehicles working on gasoline power. So Today, you will learn about the Jolta Electric Bikes Price in Pakistan 2024.

Everyone knows that the climate is changing, and the earth’s average temperature is increasing gradually. The automobile, in which gasoline is used, emits harmful waste after performing, and this waste is known as pollutants that damage the atmosphere and disturb nature. So to make the atmosphere free from hazardous waste and impurities, the auto industry is now turning to make electric vehicles.

The electric vehicle revolutionized the world of cars, and an individual should say that the next era of transportation is based on electric cars or bikes. The demands for Electric vehicles are increasing day by day. The factor is that vehicles save a slaves sum of money and do not ooze any harmful contaminants.

Jolta Electric Bikes Price in Pakistan 2022

In Pakistan,  the first company that introduced electric vehicles was jolta electric. The company launched the electric bike and performed an electric bike roadshow for the first time. In add-roadshow, this E-bike roadshow-bikes the necessity of electric vehicles.  The company describes the potential and need for e-bikes in Pakistan. These bikes also show that the company’s vision is to promote a green environment and make sure the atmosphere is free from toxic waste.

Jolta Electric Bikes Price in Pakistan 2024

The prices of Jolta Electric Bikes are affordable and less than other electric bikes. The company is committed to manufacturing Electric Bikes at a lower price so that everyone can buy them. The prices of some variants of Jolta Electric Bikes are

Price of E 70 Jolta Electric bikes in Pakistan 2024PKR 1,35,000
Price of E 100 Jolta Electric bikes in Pakistan 2024PKR 2,19,000
Price of E 125 Jolta Electric bikes in Pakistan 2024PKR 2,49,000

Charging Method electric bikes

The question arises in mind how to charge an electric bike after utilizing it? The ch

raging of an e-bike is straightforward and effortless. After reading this paragraph one time, you should set it without any hesitation. So for the ease of readers and e-bike owners thee-bike charging procedure is described below.

First, Remove the battery pack from the e-bike. And then turn the battery switch off. After this, connect your charger to the battery pack. And now plugin the charger that came with your bike into a mains outlet. And in the last turn on the plug to start charging.

In this way, you should charge your e-bike, read them carefully, and bike the battery from the bike with great care. Because in e-bike the battery is the most-bike thing and if the battery is mishandled it will not function properly.

Variants in bolts e-bikes

There are three variance-bikes old e-bikes. They are described here in detail

  • Jolta E 70 electric bike
  • Jolta E 100 electric bike
  • Jolta E 125 electric bike

Jolta E 70 electric bike

In this variant of bolts e-bike, the 48 volts motor is installed, and this motor produces power of 1500 watts, or in horsepower, it is two hp when the battery is charged fully and adequately. The current product on by the motor of this e-bike Isom 1.2vA (hampered) to 1.4 A. In addition to this, the battery is charged in 5 hours and travels 50 kilometers in a single charge. Apart from this, the electric consumption on a single charge is deficient and costs up to RS 15 or consume1.7 units of electricity.

Jolta E 70 electric bike

Moreover, this motor’s rpm (rotation per minute) is 500 and can generate maximum torque from 45 Nm (newton meter) to 48 NM. The top speed of an E 70 jolta e-bike is 50 kilometers per hour. The e-bike is based self-starter start mechanism and does not produce noise like other bikes.

Furthermore, the frame example of this e-bike is like a bake bone type.

Jolta E 100 electric bike.

The jolta E100 e-bike has a 60 v(volts ) motor, which generates power up to 3000 watts as two times of the jolta e 70 e-bikes. The current output of this e-bike is from 1.5 A to 1.8 A (ampere). In addition, the electricity consumption of jolts e 100e-bikes is up to 2.5 units, and the e-bikes of 2.5 units in Pakistan is 40 rupees. This cost is very economical compared to the cost of the bikes based on petrol.

Furthermore, the maximum torque production of this e-bike is from 55 Nm to 60 Nm(newton meter), and in rpm’s, it is 720.

Moreover, the charging time for this e-bike is 6 hours, and in a single charge, it covers a distance of 70 kilometers. Also, the top speed of this e-bike is 60 kilometers per hour.

Jolta E 125 electric bike

In this variant of bolts e-bike, the motor installer is up to 72v, and this motor generates power, equivalent to 5000 watts. In horsepower, the 6.8hp horsepower torque produced by the motor of this e-bike is 75Nm  engine Nm. The rotation per minute (RPMs) of this motor is 800.

Furthermore, the current generating ability,y of the motor, is 2.2 A to  4A.

On the other hand, this e-bike charges fully in, or 8 hours and in one complete charge, it travels up to 120 kilometers.

Moreover, the top speed of the

e-bike is recorded at 80 kilometers per hour. Besides this, the electricity consumption is four units for a single charge and the cost of 70 rupees.

The frame of the 100 e-bikes is designed in the backbone e-bikeLis designed backbones type, and an e-bike is a self-start.

Features of Jolta E-bike

We have gathered all the features of Jolta Electric Bikes in the table. You can check all of its features in the below table

self-staticity consumption
Economical price
No mechanical engine
Charge in 5 to 7 hour
Back Bone Type
Motor current Self-starter to 4A
Top speed is 80 kilometers per tour
Environment free
No noise
Light body
No pollution

The best thing about these bikes is that they produce little noise while running. It also consumes less amount of power than other bikes.

Specifications of Jolta E-bikes

The Specifications of various Jolta E-Bikes are presented below.

BikeJolta E-70Jolta E-100Jolta E-125
Top speed50km/hr60km/hr80km/hr
Motor Voltage40V60V72V

The specifications of these bikes are pretty impressive and are very good for regular rides.

Final words

The jolta e-bikes are designed by Local manufacturers. E-bikes are designed to have successfully launched their fully operational e-bikes in Pakistan. These E-Bikes are pretty similar to regular bikes in Pakistan. It is offered in three variants – E70, E100, and E125. According to company officials, these e-bikes are highly cost-effective and reduce the money spent on petrol. These e-bikes are specifically for Pakistani cue-bikes. All-new Jolta electric bikes are fuel-free, noiseless, smoke-free, and pollution-free with environmentally friendly because there is no mechanical engine.

I Hope that Jolta Electric Bikes Price in Pakistan 2024 helps you to get the real review and price of the bike.

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