Mitsubishi Grand Lancer Price in Pakistan 2024

Are you finding the best fuel economy and the most efficient car having an affordable price in Pakistan in the current year? Your epitome is here by discussing all the features and specifications of the Mitsubishi Grand Lancer car in detail. That’s why we brought the Mitsubishi Grand Lancer price in Pakistan 2024. Erudite thinking will be done after reading the blog post. In the future, you will be intrepid as you have the full knowledge and experience of the auto industry and vehicles.

For people who don’t know a lot about cars and are new in the market, it might be complicated to determine when to get things inspected or repaired after using them for a time. This article is for those interested in the Mitsubishi auto manufacturer and the terrific products that own the market. Moreover, Mitsubishi cars are in high demand because of their good quality and affordable price.

Price of the Mitsubishi Grand Lancer in Pakistan in 2024

Seeing the current conditions of the auto industry in Pakistan, the two gigantic vehicle makers stop assembling their vehicles because of the new heights in the dollar daily. In addition to the Pakistan auto market, the rates of vehicles are changing continuously because of poor government policies regarding all the industries and the lack of facilities for these organizations. Apart from that, we shall see that it is imported from Germany, so the price of this car in Pakistan is high because of the lofty customs duties, freight,  and taxes on these vehicles in Pakistan. Moreover, to overcome the side effects of poor economic development, buying and assembling the vehicle are very difficult and similar to taking the bull by the horns.

Price of the Mitsubishi Grand Lancer in Pakistan in 2024PKR 2,000,000 to PKR 3,000,000
Price of the Mitsubishi Grand Lancer in 2024$ 327.585,00

For the easy availability of the Mitsubishi Grand Lancer car, a sedulous person will buy the vehicle before the further hike in the price. In addition to the high prices of the vehicles, an individual should say that the cost of a car in a ruined economic crisis is like buying a white elephant from the auto market of Pakistan. Apart from that, the car is easily accessible all over the country for the customer at affordable prices in the respective showrooms of the company.

Engine specifications

Compared with the same engine displacement cars, the Mitsubishi Grand Lancer vehicle has the potential to become at the top of the list if maintenance of the vehicle is proper. Among the cars of the same class, they have the charm to catch the attraction of pedestrians. Furthermore, to describe the functionality, we shall pariah the performance only.

Torque production (Nm@rpm)127 Nm
Engine type1.8 L inline petrol high-performance engine
Power production capability138 bhp @rpm
No. Of cylinders and valves4 cylinder and 16 valves
Fuel type and fuel tank capacity1799 cc
Transmission mechanism typeAutomatic (CVT) transmission
Maximum Mileage14.8 km per liter

After experience driving a Mitsubishi Grand Lancer, we are excited to see the better performance of the runs on the rough and macadamized road smoothly.

The exterior of the Mitsubishi Grand Lancer

Quaint cars are not impressive, and the car market is not better, but on the other hand, the raffish design. And, not disassemble the price of the car because you decorated it with your choice. Furthermore, Mitsubishi Grand Lancer has a metallic chrome grille and steel graphics which increases the dignity and beauty of the Grand Lancer.

The exterior of the Mitsubishi Grand Lancer

Interior of the Mitsubishi Grand Lancer

In the Mitsubishi Grand Lancer interior, we shall excavate all the latest comfort facilities unavailable in other cars, and these facilities make the drive peaceful. Similarly, after driving a Grand Lancer car, you will be satisfied with the appropriate style of the inner cabin and the seating setup. In addition, all these make it brilliant to other cars and bring it a bed of roses for long drives.

Interior of the Mitsubishi Grand Lancer

Safety measures in the Mitsubishi Grand Lancer

As the safety of the Mitsubishi Grand Lancer car is ensuring safety. But it is your responsibility that needs utmost care and importance. That’s why improper driving and careless maintenance make these safety tools in twardy conditions. So, keep them in good condition for excellent performance.

Reverse Parking Assistant
Hill Start Assistant
Front Fog Lights
Multi-function Steering Wheel
Steering Adjustment
18-inch Alloy Rims with Wheels
Anti-Lock Braking System
Six Airbags
Front and Rear View Cameras
Accident Warning System

The insight of the safety tools in the Mitsubishi Grand Lancer car realizes the safety requirements for the occupants of the company. On the other hand, there are complications in Grand Lancer, and no telescopic steering wheel is present in this car while it lacks high-tech driving aids.

Features of the Mitsubishi Grand Lancer

Unlike the cars, the tawdry equipment is not used in this car. In addition, the fuel economy and efficiency of the Mitsubishi Grand Lancer car are good and do not dross like the high price car. Inexpensive cars, the fuel economy is not good because these vehicles consume a lot of fuel, even on a highway.

Central locking mechanism
Power Steering Wheel
Tube fewer tires
Rear Wash Wiper
Alloy Wheels
Air Conditioner
DVD player
Steering adjustment
10.2 Digital Infotainment Console
Good mileage output
Power Windows

Multifarious features of the Mitsubishi Grand Lancer car give the sensation of decorum and luxurious driving.

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Final words

Now to know the efficiency and effectiveness of the Mitsubishi Grand Lancer car, we are taking a bird’s eye view of the engine components. And, come good. On the other hand, do not become ambivalent about the characteristics of the sedan. Furthermore, the things which the customer feels are the expensive spare parts of Grand Lancer. We hope you like our short review of the Mitsubishi Grand Lancer price in Pakistan 2024.

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