MG 3 800 CC Car price in Pakistan 2024 Specs

If you want to buy a car with great features, specifications, and good Reliability, MG 3 will be a perfect fit for your choice. MG 3 800 CC Car price in Pakistan 2024 is available here. As MG 3 cars may launch in Pakistan shortly, you will learn about the MG 3 800CC car price in Pakistan. According to car manufacturing experts, the MG 3 will arrive soon in Pakistan. Some experts suggest that it will be available in the market at the beginning of May. But here, we will give you an estimated price of MG 3 800CC in Pakistan. Of course, the price may fluctuate around the estimated cost due to more taxes, but still, it will be worth up to the suggested price. The MG 3 800 CC car is one of the finest cars among its competitors.

Moreover, the specifications of this car are considerably better than different cars of its price. Furthermore, the engine of this car has power up to 109HP. The power of its engine gives it an edge over other vehicles because of its multiple specifications. If you want to know more about its features and specifications, continue reading the article. But first, let’s move towards the price of this most pleasing car.

MG 3 800 CC Car price in Pakistan 2024

The price of this car is much more affordable and low than other cars. Due to its many unique features, it will cost up to 2200000 PKR when launched in Pakistan. However, you should note that it is pretty inexpensive and cheaper than other cars with the same features.

Moreover, the design of this car is compact and intelligent, making it more decent and slim.

MG 3 800 CC Car price in PKRPKR 2,500,000 to 3,000,000
MG 3 800 CC Car price in USD

You can see the estimated price of the MG 3 800 CC car in PKR and USD in the table.

Exterior Design of MG 3 800 CC 2024

MG 3 800 CC has a silver strong at the front of the car that provides strength to the frame and body. It also saves the carburetor and engine, and other components from collisions. In addition, the vehicle has a five-door hatchback, consisting of two passenger doors of the front and doors of the second row. It also includes the hatch of the car back.

Exterior Design of MG 3 800 CC 2023

On the other hand, the car has a very special headlamp and is very bright. The best thing about these headlights is that they are adjustable, providing better vision to drivers at night. Furthermore, the variants of the headlights also have daylight running lights. These lights are known as the “London Eye.” It brings a charming look to the front of the car in the daytime and also warns other vehicles of its presence around them. The headlights on this car have automatic illumination, adjusting the brightness of the vehicle according to the surroundings.

The headlight of this car starts blinking in case of dire condition, and it is a feature of the headlight. Glass present in the MG 3 windows is heat resistant and is safe from expansion during the summer. The car’s body has metallic paint, bringing a longer life span.

Furthermore, the vehicle features alloy wheels that are lighter in weight than ordinary wheels. These alloy wheels require lesser power to speed up and need less energy in braking.

Interior Design of MG 3 800 CC

When it comes to the interior part of the car, it becomes necessary to be comfortable and elegant. And in fact, the internal section of the MG 3 800CC is lovely and fascinating. However, the material used to make the interior is very cheap because it is scratch-prone plastic. On the other hand, the car seats are very comfy and are adjustable. You can also adjust the heights and the reclination angles of the seats. The doors of the car also have bins along with bottle holders.

Sun visors prevent sunlight from the driver’s eyes and have vanity mirrors. The car’s steering is covered from leather and is easy to stitch. Due to its shorter size and premium leather, it becomes easier for drivers to turn. The car’s interior has air ventilators responsible for the ventilation of fresh air inside the vehicle.

Interior Design of MG 3 800 CC

Furthermore, the car has a speedometer along with the RPM counter. A temperature indicator is also present with the speedometer. The car also has a fuel consumption monitoring system, giving an idea to the driver of the estimated mileage. The monitoring system is also responsible for the indications of tire pressures. But the best thing in the car’s interior is the powerful AC system that maintains an optimum temperature inside the vehicle.

MG 3 800CC Features:

The features of the MG 3 800CC car are present inside the table.

ABS brakes
Emergency brake assist
Hill climb to help
Remote control central locking
Rear parking sensors
Electronic Door mirrors
Six speakers audio system
Active cornering brake control
Contains six airbags
Alloy wheels
Adjustable seats

These features make this vehicle very comfortable for drivers and passengers. Furthermore, it increases its reliability amongst other competitive cars.

MG 3 800CC Specifications:

Here in this table, you can see the detailed specifications of the car.

Engine Power110HP
Engine cylinders4
Fuel tank capacity45L
Transmission4-speed Automatic transmission
Maximum RPM4500RPM
Tire size15-inch alloy wheels

You should note that the engine of this car produces power of up to 110 HP with the help of only four cylinders inside the machine.

Safety Information:

The MG3 800CC has an excellent safety rating because of its safety features. It has better cruise control, allowing the driver to drive constantly. As a result, the car will avoid any acceleration that will cause the engine to save fuel. The Brakes of the MG3 are robust and reliable. It has ABS brakes that have electronic force distribution. In simple words, the brakes feature a unique ability through which the wheels get enough stopping power during the brakes. It mainly helps the alloy wheels of the cars to prevent at a shorter distance without the skid.

Furthermore, the vehicle also features an emergency brakes assist EBA, stopping the car without driver interaction. If you love driving cars in the mountains, this car has unique features known as hill assist. The hill assist provides enough wheels from the engine to climb mountains. The vehicle contains six airbags and has side door collision absorbing padding for passengers’ safety.

Final Words:

The MG 3 800CC car is the finest and slimmer today. Although it hasn’t arrived in Pakistan very soon, it will be available in the market. A fundamental review of the features and specifications is present above. You will find each specification along with the quality in the article. I hope that MG 3 800 CC car price in Pakistan 2024 helps you understand this car more clearly.

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