Renault Duster 2024 Price in Pakistan

If you are looking for reliable cars that are low in price, you are in the right place because today, wheelsinpak is bringing the Renault Duster 2024 Price in Pakistan. Renault, the French automobile company, announced in 2016 that it would import its cars to the Pakistani Automobile market. Since then, it has become a leading choice for car dealers throughout Pakistan. Their vehicles are famous for their high reliability and durability, making them reachable for most people.

But the best thing about Renault cars is their low cost of repairing. Suppose you look at other companies, i.e., Honda, Kiya, etc. In that case, their repair charges are significantly higher even though their headlights are much more expensive and cost a lot to buyers when broken. And these are the reasons that are why Pakistani buyers are choosing Renault cars which cost low when repairs are needed.

Now, why have we brought the Renault Duster? The answer is simple because it is one of the latest cars by this company having a lot of new features and is loved by the most globally. Furthermore, this car is not as expensive as other vehicles, and it keeps a lot of features within its price range. The car’s look is fantastic and sophisticated; it has a broader body with a lot of space for passengers. The more comprehensive look of this car does not just come from its body, but due to its wider headlights too, it becomes broader to the viewer. More features in this car are included below, like alloy wheels, reliable doors, windows, etc.

Renault Duster 2024 Price

According to car experts and dealers, this car will not have a considerable price since it is for middle-class people. However, it will cost around 2500000 PKR in the Pakistani market to a buyer. Many of you will wonder why this is not an affordable price and is also expensive. But before you think, you should know that the PKR is continuously devaluing. Moreover, the USD has gone much higher due to the recent political instability, so you have to pay more PKR for the same product you aim for.

In short, the price of a Renault Duster is much more affordable and cheaper when you consider the above factors. Unfortunately, we don’t want to discourage you, but its price can go higher than the above price because nobody knows when the government will impose new taxes on the automobile sector.

We can only suggest that Renault is a good choice for you if you are looking for a car for a longer term. It lasts for a longer time, but it has a lower price in the market to check the prices of Toyota, Kiya, and Honda.

Price of Renault Duster in PKR

Exterior Design of Renault Duster

The Renault Duster has a very decent look, just like the modern cars of Kiya. Not only does it look good, but it also works well, and that is due to the presence of a 16-valve engine that is powerful enough to go through on any type of road. Due to its powerful engine and best features, it is very efficient and suitable for adventures. The front of this car has aggressive lines with a chrome Tim, accompanied by a waistline and unique shape signature.

Furthermore, two side grills are also present on the car’s roof, giving it a fantastic and lavish look. For the Renault company, the show of the car is a vital factor; due to this, the headlights of this car are uniquely designed.

Exterior Design of Renault Duster

Interior Design of Renault Duster

Just like the exterior, the car’s interior is also very reliable and modern. It has split-fold function seats to make the car more comfortable for passengers and drivers. These seats are foldable and can be adjusted when somebody wants to sleep. Furthermore, the vehicle has a new unique dashboard that is broader and broader and assists you in placing small luggage on it. On the other hand, it also gives the driver the best vision of the road. To put extra baggage, the car also has some more storage compartments in which you can place your valuable goods.

Interior Design of Renault Duster

Features of Renault Duster

As we already know, Renault cars are famous for their Multi-Features. Every car from this french company has extensive features due to which it captivates buyers and has become a choice throughout the world. In the below table, you will see the features of the Renault Duster. Go through these modern features and let us know which parts you like the most about this car in the comment section.

Height adjustable front seatbelts


Bulb daytime running lights


Rear electric windows


Chrome exhaust pipe finisher


Bulb daytime running lights


Electric door mirrors


Trip computer


Leather steering wheel


with driver’s one-touch control


You can see that it has many features combined. Of course, you will only be able to see some features In some cars, but this car has the most modern features. This was all about Renault Duster 2023 Price in Pakistan.

Specifications of Renault Duster

The specifications of the Renault Duster compared to its competitors are excellent and durable.

Engine TypeF4R 403
Fuel injection typeSequential multi-point
Fuel Capacity50 liter
Peak power (hp)135HP
Peak torque rating (rpm)4000rpm
Compression ratio11.0

From the above table you can see It has a powerful engine along with some more components. One important thing is its high Torque, which is only due to its engine.

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Final Words

We are just here to give you each information about this car and give you an honest review of the vehicle. But it is up to you to buy this car or not. If you are still unsure about this car, you can contact our team on the contact us page. If you are looking for other models of this company or other companies you can check that on our website. We will always assist you in buying the best car for yourself within your budget.

The Renault Duster is a very reliable, long-lasting, and durable car that is not too high when looking at its features. We hope that you like the Renault Duster 2023 Price in Pakistan.

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