Lifan Bikes Price in Pakistan 2024

Here we are going to share Lifan Bikes Price In Pakistan 2024. These Chinese bikes are into the market for a few months, and the company is seeing a great response. Due to market saturation, sports bike lovers were not getting something new. Lifan bikes are one of those bikes that fulfill the desires of every bike lover. Starting from aerodynamics and ending on sporty shapes, Lifan has always been successful in satisfying customer needs. If you are also a Lifan lover, then you may also find your new bike in this article. Some prices, along with the features and specifications of Lifan bikes, are elaborated below:

Lifan Bikes Price in Pakistan

Lifan has introduced different bikes for this year. These bikes are being experienced by Bike enthusiasts across the globe. Some top-selling models of Lifan include:

Lifan LF 70:

This 70cc bike may surprise many bike users. We have been seeing the 70cc bike in Pakistan for years with a specific shape only, but here the case is totally opposite if we just see the shape of this bike. This bike is designed in the shape of a mini chopper. Due to this look, the company is able to distinguish its bike from other bikes that are currently being sold in the auto market in Pakistan. The small and wide tires with such a body type make this bike really attractive. Besides this sporty shape, the 70cc engine installed in this bike helps the user to maintain good fuel efficiency.  

Lifan LF 70

Lifan LF 70 Price in Pakistan 2024:

The price tag of this bike ranges between PKR 60,000-80,000. As this bike is imported, this may not be the final price. In addition to this amount, you must pay customs duties too to make this bike legal in Pakistan.

Lifan 150:

150cc bikes are getting common in Pakistan. Currently, only 2 major companies are making 150cc bikes in Pakistan. The companies are Honda and Suzuki. The sales of both companies are at a declining level due to certain reasons. The reasons include high prices and fewer features. Now Lifan 150 bike is equipped with all the latest features. Being equipped with different unique features, this bike could be a tough competitor to both Honda and Suzuki. An interesting thing here is that the 150-cc bike being offered by Suzuki is only available in used condition now as it has been discontinued by the company. So Lifan is surely going to have a tough time with Honda.

Lifan 150

Lifan 150 Price in Pakistan 2024:

The price of this bike in Pakistan is PKR 150,000-370,000. Again, the difference in prices is present due to the availability of these bikes in used condition only. But here, one thing is to be appreciated the prices of these bikes are really lower as compared to the local bikes that are sold in the Pakistani automotive industry with even fewer features.

Lifan 250: 

Here comes the Lifan 250 cc. This bike is also known as a monster among its other category bikes. Being equipped with a 250cc engine, this bike touches 0-100 in a couple of seconds. This bike is the best in price range as well as its features and specifications. Now here, the company has added some new features in this bike that includes a 4-stroke v twin engine. This engine provides maximum power to this bike, making it best for any type of road.

Besides this, the air-cooled engine cooling system added to this bike by the company is really helpful in hot weather. Different problems were seen in the engines of different bikes that were operated in hot areas. The bike engine became hot, and the user had to face great difficulty. By seeing this, the company added this cooling system to this bike. Now it helps to attain reliability.

Lifan 250

Lifan 250 Price in Pakistan 2024:

The price of this bike ranges between 750,000-1,300,000. The price of this bike varies as it is only available in used condition in Pakistan till now. If you go for a new Lifan 250cc bike, then the price may be even higher. It is recommended that first you go for a used Lifan 250cc bike, then you may upgrade further to any new model. In this way, you can experience this bike much better instead of regretting your decision later on.

Lifan 350:

Lifan will probably be the first one offering 350cc bikes in Pakistan. No other local or international brand is seen selling bikes with this engine displacement in the country. So, the company has no major competitor in the local or imported lineup of bikes in Pakistan. This bike comes with some unique features that include an electric start, high-beam led front lights, a sporty look, and much more. Users may experience many new features after the purchase of this bike.

Lifan 350

Lifan 350 Price in Pakistan 2024:

People willing to buy this bike can get it in a price range of PKR 880,000-15,80,000. The price may seem to be higher to many bike users, but when we see the engine displacement of this bike, the price seems justifiable as the company has provided all the latest features in this bike, so they have the right to take this amount from its customers.

Lifan Bikes Availability in Pakistan 2024:

These bikes are only available in the used condition these days. The company does not have any manufacturing unit in Pakistan. So only imports are made for these bikes. If you want to buy it in new condition, then you may import it yourself or through any imported bike dealer. This was all about Lifan Bikes Prices in Pakistan 2024.

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