Ride Star Bike 70cc Price in Pakistan 2024

.Ride Star Bike 70cc Price in Pakistan is available here. The bike has been launched in the country, and the selling process for this bike has been started too. This bike is probably the first product of this company in Pakistan. As the company is a new addition to the bike sector of the country, it will take some time for it to make space in the country. In addition to this, it is not easy to win the heart of the customers instantly after the launch. So, the brand will surely be taking some measures regarding it. Here let’s see where the bike can be bought in the country and what measures the users interested in buying this bike have to take while residing in the country.

Before it, let me tell you that the company is totally new to the country, so it’s up to you whether you want to try the product of the company or continue using the already-launched bikes by another Chinese brand in the country. Many people think that the engines of these bikes are also manufactured in Pakistan, but here let me tell them that not only the parts of these bikes are manufactured in the country, the Chinese engines are installed in them, which are not made in Pakistan.

These engines are mostly imported from China. Here let’s see what price the brand is demanding for this bike in the country and where the showrooms of the bike are in the country. For all this information, let’s study the information of the brand in more depth. Before it, looking at the price of this bike will be a good option. The price at which the bike is being sold in the country is as under:

Ride Star Bike 70cc Price in Pakistan:

The price of this bike in the country is PKR 285,000. Many of you might be curious why the price of the bike is high when it looks similar to the ordinary CD 70 and other Chinese bikes being used in the country. So here, first, let me clear up the confusion regarding the high price of this bike. The price of this bike is high because the bike is not an ordinary bike but a hybrid bike that has gained the attention of most hybrid bike manufacturers in the country. The hybrid technology installed in the bike has made the price of the bike high.

Ride Star Bike 70cc Competitors in Pakistan:

In Pakistan, the competition in the hybrid category of bikes has now started to increase. Previously only Jolta was offering hybrid electric bikes in the country. Now with the addition of this brand in the country, the competition is going to increase surely. So, the major competitor for this bike in the country is only Jolta these days. As Time passes, the competition will surely go high as a new bike brand emerges every year or after every six months in the country.

Ride Star Bike 70cc Competitors in Pakistan

Here the brand needs to maintain its quality standards to continue selling its bikes in the county. However, there is another company named Sunra in Pakistan that also offers electric bikes to people of the country, which cannot be a competitor of this company due to its extraordinary shape and features. The bikes of Jolta and Ride Star are the major competitors against each other due to their resemblance in shape, specs, and features.

Ride Star Bike 70cc Average Per Charge:

Upon one single charge, the bike can travel up to 170-190 km. This type of average on a single charge for this type of bike is more than efficient. Reason behind this is the bikes are to be used within the city.

Ride Star Bike 70cc Charging Time:

The bike takes almost 2-3 hours before it gets charged. What else do you need when you have a bike which can be charged in almost 2-3 hours, giving a great average of almost 190 km?

Ride Star Bike 70cc Electric Motor Power:

A 1500 W electric motor is installed in the bike by the company. The company has made sure that the user does not feel the bike is underpowered from any angle.

Ride Star Bike 70cc Features:

The features added to the bike by the company are as follows:

Stylish Indicators
Rear Light
Kick Start

These are all the features the company has installed in this bike. All these features will surely help the user to enjoy maximum performance using this bike.

Ride Star Bike 70cc Specifications:

The specifications added to the bike by the company are as under:

Charging Duration3 Hours
Engine Displacement70 cc
Fuel Tank Capacity8 Liters
Mileage Per Charge200 km approx.
Battery Type60V 30aH
Motor Type1500W
Seating Capacity2 Persons

These are all the specifications added to the bike by the company. The company has made sure that all the parts used in the bike while building it are up to the mark. So all parts work best when it comes to driving it anywhere in the country.

Ride Star Bike 70cc Availability in Pakistan:

The bike is available at different bike dealers dealing in electric and hybrid bikes all over the country. If you are interested in buying an electric bike while living in Pakistan at a minimum price, then Ride Star is offering it. Now the decision to purchase this bike is yours as the company is new to the country. This was all about Ride Star Bike 70cc Price in Pakistan 2024.

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